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  1. I did a static fitting online with the company I bought my clubs from. It’s not the same as a “real” fitting, but for my skill level and budget for clubs it was good enough. If I ever decide to upgrade to some premium oem clubs I will probably get a proper fitting first.
  2. tehuti

    Anyone play a seven wood?

    I just added a 7 wood to my arsenal as an alternative to my hybrids, which I have trouble with.
  3. I’ve had so much trouble with my hybrids that I recently picked up a 7 wood. Unlike my 3 wood I can hit with it off the tee AND from the deck.
  4. Snell Get Sum or Top Flite “The Bomb”. I prefer Snell though.
  5. DXL starts at 42 or 44.
  6. tehuti

    Srixon Golf Balls

    I like the Soft Feel and I want to try the Q-Star.
  7. I actually like the Top Flite “The Bomb”and Dick’s sells them in 24 ball boxes for a great price. Not my favorite, bur you can’t beat the price
  8. tehuti

    Favorite Thing About Golf

    Golf is the perfect sport for seniors. I am not about to start playing softball or basketball again at age 60, but I know I can play golf for the next 20 years assuming my health holds up.
  9. tehuti

    Clubs You're Most Likely to Replace Before Next Season?

    My clubs are all only a year old or less, so I don’t anticipate any changes. That said, I may pick up individual clubs if I see a good deal. Maybe a wedge or hybrid. But nothing planned.
  10. Has anyone considered trying to get together during the “wraparound season”? While the rest of the country is storing ther clubs for the winter we are fortunate to be able to play year round. Since I typically play solo it would be fun to try to team up with other folks.
  11. tehuti

    Time On The Driving Range

    Normally if I don’t at least hit a warmup bucket it takes several wasted holes before I start hitting the ball well. Today I went out without so much as a practice swing and birdied hole number one. Then had my best round of the year. Guaranteed I will be a mess next time out.
  12. This discussion went way off the rails. I thought it was just an interesting topic. 🤔
  13. Shorter rounds, less fatigue and hopefully less expensive as well. Nine holes is usually not enough for me, and eighteen is often two or three holes too much, especially if I walk. Twelve sounds like a reasonable number.

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