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  1. Stupid Weather Rant

    well it didnt rain today thankfully, but the course was pretty wet. nothing like sticking your hand into a cup filled with water.
  2. ok, well im going to see if i can find the XG at the shop im going to later on today. i only had 30min in golf galaxy the other day
  3. Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball SRT vs Odyssey White Hot XG 2 Ball SRT Putter I tried out the Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball SRT at golfgalaxy yesterday and i was hitting it quite well. But i was wondering what is the difference with the XG SRT? I am having trouble finding much info on either of these clubs.
  4. Stupid Weather Rant

    i know what you mean, im suppose to go out tomorrow but the weather might kill it, again.
  5. god my first nine a few weeks ago... now keep in mind that i havnt touched a golf club for 2 yrs, im just getting back into it again. my first hole i shot an 11.. my putting was horrendous as well, dbl bogey on what should have been pars. anyways, now im back to mostly bogey so im happy
  6. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    they are of different times so it is a bit difficult to compare, but at this point in time i am going with jack. i am sure that in time i will have to change my mind.