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  1. jk3a

    My Swing (bear996)

    Glad to help. I'd like to see your swing from better camera angles if you can. http://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing
  2. jk3a

    My Swing (HozzleRocket)

    Great screen name! I have you here at the top of your backswing, which is not too bad, and about half way down prior to impact. Your swing has a fairly classic over the top move in transition coupled with an early release of the wrist angle. This is quite common for golfers who over use the hands and set the wrists too early during the backswing. On this left image of Rory I try to show him at a similar point in the backswing as you are and illustrate the difference in wrist set using the red line for his shaft and the yellow line to estimate yours. You can also see in the right image of Rory the difference between your shaft angle on approach and his. Most great ball strikers have a shaft angle pointed just outside the ball at this point. You can see that yours is just inside. I would recommend reducing the wrist cock in your backswing and trying to feel as though the shaft flattens or lays down in transition as opposed to steepening. Reducing the backswing hand action should make this easier.
  3. jk3a

    My Swing (Kirma)

    Hi Kirma, I've got you and a recent tiger swing here at address and top of the backswing. I would recommend trying to make sure your weight and body don't move towards the golf ball during the backswing. You want to feel like weight moves from the balls of your feet at address back into the inside part of your right heel by the time you reach the top. Work on that for a while and post another swing if you like. Best of luck! Jared
  4. jk3a

    My Swing (Sim0nj0hanss0n)

    I would work on your lower body action during the backswing. Despite getting up off your front heel, it looks like you've got a bit too much weight on your front foot. It's also more common to leave some space between the knees. Try to emulate the Xander Schauffele photo I've compared you with there.
  5. jk3a

    My Swing (Keysus)

    To self diagnose this without a video I would suggest figuring out exactly what type of slice you're hitting. To do this, you need to ensure your alignment is correct and then figure out where the ball is starting relative to your target. A nice short video on ball flight laws can be found here: If you determine you're hitting say a pull slice such that the ball starts left of your target and finishes well right of your target, it's near certain that your face is closed at impact and your path is way out to in. In this case I would recommend drills to work on your path. Google is your friend here. But please make sure your alignment is proper as diagnosing with improper alignment makes fixing the slice extra hard.
  6. jk3a

    My Swing (bear996)

    I would suggest trying to reduce the vertical nature of your backswing. In the picture below comparing you to kevin stadler you can see the difference between him at the top of the backswing vs you. Think more turn with your shoulders, less lifting with your arms. Your improved backswing position should make it a bit easier to get the club in a better position during the downswing. Note the difference in your shafts in the other photo. Best of luck. Not a bad swing at all for a beginner.

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