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  1. I just got a great deal from Dick’s on yellow Srixon Chrome Soft balls. I went in there to get a couple dozen at $20.00 a box and found out they only cost $10.78. So I bought their last 3 boxes. Between those and my On Core Avants I should have plenty of balls to lose in 2018.
  2. I generally don’t like to buy used, but brand new year old or more models at a discount. Absolutely.
  3. Also consider Gigagolf.com or Pinemeadow.com. I got most of my clubs through them for well under $500.00 brand new. Their reps are also very helpful.
  4. tehuti


  5. My experience was almost exactly the same. Several years ago I had it so bad in my left foot that I was afraid it would require surgery. After wearing the stiff insole for a while the pain and stiffnes completely went away.
  6. I just started playing again this year and I am still figuring all of this out. But it appears that the numbers for the white tees are closest to my distances.
  7. I joined recently and didn’t see too many SoCal specific posts. So I created the club to get the ball rolling. Still trying to figure out how it works myself. But welcome to the club! Quite a few folks have joined and then invited others. So it’s growing.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving players! The Golf Channel is showing the documentary “Summer of ‘76 Royal Birkdale” right now. For an old timer like me who wouldn’t even start paying golf for another 10 or 12 years it’s an interesting look back at the time and a golf history lesson as well.
  9. Actually my issue is with Sprint. I only left Verizon because they didn’t let me keep unlimited data. Which they have since reinstated.
  10. My iPhone DOES run like crap. Unfortunately I don’t like AT&T either. But I may have to switch to them anyway.
  11. Is Van Cortlandt the only course uptown? I used to go there to the park as a kid but that was before I played golf.
  12. I quit Verizon a few years back because they ended their unlimited plan. As much as I hate Sprint I am not sure I want to go back to Cerizon.
  13. I am within 30 minutes of several local courses.
  14. The 3 wood and SW will be here Tuesday. And I just received a Pinemeadow 3 hybrid. Heard only good things about Pinemeadow, and since I can’t hit my Mizuno 17* CLK anyway I figured I could give them a try.
  15. I’m curious enough to try a sleeve of Snell and of Vice just to check them out. Even though I am pretty committed to On Core right now. I also tried a few of the matte white Volvik balls, but I don’t like how they feel.
  16. You are correct. I keep hearing the Kirklands are available, but you can’t order them online and I haven’t seen them in the stores. Still waiting.
  17. I’ll try the Kirklands as soon as I can find some!
  18. I am limited to Saturdays and Sundays (working stiff) and I play on the North OC munis Like Dad Miller, Fullerton, Mile Square Park and Brea Creek 9. I am a member of Dad Miller, but I have only been there a couple of times, so that’s always an option.
  19. I’d be up for a SoCal gathering.
  20. I am in the same situation. Just trying to get out and play. And I’d rather play with one or more casual players as opposed to solo. As a former high handicapper who just started playing again I have no illusions about my game. I’m just doing it for fun, and hopefully to improve.
  21. You might want to check out local Meetup groups. There may be a social golf meetup in your area. I recently joined one for the same reason but haven’t been to anybof their group events yet.
  22. I am a REALLY occasional golfer. For example, my goal for 2018 is at least one round per month/12 or more rounds for the year. For me that would be a lot, not by choice but availability. However, I also hope to hit the range on a weekly basis.
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