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  1. Pullhook

    Practicing with Long Irons

    Iron play has been my strenght the 3 years I have played the game. And I think reason to that is I wanted to get good with long irons right away. I give always plenty of time to 5i and 4i. For me, if I can hit pure long irons, its childs play with other irons. I think my ball shaping has came from that too.
  2. Pullhook

    Ultimate Goal - Scratch

    For the first part i thought i am going to this season from tee to green mentality. I dont have any program to tell my strokes gained, but I can tell my base stats from last 10 rounds that I played abroad. FIR 48% GIR 39% Putts 36 Penalties 1.2 I know putting is horrible and maybe in the season avg is usually 35. I am not giving short game percentaces because its from so few rounds. I would like to know some practice programs that professionals or very serious golfers use? I have gone with ultimate practice routine from the internet in season starts. Now Im seeking some very tough routines to do this season with maybe some pressure aspect in them. Every tip is kindly taken! I have filmed the original old swing and the new one. And I have cameras in every simulator session so I can check every swing from it. I am just in the point where I dont have the red line anymore what to practice and do to get closer to scratch. Am i laking distance, is it my short game or is it just my overall technique in everything. Hard task when it really cames to getting seriously good. Have the time luckily.
  3. Pullhook

    Hinge and hold

    For me currently best way is use puttinglike motion in short chips and more wrists in longer chips. There is no need to use one method imo. Still i am not short game wizard so dont know. Just working fine to me. 7.5 hcp so not the best guy to give tips.
  4. Pullhook

    Ultimate Goal - Scratch

    For this point I have came almost with only playing. Yes, there has been some practice in the start of the season but only to get all different shots back after winter. I think for me its still more that playing is going to get me forward but need to practice something clever. I have time and motivation to do it. I just dont know what is the best way to practice in golf and what area of game. Maybe a full practice plans of scratch golfers or pros for example? My game in these years has been build around iron play when everything else has been decent. GIRs are the most important thing for me and my score and i am always trying to increase the count. Last year i took wedges to the same point and that was when i really got to single digits. Now in offseason local pro gave me some advice for the swing and I have gone with those. Not a completly new swing, just little bit smoother and balanced. There is plenty of distance in my irons that helps a lot. Hoping to get similar to the driver soon.
  5. Here is some information of player. I have now played 3 years and my handicap is 7.5. Season is pretty short in my country, only ~6 months. I play almost every day in season and maybe do some practice too. In winter hit some chips indoors 3-4 times a week and maybe few hours in sportscoach simulator too. I m quite an athletic and have played my youth different (craquet?) sports. So my goal is scratch and need all advices how to reach it. Espicially some practice routines to do? I know its goal that everyone cant reach, but i m seeking advice how to try reaching it? Every tip and advice is welcome! Sorry for bad english!
  6. Pullhook

    Titleist Introduces New 718 Irons

    They are in my local store in three weeks so have to wait! Then I will go straight at them!
  7. Pullhook

    Titleist Introduces New 718 Irons

    Switched from 716 Ap1 to 718 Ap3 today. Felt very much smoother and looked much better at the adress! Got much better shaft too because my seing has changed a lot in 2 years. Took Kbs S+ staff. It was way more stabile than my previous amt regular! avg swing speed with 7i were ~90mph carry ~184yds Very pleased with the feeling of new ap3!

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