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  1. I just came across this post and I'm wondering how the OP made out? About 10 years ago I toiled away at golf. I took some lessons that completely revamped my stance and swing (grip was fine but my legs were too wide and I was hunched over). I still have some casting issues and come over the top occasionally, but I implemented what I was taught, played 2-18 hole rounds and 1-9 hole round every week and practiced EVERYTHING else as much as I could. Putting, chipping, sand shots, etc. In my 9-hole rounds I frequently played with only 1 club. 7 iron tee shot, 7 iron pitch and chip
  2. Years ago there was a commercial where I guy needed to know what to think about during a swing. I'm fairly sure it was Tiger in the commercial - but I don't remember who it was for. The thing that sticks out in my mind is as he rattled off the 'few' things to keep in mind, little lines above the guy's head appeared, almost like thought bubbles, and it became a LOT of things very quickly. At the end, Tiger says something like "And don't forget the fans" and with the flick of a switch you see a giant cardboard cutout pop up from the ground leaving a very small hole to hit thr
  3. I think that since the comments in the testimonials are after the fact and they just watched it on a monitor or something it reminds them they were mad about something and they try to 'seem' mad. I'm sure Derek just didn't want to lose to Blair because so many other people have underestimated her and lost. Long putts, good bunker shots, etc. She doesn't seem to get fazed by hitting bad shots. It seemed like the gallery was almost split. Like the early exits were on the Blair side and the later ones were with Derek.
  4. I must have been mistaken. I though Tiger was leading when the 3rd round concluded. I don't think I've ever seen him win a major when he wasn't in the final group with at least a share of the lead. Not saying he sucks or anything - I'm a fan. Just saying he's a definite front-runner in the major tournaments. Roger has faced adversity and come back to win numerous times and I think that deserves more merit than he's being awarded here by being immediately dismissed as having an equal accomplishment. I keep seeing the argument that Tiger plays 130 guys - but those guys aren't right ther
  5. I use a little groove cleaner with a metal tip and a wire brush. I cleans the grooves and gives a little bit of an edge to the grooves.
  6. Actually it is Stewart Cink at 6'4" - Davis Love, Els, Bubba and Stenson are 6'3" Furyk is 6'2, as is Vijay. Tiger is 6'1. So was Byron Nelson. It does surprise me when I find out how tall some of these guys are (or aren't) Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer are 5'10 Corey Pavin, 95 US Open winner is only 5'9 Fred Funk is 5'8, same as Bobby Jones Ben Hogan was 5'7 - pretty big game, though!
  7. PLAY FEWER HOLES!!! If you're shooting 114 for 18, think what you'd shoot for 14!! You'd be WELL under 100! In my case, I took lessons for the basics, developed a (mostly) repeatable swing, then had clubs fitted to that swing. Went from a 30+ to a 12- Good luck!
  8. I would guess the winner doesn't get any money until the show is over on Monday. That way they don't see someone spending like a drunken sailor holding a bag full of Adams clubs.
  9. Tiger's accomplishments are GREAT. Roger's are too. I voted TIE. For those more toward the golf side. Roger Federer had to come back from 2 sets and a break down to Tommy Haas in the French open (Former World #2) and win that match in 5 grueling sets. Has Tiger ever come from behind to win a major?
  10. Did anyone here get one of these Garmin units?? Looks slick & it's down to $399 at Golf Galaxy
  11. The SkyCaddie, etc. has a +/- margin of error. Regardless of how small that margin may be, they'll lose their job if they're a yard off and it costs their pro hundreds of thousands if not more. Typically you'll see caddies go out in groups of three or so with laser range finders and use each other as targets. It's much too tricky to shoot at the front of a bunker, but it's easy to hit Jim with that laser. I think a lot of pros use their GPS in practice rounds when their caddie isn't there. Playing on their home course alone, etc.
  12. I know I've mentioned it in every other post I've made, but my fitting last year knocked my driver back into the fairway. I was using a Callaway driver that I hit decent, but had anywhere from a hard slice to a controlled fade. With my new driver, fitted to my swing, I'm able to keep it in the fairway more often. Even my REALLY BAD shots don't go as far into the woods as they did before. I recommend it fully.
  13. I play the Noodle Long & Soft Plus. Last year I got fitted for clubs and this was the ball that reacted best with my swing. They're pretty inexpensive ($19/doz) and putt like a ProV
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