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  1. xrayvizhen

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    A furious debate has recently arisen among members of my league regarding the stroke & distance rule replacement for next year, specifically the part relating to lost balls, and even more specifically, balls lost in the rough. The argument has been, if a ball is underwater in a lake, or in any other hazard (red or yellow stakes) it’s a one stroke penalty but if it has just disappeared in the rough and hasn’t been stumbled over, it’s two strokes? This is the part that’s meeting with strong resistance. As one long-time member said, “the original ball is equally unplayable so why then should there be unequal penalties?” There's a certain logic to that argument. We also have some “native grass areas” that the golf club doesn’t want people traipsing through and so those are considered hazards, so it’s a one stroke penalty for balls hit there but balls just off the fairway that can’t be located incur a worse penalty? That’s a hard thing to explain and satisfactorily justify. At this time, I’m not certain how this is all going to shake out. There is one group who wants to make their own set of "local rules" and then there are some of us who post scores for handicapping purposes and want them to be legit.
  2. xrayvizhen

    Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    I used to have an "official" handicap, GHIN card and everything, but at some point, maybe within the last couple of years, I actually looked up the formula for calculating it. Once I saw how it was done, I said to myself, "that's it? I can do that myself", and so I do using an excel spreadsheet, saving 40 bucks in the process. To me, the only reason for having a GHIN handicap card is if you're playing someone you don't know for money and I don't play with people I don't know for money. I do play in a league for money but for that the handicaps are calculated by the golf club using a formula that differs from the official formula in that it gives more weight to the more recent league rounds on some sort of a sliding scale, so it's different than my "real" handicap. The one listed in my profile is the correct handicap and relatively current. If it goes up or down by a couple of 10ths I don't bother changing it. Maybe by the end of the current season I'll update it.
  3. As a guy who had a very bad back a few years ago (herniated disk) which eliminated golf for me for an entire season, I do have a great deal of sympathy for others with bad backs, but these days whenever I see someone using the golf picker-upper suction cup thing that goes on the end of the grip, I basically think to myself all sorts of vile things I'd like to say to that person like, "eat a salad once in awhile" or "how %*C#ing lazy are you, you fat slob"! But being a decent sort, I keep those thoughts to myself. I mean, if your back is really that bad, how can you play golf? That being said, when I was in college I had an extremely flat blade type putter that looked sort of like a 0-iron, if there was such a thing, that I became very adept at using to pluck the ball out of the cup using a sort of a twisting, scooping motion. When done correctly it would pop the ball up about 2-3 feet above the hole and I could reach down and catch it. Quite impressive when you saw it, actually.
  4. xrayvizhen

    Power Package Device Mini-Review

    I I haven't posted any new vids because my full swing looks almost the same now as it did then. The fact that I can now do up to 3/4 swings without flipping is where the improvement has been. I'll take the advice and hold off on more aids and try to concentrate on keeping my left side from what I call "collapsing". Getting my arms to just move faster, which is what I may be misinterpreting when I've been told to "use the arms more", by itself hasn't really worked, I'm also in a league and with my faulty old swing am in 1st place at the moment so I can't afford to take a step back in order to move 2 steps forward right now. After we're done at the end of September, I'll vigorously try to make changes. But one thing I've been wondering... is my lower body ahead because my arms are too slow or are my arms too slow because my legs race out ahead?
  5. xrayvizhen

