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  1. New member from rural South Georgia without much access to professional lessons. I love to play, and my goal is to be a Bogey-Golfer. Problem: I can hit my Driver and 3-wood pretty good with averages of maybe 240 and 220 excepting the occasional snap hook or straight push. I'm usually in the vicinity of most fairways if not on it with most wood swings. But I'm absolutely horrible with irons. And I've gotten worse over the last month or so as I try all sort of remedies and swing changes. About 7 out of every 10 irons are chunked 2" inches behind the ball or shanked bigger'n sh*t as they say around here. I don't understand how I can feel so comfortable swinging a wood and like an alien with an iron. I can about half the time hit a decent 7 iron from a Par-3 tee. Looking for advice.
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    Howdy from South Georgia. I'm 51 and a horrible golfer (90-105 range), but I just love to whack that thing around. Will be posting some swing questions and looking forward to others sharing their opinions. Live in an area with little chance of finding a good teacher, so I'm mostly on my on with the internet.
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