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  1. I quit playing for nearly 20 years, and I didn’t have that much length when I was younger. At 61 I have been playing again for about 2 years. For me it’s all about knowing my distances and establishing a couple of “go-to” clubs that I can count on. I suspect my distance clubs will always be a struggle so I need to become a really good course manager.
  2. The GG irons are fine. I am satisfied with them for now. But I am just interested in the Maltby offerings also. I have the TRX Powerslot irons.
  3. +1 on Maltby. I also would consider Gigagolf. They have a static fitting tool on their site and they build to order. Nearly my whole bag is from them and I love them. If I don’t go Maltby the next time I buy irons I’ll probably go back to GG.
  4. Likewise, I use Golfshot for scoring and for the gps.
  5. I broke 100 last week and then today. Last week I shot a 94 on a par 71 course and 95 today on a par 70. Does it only count on par 72 courses? I know I’ve played both of these courses before and definitely shot over 100 on each. So it feels like an achievement to me.
  6. I have 3 apps on my iPhone - Golfshot, Swing U and The Grint. All of them are good for keeping score and gps, but I use Golfshot on the course these days. They even post your handicap to GHIN for you. I do like the fact that the Grint will give you a handicap if you don’t want to spring for an official one.
  7. Shot a 95 today. Second sub-100 round in a row, par 70 course. LSW and a few of the course strategy videos I have been watching are really making a difference. I am hitting the ball a bit better and with less stress while also making much better decisions on the course. Gotta keep it up.
  8. I did the same thing and ended up returning the first one to Amazon.
  9. I bought a 60* wedge from them once but have avoided them like the plague ever since. The sooner they go away the better.
  10. I could use a 15th for my swing trainer and alignment rods. So they won’t get tangled up with my clubs.
  11. I played my last two rounds with the K-Sig glove and so far it is nice. Pretty durable as well as comfortable.
  12. The closest I came was when I was sitting in a cart waiting at the 8th hole tee box when one of the guys teeing off on 7 bounced his ball off my cart.
  13. Yesterday is the first time I did not play awful golf. During the round I was doing so well I didn’t want to jinx it by saying something, for fear I would return to my usual ways. Next time out should be really interesting.
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