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  1. Has anyone seen or bought one of these bags yet? They look interesting. WOODĒ 8 Hybrid Bag The WOODĒ Hybrid bag delivers a better way to organize your clubs and everything else you bring to the golf course. By separating your woods from your irons, it’s not only easier to find the club you are looking for, but also it...
  2. I take the headcover off when I am using a club and either drape it over my alignment sticks or in the basket if I am riding. I then replace it after the shot. My putter cover gets stuck to the little velcro strip on my bag.
  3. As long as I have my push cart I like to walk, unless it is a really hilly course. The fatigue factor would be too high if I have to climb hills all day AND play golf. One or the other is fine. 😆
  4. Playing 9 holes today, I hit my tee shot on the par 3 9th pin high about 8 feet right with my brand new 5 hybrid. I am a really short knocker even for a 62 year old, so I won’t mention the distance. Anyway, I hit my birdie putt to end the round.
  5. I almost always play solo so I don't mind being paired up with strangers. If I had to wait for my one golf buddy I would only play about 10 rounds a year, and I try to play weekly. So being paired up is a given for me.
  6. Is Tenet worth all of the hype? I may rent it over the holiday weekend.
  7. My only reservation about higher lofted hybrids for trying to hit the green is that my hybrid shots tend to roll out quite a bit. I am concerned that if I go 6h or 7h I'll be able to hit the green but my ball will just roll off the back. Completely defeating the purpose of having them. That being said, I currently bag 3h and 4h and I am considering a 5 as well. I can vouch for the Tour Edge HL4 ironwoods. I currently have those in my 5 and 6 iron slots. The new 521 series looks very interesting too. But I still think hybrids will be a bit easier to hit.
  8. Can't speak for you, but I am also a high handicapper and I opted for the CBX2. I will pick it up today. But the ones I tried at my fitting and wedge clinic were really easy to hit and control.
  9. That's me exactly. I call it the dreaded second shot. The closer I am to dead center of the fairway the greater my chance of topping or shanking my second shot.
  10. My chances of hitting a green with anything longer than my 7 iron are slim, but I am getting more confident with my 4 hybrid so I would choose that as the longest. Especially since I am a short hitter off the tee.
  11. I was about 18” from a hole in one on the par 3 tenth hole today. I birdied the hole.
  12. For most bump and run chip shots I use my 49° GW. If it’s a short chip onto the green with a long runout I may use 8, 9 or PW.
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