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  1. Mine is the meltdown I inevitably have on a hole that is longer than about 350 yards. If I can't be at least close to the green in two I fall right off the cliff.
  2. There are several decent inexpensive (relatively) balls for high handicappers. I can't speak for anyone else but I don't think the premium balls will help my game that much at this point. That being said, the following are the ones I like. OnCore Avant Snell Get Sum Srixon Soft Feel Kirkland Signature 3 piece (or 4 piece if you can find it) Generally in that order. Wilson Duo is also a good ball.
  3. For me it's always a second shot of 150 yards or longer to the green after I hit a solid drive. For some reason I can't mentally handle it and I shank the second shot.I actually hit better shots from a drive into the rough than I do from dead center of the fairway. 😡
  4. I don't bet, and I don't have any regular golf buddies that I play with. So there is really no one for me to compete with.
  5. Break 100 on my home course(s) Improve my approach game 150 yards + <18 handicap Stop butchering par 5 holes
  6. I’m watching a great documentary about Paul Butterfield.
  7. I made the mistake of ordering BEFORE reading the rest of the posts. When I found out they signed me up for a subscription I immediately canceled.
  8. Based on my driver distances I am pretty similar to the OP. For me any course that totals greater than about 5,800 yards is just too long for me. I read somewhere that if you’re not competing but just playing for fun you might want to try playing variations like a “red, white and blue” round. Meaning - play the par 5s from red, par 4s from white and par 3s from blue. Depending on the course that might make those longer courses more accessible.
  9. The courses I play usually only have blue/white/red. A few of them are well over 6,600 yards from the white and the long par 4s and par 5s are just too long for me. I need to stick to courses between 5,200 to 5,800 if I have any hopes of breaking 100.
  10. 75 on s par 59 course. My “home” course. I didn’t play particularly well in the cold. But I did hit my driver pretty well and my putting was decent.
  11. 77° tomorrow. I plan to play somewhere in the morning.
  12. It’s raining here this week. That’s the equivalent of a major blizzard anywhere else in the country. People start freaking out and driving off the road. Meanwhile I am watching the Weather Channel in hopes it will be clear enough to tee it up by Sunday.
  13. Most of the year I’ve been playing 9 holes on Fridays after work and every Sunday 9 or 18 somewhere in North OC.
  14. 104 today on a par 71 local course. I am not really improving on the par 71 and 72 courses primarily because I don’t play long par 4 and par 5 holes very often. Gotta work on those this winter.
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