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  1. Judging distance

    Mamm so it's looking like going down the technology route is the best bet then until I get my eye in so to speak. @FootWedge what bushel did you get and would you recommend it? Suppose Another option would be a app on my phone (thinking hole19) anyone any idea how accurate they are <100 yards?
  2. Judging distance

    I'm only really confident for the first 50 yards or so. After that I'm not really convinced about reliable results. Especially when you start involving slopes etc! Most courses here only have a 150 marker and occasionally a 100. Is that just through trial and error or have you a secret formula! My only reservation about this (apart from the cost) is that from I understand, although might be wrong, you can't use them in compititions-so then what do I do?
  3. Judging distance

    Just to revive a old thread! I am trying to work on my pitching and have managed to work out what distances I can hit different wedges to with different swings etc but what I really struggle with on the course is judging distances within 100 yards. I don't have a range finder so anyone with any tips on this it would be very much appreciated!
  4. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    Good find! Does anyone have a UK equivalent? Looks like this is only valid in the us?
  5. Should I get fitted?

    This is a road I am considering going down my self but not sure if I can afford it tbh. I know the price will vary depending on the equipment but what's a valorous figure I should expect to pay for this service?
  6. My Swing (Popeye)

    Have been practising a better posture in front of a mirror and it is starting to feel more comfortable the more I do it, just need to wait for a break in the weather to see what effect it will have. One issue tha is concerning me is with my improved posture the iron isn't sitting flush with the ground any more, the toe is raised. In order to get it flush I end up in the posture you can see in the video. Is this something to be concerned or something I can address letter and concentrate on bigger issues for now?
  7. Hogan...mythical?

    I am currently using the bh-5's and love them. Not quite ready to upgrade yet but when I do will probably stick with BH, any one suggest which ones they would recommend?
  8. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    This is a good idea! Fraid I am going to have to do it as a 'no 7's'. My last scorecard shows I managed this on my last round although there was a few Mulligan's involved!
  9. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    I haven't been playing long enough to even think about a handicap yet but I do use my average score as a yard stick to track my progress. Not sure I would ever make it official if you can just work it out yourself online, don't think I could justify the several hundred pounds it would cost to join a club in order to get it. I Suppose if I wanted to enter any tournament that would be different
  10. My Swing (Popeye)

    Thanks, next time I get out will have another go and try and do it properly! That's the thing-that is my natural posture and how I feel comfortable, when I try and do it 'by the book' then it just feels horrible and I end up reverting back.
  11. My Swing (Popeye)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 4 months My current handicap index or average score is: 95 My typical ball flight is: random! The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:more consistantcy So ever since I started I have had real problems hitting my irons- there is no way of knowing where the ball can end up! It can go high to the left or the right or it can just bounce along the ground for a few yards, or sometimes it can be the cleanest, crispest shot you will ever see in your life and go straight as a arrow!! My driving is ok, it is just irons that seen to be a issue. the videos show hitting a 4i, 7i and a PW in that order. Looking at the video I can see that my posture is not the best ( arms need to be straighter and my hands look pretty weird!) Now could that be all that is wrong or can anyone see anything else amiss (be gentle!) Thanks in advance!! p.s apologies for not getting the ball in the frame- I can record another video if need be. Videos:
  12. Unwritten Rules of Golf

    Just reading the rules and it seems that no practice strokes are allowed during a hole or between a hole ( the exception is putting) however a practice swing is not classed as a stroke and is allowed at any place.
  13. Unwritten Rules of Golf

    Sorry can some one explain the logic behind the 'no practice on first tee' rule? I don't get it? Our am I just being a bit dim??
  14. Newbie from Scotland!

    well no matter where you chose I'm sure you will have a great time-it really is a inredible place for golf, I only wish you luck with our Scottish weather!

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