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  1. This has turned into a really interesting conversation. I actually ended up selling the putter for what I had in it, so the sight line question is kind of moot at this point. Sticking with a blade. I seem to have some block in my head with a mallet-style putter that I never feel like it is square. I was thinking a sight line might help with that, but I actually took out my old Ping G2i Craz-E (that my wife now uses) and tried it out and still felt like something was off even though it has tons of alignment help. I do love the idea of having a machine shop do it and would definitely consid
  2. I’d love to find like a vinyl sticker that I could apply and could eventually remove if I decide to ever sell it.
  3. I have a TM Spider Tour Red that I’m struggling with for alignment. I love the feel and stability of it, but need some help with squaring it. Has anyone ever added a sight line (either permanent or non-permanent) to a putter? How did you do it and what did you use?
  4. 2 years old here. But before I got these, my previous set was about 10 years old. Honestly, I can't see myself waiting that long again simply because I'll want to step up to more of a players-style iron that I'll keep for the longer term now that my game has improved.
  5. I'm somewhere in the middle between relaxed and serious. I like a bit of fun banter in the foursome, swearing doesn't bother me, don't mind a little talking/noise (as long as it isn't loud or sharp right in my backswing). Sometimes I'll drop a club after my follow through after a particularly bad shot (but never throw one). Ready golf should be must-play for most courses. However, for some reason walking on my line really bothers me. I can't explain why - it's not even that your spike mark is going to bother my ball (might actually make it better). Also, don't be a close talker. That isn
  6. Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. Currently in the central part of Pennsylvania. Looking forward to some interesting discussion and hopefully meeting some new people!
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