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  1. tehuti

    How Many Rounds Have You Played In Your Lifetime?

    Last year is the first one that I played a lot since the late 80s. So I am guesstimating between 100-500.
  2. tehuti

    SoCal - OC, LA Weekend Rounds

    @Lihu, @Chasing_Bogeys, @Shindig Hey guys. It’s not looking too good weather wise for Sunday. Do we need to cancel, or wait it out?
  3. tehuti

    Short, Downhill Breaking Putt Strategy

    A couple of those greens had NO level ground.
  4. tehuti

    Short, Downhill Breaking Putt Strategy

    Those greens at San Dimas are ridiculous. Three and four putts are not hard to do.
  5. tehuti

    What Does Winter Golf Look Like to You?

    Winter golf looks the same as Spring or Fall golf here. Except for February when we seem to get most of our rain. Not as hot as the summer, usually between high 60s and low 80s.
  6. I used to always try to hit the range before a round, but that didn’t seem to help. NowI usually just take some swings with my Sklz (Orange Whip clone) trainer and try to stretch a bit. If I am just at the range I swing the Sklz a few times, then start with my wedges and pitch shots.
  7. tehuti

    SoCal - OC, LA Weekend Rounds

    That’s the Islands Driving Range on Ball Road in Anaheim, right next to the East side of the 57 freeway.
  8. tehuti

    10 Finger or Baseball Grip

    I used an overlapping grip until I started taking lessons. My instructor told me to switch to 10 fingers and now it just feels natural to me.
  9. tehuti

    SoCal - OC, LA Weekend Rounds

    My local range is a pond, so I’m guessing they are open as long as it’s not pouring down rain!
  10. tehuti

    SoCal - OC, LA Weekend Rounds

    I probably can’t make this coming weekend, plus it is supposed to rain. The 16th-17th sounds good though.
  11. I have never heard of it before, but it sounds like a decent system.
  12. tehuti

    Do You Play with a Phone in Your Pocket?

    I keep mine in my pocket and use it for keeping score and checking distances. If I use my push cart I mount it there.
  13. tehuti

    SoCal - OC, LA Weekend Rounds

    BTW, Clickitgolf has some deals for Coyote Hills this week.
  14. tehuti

    SoCal - OC, LA Weekend Rounds

    I might be booked that weekend, but keep me posted.
  15. tehuti

    SoCal - OC, LA Weekend Rounds

    Yes, you’re probably right. I’m bummed because I’ve beentrying to get out to DB for a while. Next time then.

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