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  1. I voted #3. The Tour definitely promotes the game and certainly helps the golf equipment industry. But I also have played with a lot of golfers who don't watch or follow the PGA at all, so in their case it probably has no impact. That being said, if issues like the current distance controversy that really only affect the pros will cause changes to equipment performance for average golfers that's a problem. So the answer can be yes AND no.
  2. I remember the old Los Alamitos Golf Course near the race track in Los Alamitos, CA. I don’t remember when it closed, but it sat idle for quit a while before being bought and reopened as Cypress GC. Cypress was a very nice public course but I guess they couldn’t turn a profit and closed in 2004.
  3. tehuti

    My Swing (Lihu)

    I just use these.
  4. All of the above. I am never sure where my ball is going to go. Mostly I either top the ball or push it 45* right. When I hit it well it has a high trajectory, but that’s a 1 in 5 chance.
  5. I have both a 49* wedge and a 52* wedge. So I’d lose the 49. Otherwise it would be my 2 ironwood, which I can’t hit very well.
  6. I am amazed at the negative reactions to this idea. Obviously the Pro V1 players won’t be interested. But why so negative? Some of us are fine playing $20.00 surlyn balls (we’re going to lose them anyway), so another option may get a look. And if not - not.
  7. El Toro GC on the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, CA was a favorite of mine. The base and the course are now long gone. There was a little executive course in San Diego on the Navy Recruit station that is probably gone. I haven’t been there since the 1990s.
  8. Everything in my bag is less than 3 years old. I basically rebooted In 2017 after a long hiatus, so I started putting together a new bag to replace my clubs from 2006.
  9. I use wood, plastic and bamboo (Frogger) tees. But right now I am using plastic. I still snapped one of each the other day.
  10. I have a Srixon 7 wood that is currently on the bench. It is a nice club but I am too inconsistent with it.
  11. Mine is the meltdown I inevitably have on a hole that is longer than about 350 yards. If I can't be at least close to the green in two I fall right off the cliff.
  12. There are several decent inexpensive (relatively) balls for high handicappers. I can't speak for anyone else but I don't think the premium balls will help my game that much at this point. That being said, the following are the ones I like. OnCore Avant Snell Get Sum Srixon Soft Feel Kirkland Signature 3 piece (or 4 piece if you can find it) Generally in that order. Wilson Duo is also a good ball.
  13. For me it's always a second shot of 150 yards or longer to the green after I hit a solid drive. For some reason I can't mentally handle it and I shank the second shot.I actually hit better shots from a drive into the rough than I do from dead center of the fairway. 😡
  14. I don't bet, and I don't have any regular golf buddies that I play with. So there is really no one for me to compete with.
  15. Break 100 on my home course(s) Improve my approach game 150 yards + <18 handicap Stop butchering par 5 holes
  16. I’m watching a great documentary about Paul Butterfield.
  17. I made the mistake of ordering BEFORE reading the rest of the posts. When I found out they signed me up for a subscription I immediately canceled.
  18. Based on my driver distances I am pretty similar to the OP. For me any course that totals greater than about 5,800 yards is just too long for me. I read somewhere that if you’re not competing but just playing for fun you might want to try playing variations like a “red, white and blue” round. Meaning - play the par 5s from red, par 4s from white and par 3s from blue. Depending on the course that might make those longer courses more accessible.
  19. The courses I play usually only have blue/white/red. A few of them are well over 6,600 yards from the white and the long par 4s and par 5s are just too long for me. I need to stick to courses between 5,200 to 5,800 if I have any hopes of breaking 100.
  20. 75 on s par 59 course. My “home” course. I didn’t play particularly well in the cold. But I did hit my driver pretty well and my putting was decent.
  21. 77° tomorrow. I plan to play somewhere in the morning.
  22. It’s raining here this week. That’s the equivalent of a major blizzard anywhere else in the country. People start freaking out and driving off the road. Meanwhile I am watching the Weather Channel in hopes it will be clear enough to tee it up by Sunday.
  23. Most of the year I’ve been playing 9 holes on Fridays after work and every Sunday 9 or 18 somewhere in North OC.
  24. 104 today on a par 71 local course. I am not really improving on the par 71 and 72 courses primarily because I don’t play long par 4 and par 5 holes very often. Gotta work on those this winter.
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