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  1. I currently use plastic stepped tees, but I also have wood ones. The plastic ones don’t break as quickly, and the results are about the same.
  2. In general it may not change much, but I imagine there will be more people that will continue to walk after the crisis is over. For me it depends on the course. Some courses are just too hilly and/or long to walk. Others can be perfect for walking.
  3. Now that our courses are opening up again I am trying to play at least once or twice a week. Having to walk is a blessing because I need the exercise.
  4. Our courses started reopening last week. A few will be opening tomorrow and I suspect more will follow.
  5. I’d be fine with the original. Just curious if it was worth trying the Soft. Thx.
  6. Is there a huge difference between the original HB’s and the “Soft” version? I had my eye on the HB #6 before I went with my Tommy Armour Impact #3. But if I can get a sweet deal on one I my still go for it.
  7. I plan to go to Stubrik's Steakhouse in Downtown Fullerton, CA and have a huge steak.We used to go there quite a bit for food, spirits and live blues, but not much in the last 5 or 6 years. Can't wait to get back there. I need to check the legendary Philippe's in Los Angeles off my "restaurant bucket list". I have been threatening to go there for a long time and just haven't been. As soon as I can I am making a special trip to L.A. just to go to Philippe's.
  8. The only golf that WAS available to me during this lockdown was our local standalone range. I tried to go over there just now and they are “closed until further notice”. So unless I want to sneak onto closed courses and risk getting arrested or sick I have nothing. 😤
  9. “We all” are not willing to pay for Pro Vs. I am perfectly happy playing OnCore Avant55, Snell Get Sum or Srixon Soft Feel or Q Star.
  10. People in general have short memories/attention spans. Right now it seems like we'll never be the same again. But I suspect once this crisis is over and things go back to some semblance of normal, so will the courses and everyone else. Personally I have been trying to walk more this year anyway. So this will only motivate me even more. But I like riding as well.
  11. I am guessing this thread will have to reset once we are back to some semblance of normal.
  12. SoCal air quality is just great because traffic is nearly non-existent compared to what we’re used to.
  13. I tried their free sleeve offer and fortunately read the warning about the subscription that they try to rope you into. So I called and cancelled that before they started charging me. The balls were unimpressive. I really didn't find them to be that good. Nothing specific.I just get better results with my usual gamer. So I probably wouldn't buy them.
  14. A couple of belts from Budget Golf.
  15. The “Nothin’ But the Blues” show on Kjzz 88.1.
  16. Due to the governor's latest advisory yesterday it looks like all of our local courses will be closed effective today. At this point I am not sure I want to go out there even if they are not. It is really getting weird now.
  17. And I kind of had my eye on Cleveland and Srixon! But I ended up with Maltby and Tour Edge.
  18. We have a golf god that lives in a creek. He (She?) demands a sacrifice of 2 balls for every 9 hole round. Usually at holes 2 and 6.
  19. I just got an email from our local PGA Tour Superstore saying they will be closing until April 1st.
  20. tehuti

    Handicap Tracker

    If you don’t want to join a course that also includes an official handicap I would recommend The Grint.
  21. tehuti

    Love and Hate

    I hate groups that don’t understand ready golf. Rather than going to their ball and getting ready to hit guys will sit in the cart watching their buddy hit his shot, then get up and go to their ball. I love hitting a solid tee shot right down the middle.
  22. Shot a 40 on my local par 29 9 hole course after work. For me 38 or better is a good round, so I was off a bit. Good news is, I am hitting solid shots and managing to stay with it when I have a bad shot. Lately I have been avoiding the big blowup holes. If I can just do that for a while my scoring will improve quite a bit.
  23. 1. My employer is Trying to get as many of us as possible working from home. I already do that 2 days a week so it’s not a huge adjustment. But grocery shopping has become a real challenge. 2. So far courses are still open but that could change. I plan to play as often as I can unless we get completely locked down.
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