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  1. One of the wedges, depending on the conditions anticpated on that particular day.
  2. When taking lessons , how do you inform him/her about dealing with your specific issues and what do you do if he/she goes off on a tangent and doesn’t address the problem directly? An Example: A local instructor in my area is well regarded and I decided to go to him to deal with a specific issue I’ve been having and have been unable to solve on my own. (Early release – poor compression - the result of an old bicycle injury, since healed). At my first meeting he asked what my situation was. I told him and then he had me hit a few balls with a 7-iron. All’s well and good at that point. I also mentioned to him that I had a series of 3 lessons with an instructor last year and all he had me do was hit short pitch shots over and over and I wanted to address the problem more directly, that I felt that my problem was the result of an improper transition at the top, too much forward hip movement and not enough rotation at the bottom and I wanted to attack those aspects of the swing more directly. He then adjusted my setup and proceeded to give me a series of different drills; short back & forth swipes at a rubber tee, hitting balls with my feet together, short ice hockey-like wrist shots, all of which are not working, at least after two one hour lessons. At two bucks a minute I just don’t feel I’m getting very much bang for the buck. Maybe I’m just impatient. (For what it’s worth I posted a video of my swing in the “Member Swings” section a few years ago and I haven’t updated it because there hasn’t been one damn thing that’s changed, despite working very hard at it.) He’s a nice guy and he’s very enthusiastic and encouraging – having me send videos of my practice and him responding that he’s seeing “dynamic progress” whatever that means. But the bottom line is there’s been no improvement and I’m probably going to try to work things out on my own or find another instructor. I realize there’s no one adjustment or magic fix but maybe I should be more direct with what I want? How long do you wait when taking lessons before you disengage with one teacher and look for another?
  3. Clicgear 3.5 owners: Is it my imagination but does the golf bag sit considerably more upright than with other pushcarts? I know with my crappy, but still functional pushcart the bag is really kind of at a 45° angle and to my eye with the Clicgear, looks like it's more like it's around 60°. Am I right or wrong about that?
  4. To whomever it was who thought I was condescending to my particular "Fred" I say, Yes, I was...so what? The guy deserved a lot worse. Maybe if the golf course rangers had been a bit more on the ball I wouldn't have had to say anything but the one who was circulating that particular day typically does and says nothing so I felt I had to take matters into my own hands. Also, maybe if "Fred" hadn't been sucking down his second beer of the morning I would have been a lot nicer but regardless, I believe my solution worked out. The main point I was trying to make was that like many others, it's my contention that riders and walkers can mix well or not mix but whether they do or don't has nothing to do with if they're riding or walking. It has to do do with whether or not a golfer understands what the concept of "Keeping up with the Pace of Play" actually means and makes an effort to do so.
  5. For the coming season I removed the 2 & 3 irons and 4 rescue; added a 4 hybrid, 56° and 60° wedges. I may have left myself with a gap somewhere around 210-220 yds but I'm getting older, not hitting driver as far as I used to so maybe the 3 wood will work in that range We'll see.
  6. As others have said this has nothing to do with walkers and riders not mixing well. This exact scenario (along with the beer) has happened to me several times over the years and I can say that what we have here with Fred and the O.P. was simply a failure to communicate. Here's what did with my "Fred.". Early on, as soon as it became apparent that the group ahead was leaving us in their dust I spoke directly to Fred and said, "Fred, my boy, we're really not having a good time playing with you because you're playing way too slow for us. If you don't mind we're going to just play to a pace that's comfortable for us. You paid your money so you certainly have a right to play at a pace that's comfortable for you, so we're just going to move on ahead. OK?" Then the other guy I was with, who was fuming, and I picked up and we moved directly onto the next tee and teed off immediately which created instant space between us and Fred and that was that. We left Fred in our wake and never saw him again. Problem solved.
  7. I don't know who Charlie Rymer is but his quote sounds like something an effete snob (to coin an old, old phrase) would say, someone who has spent his entire life at a country club and never tried to play at a public golf course.A dope. I realize he's talking about "private golf", but he's still a dope because even at private clubs there are regular foursomes who have played together for years and so for the new member who's not part of a regular group struggling to squeeze in 9 holes after work, what's he supposed to do?
  8. I have an M3 and have just today tested the SIM, the Callaway Mavrik and a Ping G410 (as well as the M6 last year) in a Golf Galaxy hitting bay. As I said about the M6 last year, getting an extra 5 yards isn't worth $500, at least to me. I got pretty much the same results with all of them...both distance and dispersion. (I get less spin with the M3 for some reason, maybe because I have the weights adjusted just right.) YMMV
  9. The third shot on a par 5 after two good shots that leave me with anywhere from 20 to 50 yards from the hole. All that's left is to get pitch shot up close for a chance for a birdie and then I either: Hit a chunk that goes into the pond or a trap guarding the front of the green or..... Over or under cook the pitch shot leaving me with a longish approach putt. Either one of these drives me insane.
