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  1. Apparently I may be in the minority but I personally think the shortening of courses to half or less the total land area is a mandatory change for the future of golf if people truly want to "grow the game". Let me explain... I'll start by saying I love golf and golf courses in their current forms and in HS and college I was an avid tournament golfer and would break par on a good day, now I'm in my 30s with a family and the biggest issues with golf are: cost / affordability, and time to play a round. If I could walk a Par 72 golf course that was 4,000 yards in 2 hours for a $10 green free I'd play golf way more often. That could be a reality if people were more open to this idea. I live in Colorado and by the end of 2017 two of our highly played city courses are closing permanently because the costs of watering / maintenance of a regulation golf course simply are not met with even $30 to $35 green fees. Now of course there can be country clubs that can afford to water and make courses 7,500 yards no problem, but if that's the future of the game it will become even more elitist with fewer and fewer courses staying alive each year. A kid can go play basketball or tennis, etc for free, a shortened golf course to the size of large parks could make golf grow tremendously going forward in my opinion. Plus it's all relative anyway, I can hit a drive 280 now, but I wouldn't care if that gets reduced to 140 or 150 if the course hole layouts are designed for it. just my thoughts.

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