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  1. Hi guys, I'll be down in Mexico City with work at the end of the month and will have a couple of days to myself. Does anyone know any courses down there which are possible to play? It seems there are some fairly upscale country clubs around but not finding much that allows unaccompanied guests. Thanks!!
  2. gill

    Subscribe to Golfers Journal

    You should reach out to them... a UK car magazine I subscribed to years ago suffered the same fate and after emailing them (I'm sure I wasn't the only one) it came in much more substantial packaging the following week. Given the craftsmanship they put into the publishing I'm sure they want it to arrive in the best possible condition
  3. gill

    Last 5 rounds with no driver or woods.

    A number of years ago when I was getting into the sport for the first time I was hacking around my local 6000 yard track in about 100-105, having not broken 100 once. This included numerous wayward drivers off the tee and badly controlled fairway woods I took myself back to the course one quiet mid-week afternoon and played with nothing longer than a 6 iron, and shot 92. Was certainly losing a ton of distance on longer holes assuming a clean drive, but the benefit of fewer/no penalty shots plus the psychological benefit of not berating myself after wayward drives more than compensated Luckily my driver is more controlled these days, but I do still think about putting it away completely from time to time.
  4. Yes, marginally. My iron play and short game are largely unchanged but I've finally figured out how to hit a driver this year (my stance was entirely wrong), which has helped shave off a few shots. I still lack patience with my putting and don't put in enough effort to read greens or to practice my putting stroke, which is what I'd like to concentrate on in 2018.
  5. gill

    First time on the course

    congrats! I still remember my first time playing a real course... I was petrified. Well done on the birdie
  6. gill

    Yardages Throughout the Bag

    I'm between white and purple for my driver (carry of about 210-215) but my irons are generally more in line with the purple column, with my short irons out performing longer irons. I tend to remember my yardages by thinking my 6i totals ~160 and each club either side of that accounts for +/- 10 yards
  7. gill

    Subscribe to Golfers Journal

    I haven't subscribed yet... I think I'm holding out to see #2 first and if that keeps up the same standard as the first I'll take up a subscription
  8. gill

    Subscribe to Golfers Journal

    I picked up the first issue at Barnes & Noble and loved it. I really pleasurable read cover to cover, and as a photographer the imagery is really top notch. It's from the team behind Surfers' Journal which was a similar concept. Does anyone know when issue 2 is due to be released?
  9. gill

    How long is your golf commute?

    It's the only one I'm really aware of uptown, except for Trump Golf Links which is technically a public course but is ~$230 for a typical round. There are other public courses out in Queens/Brooklyn which are reachable by public transport but VC is the easiest for me in practice.
  10. gill

    How long is your golf commute?

    To get to an affordable one, pretty much. We do have a driving range on Manhattan that hits out towards the Hudson river... it's cool, but it's about $30 for 100 balls during typical hours.
  11. gill

    How long is your golf commute?

    the joy of Manhattan golfing... from my apartment its a ~10min walk to the subway, two trains then a ~20 min walk at the other end to get to Van Cortlandt which is generally the easiest to get to.
  12. gill

    How long is your golf commute?

    Jealous of many in this thread... My local is 1h15, including a 30+ minutes walk...
  13. gill

    Practicing Golf - I Get Bored Easily

    I really like this idea. Will try it next time I'm at the range.
  14. gill

    Hi from NYC

    great. thanks for the advice, hopefully I'll get chance to take a look over the next few weeks!
  15. gill

    Hi from NYC

    Agreed, car ownership is not exactly an appealing option overall. I used to drive in London - with the benefit of free on street parking and no 'alternate side' rules etc. Back then I used to use my car frequently - every Sat/Sun and occasionally through the week... With that frequency Zipcar gets a bit pricey. It's something for me to consider though. I haven't checked out Maven or Turo - will take a look, thanks for the suggestion. Regarding Bethpage, whilst I've heard some horror stories about trying to get tee times on the Black course, is it relatively straight forward to get a midweek time on one of the others?

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