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  1. Waiting for the middle of September to get back on the golf course. No way I'll play with weather in the low 90's & unbearable humidity, until then.
  2. Sounds like it'll be a fun time, indeed. I am a part of the Michigan club; however, it's been over a decade since I lived there, so location wise wouldn't be too ideal for me, sadly. Besides, I'm lucky to go golfing twice a year most years and have still never broken 110, so there'd be no need to embarrass myself even more than I usually do on the golf course, ha. Hope it all works out for everyone!
  3. Went out on Saturday, shot 108, which I look at as an improvement, considering I don't think I've ever broken 110 before (baby steps). Only good part of my game were my drives, the newer driver I recently got (Ping G10) felt amazing and was able to hit it very consistently and with good power, the only problem was, the rest of my game was awful, ha. On a positive note, unexpectedly, my golfing buddy got me a Callaway PM Mack Daddy Grind 60 degree Wedge as a birthday present, which came out of nowhere. He knew I've been eyeing it for the last few months, but didn't expect getting one just
  4. I don't mind the mix myself, granted it isn't top of the line clubs, but still good enough. Drivers: Ping G10 & TaylorMade Burner Irons: 3 to PW Mizuno MP52's Wedge: Cleveland CG12 60 Degree Putter: Wilson Ultra Blk Simple and easy.
  5. pmack18

    NFL 2017-2018

    Makes me glad I started the Chargers D/ST Dak; however, screwed me over, figures.
  6. Just bought a used in very good condition, Ping G10 Driver for $35. Granted, it's almost a 10 year old driver, but it's a hell of a lot newer than the driver I'm currently using, so a win/win, ha. Looking forward to trying out!
  7. I've been looking for the same, a newer used driver that will be more forgiving, but won't necessarily break the bank. I've been looking at the Taylor Made Aeroburner, just gotta find one for the right price. I do like the look of the Ping G400, very sharp, indeed.
  8. Went out first thing this morning, very foggy & soggy conditions...and pretty much lost count after 9 holes. If I had to guess, maybe 120, but that was to be expected. The Mizuno MP 52's were good clubs to try them out for the first time, I just couldn't hit the irons consistently as usual. My drives were the only positive part of the game, the rest...just meh. Still had fun though!
  9. The only thing I do on a golf course that might be considered a faux pas to some, is that I always wear khakis & a polo shirt with a visor, but most of the time my polo is left tucked out, due to being a big guy (6'0 285), polo shirts can at times become tucked out while swinging, or just feel a bit too tight when shifting weight/hips. My own fault, granted, but still...haven't received any dirty looks from any of the workers at the courses I've been to, thankfully.
  10. Nope, you're not alone, trust me. I've never come close to breaking 100, so you still have some company, for at least a good while, if anything! I am going out on Saturday, and will try and keep an exact score this time to gauge where I'm at. If I had to guess right off the top of my head, I'd say 120ish. Most of the time it's very laid back and score isn't exactly top priorities when we're out there, moreso just enjoying the peace and quiet and beauty of the course in the mornings. My problem with that, is that I can hit the driver decently off the tee, but I suck at hitting ir
  11. I'm 285 myself, and have always found it amazing, that if one is trying to eat healthier in their daily lives, it's a lot more expensive to purchase healthy food, as opposed to junk food. Almost wish that companies would make junk food higher in cost in order to deter over-consumption, but as we know, that most likely will never happen, sadly.
  12. Pending the rain holding out, I finally get to try out my recently bought used M-52's on Saturday. Didn't come with a 3 iron, but I found a Mizuno T-Zoid MX11 3 Iron for under $25, so that should work out ok. I'm just not a fan of the Hybrids, sadly, and actually have hit the 3 iron pretty solid in the past. Granted, I don't have too high of expectations, but will still have fun just the same.
  13. The Callaway MD3 looks nice, indeed, can't go wrong with either, I say. I'm hoping to eventually purchase the Callaway Mack Daddy PM Wedge, to be my kind of go to, 1 stop shop for wedges, very beautiful club.
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