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  1. Just like riding a bike

    After 8 years away from golf when I was just learning, I've started back up again. New equipment, lessons, etc. Yesterday, after 8 years away, I went to the driving range. Just like riding a bike, nothing had changed. Topped shots, slices, a few good chip shots. Just like riding a bike. Lol! Looking on the bright side, I've got all winter to solve these issues. I had fun though. I'll be ready by the time spring shows up.
  2. Great. I'll check them out.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I will look at some ski thermals. Thanks. Quick question. Any particular kind or brand of winter gloves?
  4. I live in New York and would like to go to the range and maybe get in a round or two before the real winter shows up. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what to wear that will keep me warm? Thermal shirt, thermal underwear? I've heard about Under Armour and Nike just to name two.
  5. What tee time service do you use?

    Unfortunately this won't work for me. My time is extremely limited with a lot of commitments.
  6. What tee time service do you use?

    Probably wouldn't be worth it for me, because my time is so limited. Thanks though for the info.
  7. What tee time service do you use?

    Sounds good. It looks like there are more courses and options with GolfNow.
  8. What tee time service do you use?

    Thanks. I will try that.
  9. What tee time service do you use?

    Good advice. Thanks Thanks. Sounds like a plan. I decided to go to the range next Friday which is my day off and then look for a good weather day to play a round. I live in NY and winter is fast approaching.
  10. What tee time service do you use?

    I was thinking the same thing. I want to play, but I have no idea of my wedge distances or irons or anything like that. So to the range I will go. I have next Friday off so that's where I will be.
  11. What tee time service do you use?

    Got a few questions. I live in Queens, NY and would like to know what tee time service would you recommend to book tee times? I've looked at GolfNow and TeeOff. My other question is I would like to play at least 1 round before the winter sets in, but I'm just beginning golf again after an 8 year layoff, with a new swing and new equipment. I was new to golf 8 years ago. My dilemma is that I haven't been to a range yet. I've just been hitting balls into a practice net in my backyard. Should I forget about playing a round until next year or go for it? Just asking?
  12. Do I need a 60 degree wedge?

    Thanks everyone for the info. I'm just starting out and was looking at a lot of Dave Pelz videos on chipping and pitching. I also watched a lot of Phil Mickelson videos (I'm a lefty). All I see and hear is use a 60 degree. After all of your input, I think the smart thing would be to see how the 58 works out for me.
  13. Right now my highest lofted wedge is a 58 degree sand wedge. Does it make sense to get a 60 degree wedge or should I make do with the 58?

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