    Power Package Device Mini-Review

    Funny you should mention The Hanger. I recently looked at that too and went for the Power Package instead. (I mean, how many of these things can a person buy?) When I looked at it, I actually took a wire coat hanger and swung a club with it and sort of, I think, got the idea of what it does. I understand what the impact position is supposed to be, but somewhere between the start of my downswing and the point halfway down my wrists start to unload. Consciously trying to delay them doesn't really work. I took a few lessons over the winter too. I'm fine on chips, pitches and even half - 3/4 swings. It only happens on full swings and only with my irons. It's a puzzle. I may take a closer look at the The Hanger again. Thanks for reminding me about it.
  6. I wasn't exactly sure where this should go but since I suppose a training aid is "Gear", here it is; my mini-review of the PowerPackage Device. I'm not usually one to buy training aids or other gizmos. I did buy a Medicus 5-Iron about 15-18 years ago and have found it to be fairly helpful from time to time when my swing really gets out of whack. I also have an Impact Snap device that someone loaned me. That's OK too, but it's not anything you can use while hitting balls. Maybe I've always done it and never realized it but I only recently discovered by watching a video of my swing that I was casting from the top - unhinging my wrists too early, not enough lag....it's a fault that goes under a number of names. In any case I've been working diligently at trying to correct it with minor success. That being said I was intrigued enough by the website videos and an endorsement from the Paulson's on PGA Satellite Radio (yes, I know those guys will endorse anything) that I ordered the Power Package and used it today for the first time. After 5 minutes, I realized it's not for me. For those who haven't seen it (click on the above link), the device clamps onto the grip so you can use it to hit balls with your own clubs which is what intrigued me the most about it. As you swing the club back your arms are supposed to fall into two semi-circular cups or guides that extend out from the clamp at the proper angles. I started with an 8-iron, as recommended, and immediately realized that getting my hands and arms set into the correct position at the top of the back-swing and into my follow through is not my problem and that's what this thing is designed to correct. Evidently there are a lot of people who don't set their hands and arms correctly and that's who this may help the most. The main problem with the unit as I see it is that while your arms, if properly swung and set, fall nicely into the cups/guides though the backswing and then into the downswing, as you approach the impact zone your arms are released from the cups. There is no feel provided for the proper impact position so it really doesn't do anything to teach you how to delay the release and promote lag which is what I was looking to do. Once you follow through properly, your arms and the guide cups will reunite, but by then, the ball is well on it's way to wherever it's going. They do have a 30 day return policy and so I will be sending it back. If anyone knows of a training aid that will help an early unhinging of the wrists / not enough lag / not enough compression on the ball - whatever you want to call it, let me know!
  7. Here's my complete review of the northern and central NJ ranges that I'm most familiar with. I have recently discovered and become a fan of the Neshanic Valley Learning Center. It's on the property of the golf course but set well away from it with a Callaway Performance Center and a separate parking lot as part of the complex. It has a very nice and very large grass hitting area and separate greens and traps for short game practice. When super wet, like has happened recently, they protect the grass driving range area by not allowing anyone on it, making you hit from the strip of mats they also have and so the grass area is usually in pretty good condition. They have daily passes with unlimited balls and season passes or you can just buy a bucket from the dispenser. Black Bear GC, in Sussex County, NJ has a couple of different kinds of monthly & season range plans that allow you an unlimited number of balls with access to their grass hitting area that's maintained in golf course condition. It's set on the opposite end of the regular range with the mats. You need to buy a plan to hit from that area (it also has traps and target greens for chipping and pitching), otherwise you can use the regular range that is only good for a quick warm-up before playing a round on the course. Randolph, NJ is probably the only small town on the face of the earth with two driving ranges. Both are crap. The Mt. Freedom Range has mostly mats but it does have a very small grass area that's infested with weeds and is hardly mowed. It's only good if you want to learn to hit out of crappy lies. The other one, The Clubhouse Golf Center is just mats. Finally, Newton Driving Range used to have a pristine grass hitting area but might have come under new ownership because it's becoming decrepit, or at least just not being kept up as nicely as it used to. I don't think the bucket of water used for wiping down the heads of your irons has ever been poured out and refilled with clean water. God knows what's growing in that thing. I am not going to drive hours just to go to a range so I don't know anything about any of the places that the northeast.golf site listed but if a driving range doesn't have good quality fairway grass, to me it's not worth going to.
  8. The answer to your question is no, it won't that make much of a difference. The newer technology is marginally better than older clubs, no doubt about it, but with a 24 handicap you won't see the benefit of upgrading....yet. To prove it, go into a golf store with a computerized hitting area, bring your current driver and then try some of the newer equipment side by side. You'll see there won't be a significant variation between the old and the new. I did just that this past winter, comparing my current 2008 Taylor Made Burner and the newest offerings from both Taylor Made and Callaway. The result was just as I've said above. Spend your money instead on some lessons and green fees. Work on your game and once you've improved, then upgrade. Doing it in reverse won't be as effective.
  9. xrayvizhen

