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  1. 75 on s par 59 course. My “home” course. I didn’t play particularly well in the cold. But I did hit my driver pretty well and my putting was decent.
  2. 77° tomorrow. I plan to play somewhere in the morning.
  3. It’s raining here this week. That’s the equivalent of a major blizzard anywhere else in the country. People start freaking out and driving off the road. Meanwhile I am watching the Weather Channel in hopes it will be clear enough to tee it up by Sunday.
  4. Most of the year I’ve been playing 9 holes on Fridays after work and every Sunday 9 or 18 somewhere in North OC.
  5. 104 today on a par 71 local course. I am not really improving on the par 71 and 72 courses primarily because I don’t play long par 4 and par 5 holes very often. Gotta work on those this winter.
  6. You were definitely too strong for THAT club. 😂 What did the ball look like after that hit?
  7. Yeah, I may have to go for a driver as well.
  8. I received my irons and have since played a few rounds with them. Not only are they great looking but I didn’t have any significant adjustment period.
  9. Has anyone here taken advantage of the PXG Gen1 deal for military and first responders? It sounds too good to be true. $125 for drivers and $95 for fairways and hybrids. They weren’t on my radar because of the price tag before, but now I’m tempted.
  10. I shot 74 on the par 59 Newport Beach executive course. Not too bad for me, but I missed way too many makeable putts.
  11. I am just curious if anyone here has gamed the Sub 70 839D driver. It looks interesting, but I have heard nothing about it.
  12. 104 today. I thought I was ready to break 100 at River View today, but it was not to be. It’s on my to do list for 2020.
  13. My new Maltby irons arrived today. I took them out to play 18 after work on my favorite executive course, par 59 and shot my best score ever - 71. I was worried it would take me a while to adjust to these irons but I guess I’ll be okay.
  14. Based on my current handicap I should be playing courses of < 6,000 yards. If that means moving up, that’s what I SHOULD do. However it often depends on who I am paired up with.
  15. Who were the other two component companies in the top 3, and are they still around?
  16. Well I just ordered a set of their KE4 Tour + irons 7-GW. So I will hopefully be able to report on them in a few weeks. I have been eyeing them for some time and finally made the move.
  17. I think I finally reached a milestone in my game. Over the last month or two I am playing noticeably better and with more confidence. For the last two years I have been playing and practicing as often as possible, including taking lessons. Between tweaking my swing and trying to find long clubs I could hit the ball consistently with I seemed to be making little or no progress. All of a sudden I am hitting the ball more consistently and recording lower scores. I know that’s how it works in most things - grind until “the light comes on”. But it’s nice to know I wasn’t just wasting my time. Very encouraging, and I am enjoying the game more now.
  18. Srixon Soft Feel and Snell Get Sum are fine for me and in your price range. So is the OnCore Avant55.
  19. On my local 9 I usually lose at least one to the creek gods, and maybe slice one over the fence on the par 4 third hole.
  20. 41/38 - 79 on a par 62 executive course. My best round there so far.
  21. I shot 33 on my local par 29 9-hole course. Including a birdie plus my longest drive ever on one of the 2 par 4 holes. Just a practice round, but man did it feel good.
  22. I have a 22* 7 wood that I am still trying to figure out. It has a higher ball flight than my 3 ironwood, so there are instances when it is a better option.
  23. I ended up playing at Willowick this morning.
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