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  1. If I am hitting the ball well I don’t worry about the score.
  2. My instructor told me to always work your way up to driver from wedges when practicing. I tend to do worse when I go to the range before playing. But I have the Sklz swing trainer and I give that a few swings before I tee off.
  3. After last weekend my new goal for 2019 is to improve my iron approach shots. I am brutal from 6i to pw and on the executive course I play a lot there are way too many short holes to try to hit the green off the tee if you don’t trust your irons and wedges. I may be one of the few people who is less worried about my driver than my pitching wedge.
  4. Not much any more. One or two beers a week and the occasional shot of single malt or a dry martini.
  5. I have been playing with the Vice Drive balls all weekend. And I must say that for a 2-piece Surlyn ball it is just fine for my game. At some point I may try their other balls, but at under $20/dz it’s a no brainer. I don’t lose any distance off the tee and it feels great coming off the clubhead. And if I rinse a few it doesn’t bother me too much.
  6. tehuti

    TV Shows

    Game. Of. Thrones.
  7. I have an assortment of different brands that I am working through right now. If I had to choose a favorite right now it would be the yellow Srixon Soft Feel. I also like the Snell Get Sum. I am all about the $21.00 and under ball. At least until I start playing much better.
  8. I’ll go wildcard and say Arya Stark.
  9. I shot a hole in one on the first hole a couple of weeks ago. It didn’t matter what I did afterward. I was set for the day!
  10. Tour Edge HL3 iron-woods Gigagolf irons Gigagolf wedges Tommy Armour putter
  11. A couple of little 9 hole courses in Orange County, CA whose names I forgot. The one I really miss is the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station course. I was a Navy reservist in the late 80s and early 90s and I played there a lot. Since it was pre 9/11 I had no problem getting my civilian buddies on base and the rates were ridiculously low. Not the prettiest track, but challenging. On Saturday afternoons in the summer it was fairly wide open. No crowds.
  12. $250.00 would probably be my limit for a new driver. And I am not inclined to spend that much. I doubt I’d see the results to justify the extra $$.
  13. I got first hole in one last Saturday.
  14. That is exactly what I said too! 😂
  15. It was the longest putt in history. 107 yards, 9 iron that I mishit but it rolled all the way to a back left pin placement. 4 witnesses, including my buddy who I was playing with!
  16. I got my first hole-in- one today. Par 3 first hole, Birch Hills GC.
  17. I am still trying to unlock the secret of hitting hybrids consistently. Right now I have a 4 hybrid and 2 and 3 iron-woods. On the range I can stripe all 3, but on course it’s grounders and shank shots.
  18. I just recently benched my 7 wood because I am not consistent with it. At some point I will try to work it back into the bag though.
  19. Those appear to be similar to the Tour Edge iron-woods that I have. They have an iron face but are weighted similar to a hybrid. I hit them better than traditional hybrids - so far.
  20. Back in the 80s and 90s when I was still in the Navy Reserves I really liked playing the course at the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station. It wasn’t a great course, but it was fun and challenging. It was pre-9/11 so getting civilian guests on base was not difficult and green fees were dirt cheap. I lost a lot of balls on the back nine, where the course paralleled part of the runway. And my civilian buddies were always willing to play there. If you played after 12 noon it was usually pretty wide open, especially on the back nine.
  21. Well it’s mid-March, and time to start talking about favorite courses around SoCal. Where are you playing this week?
  22. I am no beginner although I still play like one. Yes, my biggest issue is lack of consistency. With that in mind I carry a full bag. As I start to learn what my “go to” clubs are I will have a better idea what I can put on the bench.
  23. Those appear to be similar to the Tour Edge iron-woods that I have. They have an iron face but are weighted similar to a hybrid. I hit them better than traditional hybrids - so far.
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