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  1. Same boat. If I’m lucky I can run out after work on Friday and play 9 solo. Then occasionally on Sunday mornings I can play 18 if I get out there early.
  2. I play alone mostly out of necessity. There is a group of guys I have connected with here, but it’s been tough trying to get on the same schedule. My regular golf buddy only plays in the spring and summer, so I go out by myself whenever I have some time in my schedule.
  3. I would definitely like to game more hybrids. The problem is I am wildly inconsistent with them. Recently I replaced my 3 hybrid with a TE HL3 ironwood because I couldn’t hit the 3. My 4 hybrid is not much better, but I am determined to figure it out. There are several options for full sets of hybrids, but not from the big name OEMs.
  4. How was the weekend? I actually got to play 9 holes yesterday, even though there was a threat of rain.
  5. I still have beers in my fridge from last summer.
  6. I actually prefer the block “P”. Simple and basic, like a baseball cap logo. I’m a huge baseball fan.
  7. I have only been back to the game less than 2 years and my set is relatively new. While I probably will have my irons from 6-pw for a few more seasons, my longer clubs are constantly in flux. I am struggling with my long irons and hybrids, so I have been mixing and matching trying to find ones I can hit consistently. But once I do find what works I plan to “freeze” my setup for as long as possible.
  8. I primarily just use one at the range to help me align my feet at address.
  9. Everybody has the right to spend their money however they want to. I am a casual golfer who caught the bug again after many years. When I saw how much the name brand OEM clubs were going for back in 2017 I knewI had to find an alternative. Prices were WAY more than I was willing to pay. I prefer buying new, but I am okay with clone/component brands custom made for me. Or one or two older models by the OEMs. My opinion is, unless I was a serious competitive amateur or pro there is no reason to drop $500.00 plus on a driver or over $1,000.00 for a set of irons that wil only be the “new” model for 10-18 months.
  10. I am excited about the Maltby ISO-T driver which will be available in April. I kind of want to check out the Toue Edge Exotics EXS and the Ping G410. I don’t spend that much for my clubs but the Ping still intrigues me.
  11. I buy new, but not the big name OEM equipment. I fI can find a deal on a several model sold hybrid or wood on close out I may do that. People don’t really pay attention to what clubs I am playing anyway.
  12. Listening to the blues. The “Nothin’ But The Blues” show on Kjazz 88.1 FM.
  13. Have any of you played the Navy course in Cypress? I haven’t been there since the 90s, but it was a nice track back then. It is open to the public now.
  14. Agreed. I am really getting tired of all this rain and (SoCal) cold though.
  15. I actually played 27 holes plus went to the range last weekend. After several weeks of illness and rain I wanted to get out while it was dry. This weekend should be okay to play.
  16. Willowick is okay. Not the best maintained course, but it is challenging, walkable and not too expensive. It’s my unofficial “home” course for 2019 through the SCGA. I want an official handicap this year to meadure my progress. Busy Saturday so I will have to play on Sunday.
  17. I disagree. I bet if he had just kicked the guy $30k quietly after he won we would not be talking about this at all.
  18. I actually got in 18 this morning at Willowick in Santa Ana before the weather got ugly.
  19. Last year is the first one that I played a lot since the late 80s. So I am guesstimating between 100-500.
  20. @Lihu, @Chasing_Bogeys, @Shindig Hey guys. It’s not looking too good weather wise for Sunday. Do we need to cancel, or wait it out?
  21. A couple of those greens had NO level ground.
  22. Those greens at San Dimas are ridiculous. Three and four putts are not hard to do.
  23. Winter golf looks the same as Spring or Fall golf here. Except for February when we seem to get most of our rain. Not as hot as the summer, usually between high 60s and low 80s.
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