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  1. I shot myself in the foot with 11 3-putts. Sadly I actually hit several GIR then failed to convert most of them.
  2. I picked up a pair of spikeless Ecco shoes yesterday.
  3. Am I the only one who uses the line on the ball to align my tee shots and NOT for my putts?
  4. I should play from 5,600 to 6,000. My local courses are within that range, but on longer courses I'll play the white tees which may be >6,200. I just don't have the distance to try to play any longer. Too many holes with driver, 4 wood, 6 iron just to get on or near to the green.
  5. Our local executive course is almost twice as busy as before Covid-19. So rounds can be slow and tedious, especially on the weekend.
  6. The KE4 4 wood is amazing. I am considering a KE4 #3 hybrid head and swapping out my current head for it.
  7. Funny you ask. I was just posting a review. They are great. Very forgiving and they look good as well. Just make sure you get a shaft that complements your game. Highly recommended.
  8. Any hybrid I ever put in my bag.
  9. I currently use plastic stepped tees, but I also have wood ones. The plastic ones don’t break as quickly, and the results are about the same.
  10. In general it may not change much, but I imagine there will be more people that will continue to walk after the crisis is over. For me it depends on the course. Some courses are just too hilly and/or long to walk. Others can be perfect for walking.
  11. Now that our courses are opening up again I am trying to play at least once or twice a week. Having to walk is a blessing because I need the exercise.
  12. Our courses started reopening last week. A few will be opening tomorrow and I suspect more will follow.
  13. I’d be fine with the original. Just curious if it was worth trying the Soft. Thx.
  14. Is there a huge difference between the original HB’s and the “Soft” version? I had my eye on the HB #6 before I went with my Tommy Armour Impact #3. But if I can get a sweet deal on one I my still go for it.
  15. I plan to go to Stubrik's Steakhouse in Downtown Fullerton, CA and have a huge steak.We used to go there quite a bit for food, spirits and live blues, but not much in the last 5 or 6 years. Can't wait to get back there. I need to check the legendary Philippe's in Los Angeles off my "restaurant bucket list". I have been threatening to go there for a long time and just haven't been. As soon as I can I am making a special trip to L.A. just to go to Philippe's.
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