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  1. I like the Soft Feel and I want to try the Q-Star.
  2. I actually like the Top Flite “The Bomb”and Dick’s sells them in 24 ball boxes for a great price. Not my favorite, bur you can’t beat the price
  3. Golf is the perfect sport for seniors. I am not about to start playing softball or basketball again at age 60, but I know I can play golf for the next 20 years assuming my health holds up.
  4. My clubs are all only a year old or less, so I don’t anticipate any changes. That said, I may pick up individual clubs if I see a good deal. Maybe a wedge or hybrid. But nothing planned.
  5. Has anyone considered trying to get together during the “wraparound season”? While the rest of the country is storing ther clubs for the winter we are fortunate to be able to play year round. Since I typically play solo it would be fun to try to team up with other folks.
  6. Normally if I don’t at least hit a warmup bucket it takes several wasted holes before I start hitting the ball well. Today I went out without so much as a practice swing and birdied hole number one. Then had my best round of the year. Guaranteed I will be a mess next time out.
  7. This discussion went way off the rails. I thought it was just an interesting topic. 🤔
  8. Shorter rounds, less fatigue and hopefully less expensive as well. Nine holes is usually not enough for me, and eighteen is often two or three holes too much, especially if I walk. Twelve sounds like a reasonable number.
  9. I have developed tennis elbow in my left arm. It has improved in the last few weeks, but it flairs up when I hit the range too frequently. It is most painful when I am atvrest, especially at night.
  10. I am just a casual golfer, but if I ever want to get better I need to hit the driving range at least once a week. That being said, I don’t spend more than an hour hitting one large bucket per session. For one, I don’t have time for more than maybe twice a week. And second, I don’t want to tear up my already tender elbow any more than necessary. When I have more than an hour to spare for golf I play 9 or 18 holes somewhere.
  11. Gigagolf P3 10.5* Gigagolf TRX CT Response 12.5* The P3 disn’t work for me but the TRX is great.
  12. Agreed. If I had several hours to hit golf balls I would much rather be out on the course rather than the range.
  13. Nope. My practice sessions are always with a purpose.
  14. I have a similar problem. I can hit fairly consistently off mats but not from the fairway, and definitely not from the rough.
  15. “Off-season golf” in SoCal Now that it’s September I was wondering if most SoCal golfers play more often, less often or about the same during the traditional off season. I find Fall and Winter to be even better than Summer. The weather is much better (usually) and it’s generally less crowded. Any thoughts?
  16. tehuti

    Golfer Elbow

    I believe what I have is technically considered tennis elbow, based upon where I feel the pain. In my effort to keep my lead elbow facing down and keeping the arm straight I am putting to much strain on it. So recently I began relaxing the arm more and not worrying about how straight it is. Applying a bit of arnica gel, rest, and wearing a brace all help.
  17. 3w, 5i or 6i, aw, putter. I generally only hit my 3w off the tee, but in this configuration I would probably have to occasionally hit it off the deck from the fairway.
  18. General inconsistency is my biggest issue. I never have everything working fairly well all at once. Plus I have a mental block when I have a second shot from the middle of the fairway. Almost every time I hit a great tee shot, which isn’t often, I either shank my second shot or bounce it about 50 yards.
  19. As long as a ball doesn’t feel like a rock coming off the club I am fine with it. The only ball I definitely could not play was the Cut Red. I bought their sampler pack with a sleeve of each ball Red, White, Grey and Blue. Tried the Red ball in one outing and switched back to one of my regular balls after 2 holes. I immediately noticed an improvement in my shots. The Cut White is decent, and I have yet to try their “premium” balls - Grey and Blue. But I expect them to be fine.
  20. I agree about the Snell Get Sum. It is a really good ball.
  21. I have bought both the Srixon Soft Feel and Top Flite “The Bomb” from Dick’s at really good prices. Both balls are good for the price and I don’t feel bad when I dunk one or three in Brea Creek.
  22. I don’t get that far south very often. But it would be worth checking out. Thanks. My regular courses this year (so far) are both par 3s. The nine hole Brea Creek and Birch Hills, both in Brea. I also pla Fullerton and Dad Miller, but not often.
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