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  1. Dick’s has Top-Flite “The Bomb” that come in 18 ball boxes for around $20.00. They are not my favorite ball, but I do like them, and I don’t sweat it when I lose them.
  2. I usually use the notched tees that always go in to the same height, and vary the size depending on which club I am teeing off with. 2 1/2 inch tees for driver and 3 wood, then progressively shorter for hybrids or irons. I also line up the directional markers on the ball with my target line, as a visual aid.
  3. I bought a “free” 60* wedge from them a while back. It’s okay, but they seem like a shifty operation so I tend to avoid them.
  4. Yesterday may have been the best day I have ever had on the range. Since starting lessons this year I have struggled with consistency due to a change to my mechanics. Yesterday I hit every club well, including my problematic hybrids off the deck. It feels like I have finally discovered my repeatable swing.
  5. @MarvChamp that’s just it. It didn’t FEEL like I was doing anything different. It’s just that my shots decided to start going where I wanted them to. If anything, all I did different was to not overthink every shot.
  6. I had my best round of the year today. Even though I still had 3 or 4 blowup holes I also had 7 pars, including 17 and 18. That is a first for me. After several weeks of chunking my fairway shots around the course since I started taking lessons today I hit some really good shots.
  7. Most recently I bought my clubs online except putter.
  8. I am wondering if the 3 piece ball might be a better fit for me.
  9. I lost my first sleeve of the 4 piece ball playing 9 today. Dropped 2 in the creek on hole #2 and the last on at #8. So I don’t know if I’ll like them yet!
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered some myself.
  11. That’s where I am now. After a few lessons and swing/grip changes I was hitting the ball okay until recently. Last few weeks I feel like I have lost everything. I know it’s a process, but it’s so discouraging at times.
  12. I don’t get that far south very often. But it would be worth checking out. Thanks.
  13. This place has been quiet for a while so I figured I should post a new topic. Which local SoCal courses do you regularly play? I am in OC and generally play the 9 hole Brea Creek course. I really like playing Fullerton GC also. Last week I played Birch Hills for the first time and liked it a lot. Any recommendations for other courses in the area?
  14. I like custom clubs from non-name brand companies so I buy those online. Everything else I get from local shops.
  15. You sound exactly like me. Given my limited time to get to play I usually play 9 on Sunday mornings and hit the range once or twice a week. As far as I am concerned it is all just practice right now. My goal is to get out for 18 at least once a month in the spring and summer. And I am also getting lessons.
  16. tehuti

    Long Irons

    When I bought my current set it came with 5-pw, so I decided to go with a 3 and 4 hybrid instead of a 5 wood and 3 iron. Problem is, I can’t hit the hybrids with any consistency. So I am rethinking the configuration. Maybe I’ll play my old 3 and 4 irons for a while until I can tame the hybrids. I actually liked hitting my 3 iron, but I was erratic with it.
  17. B. A was tempting, but if I could stay in the fairway I’ll live with my anemic distances off the tee.
  18. Mine are about 4 months old, so I am good for a while. Still working out my hybrid situation though.
  19. I’d be willing to try either one, but I have yet to see ANY K-Sig balls online or in store in Orange County, CA.
  20. I am just excited about having passion for the game again. I knew what kind of commitment it would take to “get back on the horse” so to speak. And it took me a while. But now I am enjoying hitting the range and taking lessons almost as much as actually playing. Every time I pick up a club is an opportunity to improve a bit.
  21. I guess I should qualify my statement by saying that I play more on a par 3 course than on a normal par 70-72, so my opportunities for hitting long shots are minimal.
  22. This article may be true in general. But for MY game I find that most of my wasted shots are on or around the green. I can improve a lot faster if I can reduce my three putts and errant chip shots. THEN I can focus on getting more consistent from tee to green. This is probably because I mostly practice full swing shots on the range. So I plan to reverse this and focus on my short game for a while.
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