  10. Never mind. I answered my own question. The answer is NO because the tip diameters are different. Tour Burner/Diamana - .350" M2/Fujukura - .335"
  11. Here’s a question for the shaft experts & club techies out there. I’m thinking of replacing my TM Tour Burner driver with an M2 – 2016 version, 9 ½°. The M2’s I’ve seen seem to have the Fujikura shaft which I’m guessing was one of stock shafts offered at the time the club was new. My current driver, an 11, soon to be 12 year old TM Tour Burner, has the Diamana shaft epoxied into the hosel. I don’t know if that’s the “high-end” Diamana or not. Both shafts are stiff flex. My question is, would it make sense to remove the Diamana from my current driver, put a new tip on and then replace the Fuji shaft? I was told by my club fitter that the frequency of the Diamana matches my swing speed perfectly. (Not sure what “frequency” means exactly – I thought stiff was stiff.) Was/is the Fujikara considered equivalent to the Diamana? Yes, I know I would need to compare driver performance – the M2 with the Fuji vs. the Tour Burner with the Diamana but once I put the tip on the Diamana it renders the Tour Burner driver head to the garbage so I thought I’d pose the question before moving on the M2.
  12. I’ve often had the thought if the average golfer doesn’t have the connections to get a tee time at any one of the courses on a “Best Of” list, and the list I’m thinking about at the moment is the Top 100 list just recently released by Golf Magazine, should it even be on the list? Pine Valley (#1) is the perfect example. I don’t know anyone who’s a member at Pine Valley so I doubt I’ll ever have the opportunity to play it so from my perspective Pine Valley doesn’t exist in my universe. At the other end of the spectrum are Pebble Beach and the Old Course at St. Andrews. Both are accessible to anyone who has the long range planning skills, the wherewithal to travel there and the ability to pay the green fees. They definitely belong and both are on my bucket list. Maybe I’m just imagining it, but the members of Pine Valley are probably very happy and proud that their golf course is perennially listed as the best golf course in the world but would be very, very upset if it were left off. (Or maybe they don't care either way.) But shouldn’t any golf course that is so elitist, one that makes membership so difficult and discourages non-members who are not visiting professionals from even thinking about playing there, be on anyone’s top 100? I'm only singling out Pine Valley as an example. There are many other such courses on the list. I’m all for a top 100 list of golf courses anyone can play.
  13. I’ve been fortunate to have some access to a simulator and a Trackman recently and have been looking at my numbers – mostly trying different swing techniques and feels in order to improve lag, reduce the angle of attack on the ball and just create a more efficient swing. And I’m a bit perplexed. For one thing I’ve discovered my numbers are pretty close to LPGA tour players (which oddly doesn’t make me feel all that terrible, considering I'm 70 and they're not) at least as far as clubhead and ball speed goes but it’s the attack and launch angles where I’m falling short. Frankly, I would be thrilled beyond belief if I could hit the ball like the LPGA ladies. My 7-iron has a loft of 30.5° so with a launch angle of 23.6 doesn’t that mean that I’m getting at least some lag? If so, how is it my attack angle is zero? And they get greater ball speed with a slower swing speed. So all-in-all I’m a bit puzzled by the numbers. With Trackman there are tons of numbers to look at and I’m wondering if I should focus on some others. Any Trackman experts out there?
  14. I get the Golf Channel and the show is available anytime I want "On Demand".
  15. After seeing this thread I watched several episodes on demand. The first couple, Gankas and the Mike Adams one, as Iacas said, blew through so many ideas, feels, drills and things to try that I started to get lost and a little confused as there are only a limited number of things I can think about (like maybe one?) on a single golf swing. I liked the Jorge' Parada one, the guy at Liberty National, and the idea of putting bubble wrap under your right armpit and trying to get them to pop on the downswing. So the golf drill with Como hitting with a headcover under his left armpit the bubble wrap under the right with "The Hanger" attached to his grip looked silly - so I'll definitely try that one. I'll surf through some of the other episodes as well. Thanks to the OP for the thread. I have yet to understand the purpose of the existence of Blair O'Neal on the Golf Channel, other than the obvious. I like looking at good looking women with nice bods just as much as anyone else but she's just a useless distraction. I'm glad she's not on this particular show. (She's probably pouting because she's not.)
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