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Regarding Tiger, I was in the "he'll never win another major" camp but now I think, at some point he will. He's getting better. His putting and iron play is sharper and if he'll only get his driver a bit more dependable, he'll definitely win another major or two. Getting to 18, well, we'll just have to see about that. First though, he needs to win...something. The Bum&*@$ Iowa Open would be just fine for now. He also needs to realize he's not 30 years old and doesn't have to prove anything to anyone by trying to hit 350 yard drives. He'll only hurt himself again if he does that. He needs to be like a pitcher who used to win by striking people out but in getting older has to re-learn how to pitch by throwing off-speed and sliders to spots. Similarly, he needs to become more "elegant" in his golf, which he's perfectly capable of doing. He's not a dumbell. He'll figure it out. Regarding Molinari, I've always admired his swing. To my eye, technically perfect and something to emulate.
  10. xrayvizhen

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    I loved Shell's Wonderful World of Golf. $2,000 for the winner, $1,000 to the loser. (Those were the days.) I have the Hogan vs Snead video and watch it at least once a year. If Tiger/Phil are producing a new similar series, I don't see how the "winner take all" part is going to fly.
  11. xrayvizhen

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    If it was Pay per View would anyone watch it? I sure wouldn't. And now that iacas isaid it's a promo for some future business? Screw 'em.
  12. xrayvizhen

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    Yep - I was skimming through all the responses, thinking the exact same thing, seeing if anyone else had the same idea. As others have also said, this is 10 years too late and right now, just a made for TV moneymaker for both of them. I think the winner take all part is B.S. Put up your own money guys and have at it. That being said, I'll probably watch. Then again, I watched Geraldo opening up Al Capone's safe. Somehow this all feels the same.
  13. When looking for clubs several months ago I compared 6-irons side by side in a hitting bay; PXG 0311XF vs Callaway Rogue X vs Taylor Made M4 vs what I had at the time - Callaway X-14 which were 17 years old. (I also tested some Mizunos at another time.) The result? No significant difference either in distance or shot dispersion between any of them, including the 17 year old clubs. The point being, when I hit the shot in the center of the face it went straighter and farther than when I didn't regardless of which club I used. Just my opinion but I think PXG has a marketing plan designed to go after the folks who just think that in golf you get what you pay for which as we all know, isn't really the case. But again, that's just my opinion. So in the end, I went a completely different route. I went for a fitting and let myself get sold on Wishon, which along with Muira, are what he sold. They're fine.
  14. xrayvizhen

    Section 3-5 of the USGA Handicap Manual

    Ahh, the joys of country club golf. A bunch of 75 year-olds who feel entitled and at the same time have their head stuck in the sand as to what's going on, from a financial standpoint, with their club. I agree with both of the above posts. You have 20 people signing up, 8 of them being women. I would tell those 2-3 crotchety old farts to buzz off. Play by the rules, meaning play from the same tees as all the other men, or accept the handicap adjustment playing from the senior tees or don't play. It should be pretty cut and dry. I'm assuming that the women play from the ladies tees and their handicaps are adjusted as well? Yes, someone is going to have to have some guts, and obviously you don't want to lose members, but maybe it's these kind of guys who are giving your club a reputation in your community that is chasing potential new members away. Addition by subtraction.
  15. xrayvizhen

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    Inconsistency On any given day I can and have shot anywhere from 74 to 104, sometimes within a week of each other. It doesn't help that I don't like to practice. I like to play, but hitting a even a medium size bucket of balls on a driving range bores me. So, I guess I'm doomed.

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