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  1. Has anyone here bought, or seen, the MG Golf cart bag? For $85.00 it looks like a good deal. https://www.mggolf.com/golf-bags/#BAG_TWL
  2. Well, the summer is almost over and this group has been pretty quiet. I hope you all have been playing lots of golf. Aside from my usual courses - Birch Hills and Brea Creek, I have managed to get out to a few others. - Anaheim Hills most recently. Nice course, kicked my butt. - Mountain Meadows - Green River - Navy (Cruiser 9). First time playing this course since the 1990s. It is pretty nice now. Hoping to get back to Ben Brown’s before summer is over, and still trying to get to. Diamond Bar I am actually looking forward to keeping the pace during the fall season.
  3. Today was the second time in a row I shot a 73 on my local par 59 executive course. Prior to these 2 rounds I had always shot over 80. The really short par 3s always ate me alive on the front 9. But I am starting to figure them out. Now all I need to do is avoid that one or two blow up holes I always seem to have.
  4. I recently heard of the “red, white and blue” game. - Play par 5s from red - Play par 4s from white - Play par 3s from blue At 61 and a 20+ handicap I know when a course is too long for me. I usually play white tees, but I may start doing the rwb method when playing alone. I generally try to play under 6,000 yards.
  5. I often feel like bailing after the third 7 in a row. But I remind myself that I need the practice and try to tough it out.
  6. Good to hear you prevailed. I bought a 60* wedge from them once, which I still have but never use. Whenever I see an “offer” from them now I immediately delete it. Though I didn’t have a bad experience personally there have been too many horror stories about them. So I steer clear of them.
  7. Navy “Cruiser” GC - Cypress, CA. 9 hole course. Technically it wasn’t off my radar, but the last time I had played there was 20 years ago or more. I just started playing again in 2017 and only recently played there again. It was kind of rough in the “old days”, so I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it is now.
  8. I shot a personal best 73 on my local par 59 executive course. I normally shoot between 84 and 88 on this course, so today was a real breakthrough. Hopefully I can maintain this momentum, because I hit all of my clubs really well today.
  9. 51/49 = 100. Poor putting orI would have easily broke 100. I did par 1 and 18 so it was not so bad.
  10. where is everyone playing this summer? I played Mountain Meadows last Friday and it kicked my butt!
  11. 60/52 = 112 (yes you read that correctly). I knew after the 3rd hole that I just didn't have it. A tough, hilly course that I was unfamiliar with. But I couldn't hit anything longer than a 6 iron for some reason. So at over 6,100 yds I was done for early. Back to the range and my usual easy tracks for a while to regain some confidence.
  12. I have no business playing a course longer than 6,000 yards.
  13. That must be you leaving them all over the courses out here. In the last few weeks I have lost several balls but I always seem to find a Noodle while looking for mine!
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