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  1. Challenge - Test Your Core and Balance

    Interesting workout you have here. I suggest doing some hip opener exercise. It'll help activate your lower body and hit the ball further!
  2. Bali, Indonesia

    Bali is quite the destination. The only comment I have in that place is the traffic during rush hours. If you happen to play in Nirwana, or Bali National and you decide to stay at the beachfront hotels. Traffic will take you 2 hours minimum. Better finish the round early!
  3. Japan and Korea (anyone been?)

    My Japanese golf buddies would mention that playing golf, and getting lessons in their country is without a doubt costly. Golf is a luxury sport, and they take pride with a matching price tag that comes with it!. My opinion, Japanese golf fundamentals requires an insane amount of flexibility. You'll notice Japanese tour players would have that same "signature" swing.
  4. Where is your next golf trip going to be?

    Last August, we were lucky to play in Hokkaido, Japan! Definitely a destination for golf buff travelers looking for a week-long of adventure in one of the best-kept greens in Asia. Their golf season starts early May to late October, and apart from the nifty travel spots is the scenic beauty of nearby mountains covering the city. Tourist/golfers will definitely find this place a must go destination !
  5. Hello Fellow Golfers!, I'm looking for a new destination around Asia that has a scenic layout good for my friends. We've played a couple of nice courses in Thailand, and it never failed to amaze me with the amount of courses they have in each city!. The language barrier in Thailand is decent for a simple conversation, and you could never go wrong with the nightlife. Let me know if you have countries in mind!.