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  1. I played my last two rounds with the K-Sig glove and so far it is nice. Pretty durable as well as comfortable.
  2. The closest I came was when I was sitting in a cart waiting at the 8th hole tee box when one of the guys teeing off on 7 bounced his ball off my cart.
  3. Yesterday is the first time I did not play awful golf. During the round I was doing so well I didn’t want to jinx it by saying something, for fear I would return to my usual ways. Next time out should be really interesting.
  4. I have 7 now but I think I want a bag with 14 next time.
  5. I’m sure we’ll be able to link up at some point. I am okay with trying a few LA courses before the summer is over. Where is Marine Memorial? Camp Pendleton?
  6. On the range I am there to work out the kinks, so it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing. Besides, I still hit the ball better on the range than on the course. I would rather have it the other way around.
  7. It’s hard to articulate. But just being out in the sun and challenging myself to be better is the draw. While it is better to play with others it’s a game you can play by yourself if you want/have to, and still enjoy it just as much.
  8. Well summer is nearly upon us. So where do you plan to play in and around Southern California this season? I will mostly be playing local courses here in OC. Birch Hills and Brea Creek are my usual spots. But I would like to play Mountain Meadows, Diamond Bar and Coyote Hills this year. Maybe get down to San Diego once or twice. Any suggestions?
  9. Playing Dad Miller on Saturday 5/25.
  10. I don’t know about “destroyed” my game, but I did waste a lot of time trying to tame hybrids. I eventually found the Tour Edge HL3 and Bazooka iron-woods that fill those slots. Prior to that I spent countless hours hitting hybrids at the range until I thought I had them figured out. Then I would completely unravel during a round and my confidence was shot. I literally have no idea where my ball is going to go when I hit hybrids, but most likely it won’t be going in the direction I am aiming. As long as I continue to confidently hit these iron-woods I am done with hybrids.
  11. 4 out of 8 majors including 2 back to back wins is pretty impressive to me. I am guessing he has a few more major wins left before he is done. It’s too early to crown him one of the greats, but he is certainly on a trajectory to get there.
  12. I seem to play worse when I hit a bucket before my round. No idea why. If I just take a few swings with my Sklz trainer and stretch a bit I end up more relaxed on the first tee, and I start better.
  13. Sorry I missed the back 9. I turned it back on when Koepka was on 17. I’ll have to catch the replay.
  14. Plenty of courses around here. I may have heard the names, but I don’t know anything “about” most of them.
  15. I shot a decent 37 on my home 9 hole par 29 course this morning. No really bad shots, even though I still double bogeyed the only 2 par 4 holes. But I also got 2 pars and a birdie on #9, capping it off with a long putt. So life is good.
  16. On most of our local courses it’s Blue or white. That’s it, and both are well over 6,100 yards.
  17. I just started reading it last night.
  18. Oh, way too far. 😟
  19. I like both of those. But I am actually talking about Brea Creek 9 and Birch Hills - also in Brea.
  20. Which course is that? My favorite local courses are a 9 hole exec course and an 18 hole exec course. But primarily because I can play a round in a reasonable time frame.
  21. I am one of the guys who has less trouble with my tee shot but tends to be a disaster between there and the green.
  22. This is supposedly it. 2 more to go. Although I believe there are rumors of a potential spinoff series. Possibly a prequel.
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