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  1. I think I finally reached a milestone in my game. Over the last month or two I am playing noticeably better and with more confidence. For the last two years I have been playing and practicing as often as possible, including taking lessons. Between tweaking my swing and trying to find long clubs I could hit the ball consistently with I seemed to be making little or no progress. All of a sudden I am hitting the ball more consistently and recording lower scores. I know that’s how it works in most things - grind until “the light comes on”. But it’s nice to know I wasn’t just wasting my time. Very encouraging, and I am enjoying the game more now.
  2. Srixon Soft Feel and Snell Get Sum are fine for me and in your price range. So is the OnCore Avant55.
  3. On my local 9 I usually lose at least one to the creek gods, and maybe slice one over the fence on the par 4 third hole.
  4. 41/38 - 79 on a par 62 executive course. My best round there so far.
  5. I shot 33 on my local par 29 9-hole course. Including a birdie plus my longest drive ever on one of the 2 par 4 holes. Just a practice round, but man did it feel good.
  6. I have a 22* 7 wood that I am still trying to figure out. It has a higher ball flight than my 3 ironwood, so there are instances when it is a better option.
  7. I ended up playing at Willowick this morning.
  8. I have bought several putters from them in the past and they’ve been fine. I was just curious about the bag, but I don’t know anyone who has one. If it was a stand bag I’d definitely go for it. Right now my unicorn is a stand bag that fits well on a pull cart or riding cart.
  9. I’ve been playing almost every week in OC this summer. Playing tomorrow morning somewhere.
  10. The only birdies I saw that day.
  11. Absolutely. I like the “wraparound season”. BTW, the Navy course in Cypress is quite nice. I’ve been playing the 9 hole “Cruiser” course lately. But the “Destroyer” is pretty challenging.
  12. I will most likely join a local men’s club or league next year. Mainly becauseI don’t have regular golf buddies and usually play alone.
  13. I am definitely a better golfer. Especially in the last month or two. And my handicap is trending down slowly. Getting a bit more consistent.
  14. Hard to believe the year is almost over. I haven’t heard much from this group in a while, but I hope you all have been playing lots of golf. What is the “wraparound season” looking like for you? Is this the time to rest the clubs and watch football until spring, or are you a year-round golfer? Me, I’d rather play golf and check scores later, but I know there are a lot of passionate football fans who don’t miss a game on Sundays (or Saturdays).
  15. Shot 41-39-80 on a par 62 executive 9 x 2. My previous best on that course was 87 and I wasn’t playing my best, so there’s hope for the future. My putter was strong. I cracked my driver head last week, so I am playing with my backup which I don’t hit very well. But all in all it was a good round. I even birdied a hole!
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