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  1. well it didnt rain today thankfully, but the course was pretty wet. nothing like sticking your hand into a cup filled with water.
  2. ok, well im going to see if i can find the XG at the shop im going to later on today. i only had 30min in golf galaxy the other day
  3. Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball SRT vs Odyssey White Hot XG 2 Ball SRT Putter I tried out the Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball SRT at golfgalaxy yesterday and i was hitting it quite well. But i was wondering what is the difference with the XG SRT? I am having trouble finding much info on either of these clubs.
  4. i know what you mean, im suppose to go out tomorrow but the weather might kill it, again.
  5. god my first nine a few weeks ago... now keep in mind that i havnt touched a golf club for 2 yrs, im just getting back into it again. my first hole i shot an 11.. my putting was horrendous as well, dbl bogey on what should have been pars. anyways, now im back to mostly bogey so im happy