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  1. tehuti

    Sunday Morning Golf - North OC

    I spend a lot of time at the Islands, Birch Hills and Brea Creek. I have also been playing Newport Beach lately. Let me know if you ever want to meet up for a round on Sunday mornings. I try to get out before 9 AM.
  2. Is anyone interested in playing a regular Sunday morning schedule in North OC? I try to play either Brea Creek 9 or Birch Hills on Sunday mornings solo, and figured I’d see if 1 to 3 others would be interested in getting a regular thing going at least twice a month.
  3. You sound like me. I played 9 yesterday and lost two balls, both on the same hole. Yes the creek accepted my tribute.
  4. I tend to lose 2-4 balls per round. However I have a large enough stock pile right now to last me through 2020 unless I play a lot of golf next year.
  5. I just started playing again last year, and I didn’t get a “proper” fitting, but I did the basic online static fitting. Maybe by the time I am ready for a new set of clubs in a few years I will go the full fitting route.
  6. I could see many courses keeping their 18 holes, but configuring them as 3 sixes. The way 27 hole courses do it now. No less real estate used for existing courses, but players can pick which two “sixes” they want to play, or still have the option to play 18 if they like.
  7. tehuti

    Favorite Thing About Golf

    Golf is a game best played with others. But I can play a round solo and enjoy it just as much.
  8. I did a static fitting online with the company I bought my clubs from. It’s not the same as a “real” fitting, but for my skill level and budget for clubs it was good enough. If I ever decide to upgrade to some premium oem clubs I will probably get a proper fitting first.
  9. tehuti

    Anyone play a seven wood?

    I just added a 7 wood to my arsenal as an alternative to my hybrids, which I have trouble with.
  10. I’ve had so much trouble with my hybrids that I recently picked up a 7 wood. Unlike my 3 wood I can hit with it off the tee AND from the deck.
  11. Snell Get Sum or Top Flite “The Bomb”. I prefer Snell though.
  12. DXL starts at 42 or 44.
  13. tehuti

    Srixon Golf Balls

    I like the Soft Feel and I want to try the Q-Star.
  14. I actually like the Top Flite “The Bomb”and Dick’s sells them in 24 ball boxes for a great price. Not my favorite, bur you can’t beat the price

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