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  1. I was there yesterday and answered my own question as well. Ballyowen's gold tees are one step below the championship (black) tees. Our league plays from the blues when we're there so yes, the white tees would be considered senior tees, but only at that course because the senior tees at the other four golf courses, which were there last year as I recall, have been removed. The end result of all this is what I said on my first post. We are trying to attract a younger membership so we will leave things as they are. If the old guys don't want to play a certain course because it's too long for them they can stay home that week. Problem solved.
  2. Only one of the golf courses that's part of the resort, Ballyowen, shows the index and slope numbers for the gold tees. Our league has not played all the golf courses yet this season so when when we play there I will need to actually verify if the gold tees are still there. I know they were there last year but for all I know, maybe they were removed for some reason.
  3. Yes - the five that are part of the Crystal Springs resort.
  4. I generally don't respond to anyone who uses the expression "I'm gaming a set of_____" but the general tenor of the questions are, as you said, kind of... well I don't want to use the word "dumb" but they really don't make much sense . If you want a new driver, buy a new driver. If you want new irons, buy new irons. What difference does it make? Depending on the manufacturer, whatever you buy will be superseded by something newer and shinier next year. TaylorMade comes out with something new every year while Titleist does so much more infrequently. The others are in the middle somewhere, depending on each's sales volume and/or marketing plan. This year with what is probably a huge supply combined with what up until now has been a very low demand, the sales from everyone will probably be extensive. Maybe the pent up demand will reduce the supply now that things are loosening up a bit but the manufacturers will have to figure that out for themselves individually and who knows what the virus will decide to do in the fall and winter. We could all be back in the same boat we've been in up until now. As for fitting? Depends who's doing it and when but most amateur's swings change throughout a season. None of us are pros with thousands of hours spent grooving swings. Amateurs stand a little closer or a little farther from the ball, changing the lie angle. We tinker with our swings, sometimes a lot. Swing speeds change too. In the early spring...slower while later in the season they speed up. If you're on the cusp with a driver (ie: 95). You might need a stiff shaft later in the season because you're at 96 or 97 but in the early spring you might be at 93-94 which would indicate a regular shaft. Get what I'm saying? Personally, I bought my new set of irons, in February after testing extensively many different brands & models throughout the fall. My old irons were just a couple of years old but I wasn't liking the trajectory I was getting from them so that was my main reason for buying something new. YMMV.
  5. I had the TM bubble 3W & Driver. They've been the old club barrel in my basement for the last 10 or 15 years. I can guarantee you will get more yardage and be more accurate with anything, from any manufacturer, that's more current. With those clubs there was no forgiveness at all on off center hits and if the bubble in the shaft provided any kind of kick at all it was undetectable. I finally found someone who thought they were "valuable" and gave me some money for them.
  6. I checked both. We play five different golf courses in more or less of a rotation. Of the five only one has gold tees listed in the USGA rating database, yet all five of them have gold tees. I'll take a look at that Appendix you referenced but my inclination is to declare "White Tees Only." We don't want to turn the league into one for geriatrics and we don't want to chase the younger players away either.
  7. I'm sure this topic must have been discussed somewhere but I couldn't find specifically what I was looking for when I did a search. How does one go about handicapping those who play from senior tees? The USGA doesn't list Index and Slope numbers for Senior (or Gold) tees on its website. I'm in a league and a couple of old guys have requested they be allowed to play from the gold tees. What's used to handicap them? Use the Red Tee Index/Slope numbers? Make them play from the Red instead of the Gold tees? Deny their request and make them play from the Whites which is what everyone else plays from? We do the handicapping ourselves using a slightly different method than the USGA/GHIN/WHS although we still calculate differentials using the standard formula. But what numbers would we use for the slope and index?
  8. When I was learning to play (a long time ago) there was no such thing as bounce and degrees on wedges. Well, there was, but no one knew what they were. All it said on the club was "PW" and "SW" and that was it. For the first few years I played, starting when I was 14, I used a half set - 3, 5, 7, 9,Driver, 3W, putter. The 9 iron served as my PW & SW and that was enough to get me shooting into the mid 80's. I learned to manipulate the 9 iron by opening/closing the face to get different lofts and yes, I could get out of the sand with it without a problem. Eventually I added a PW and a SW and it wasn't until I got to high school and made it onto the golf team that my Dad bought me a full set. But still, that set only went up to PW. The sand wedge I bought separately. Again no bounce/loft. It just had "SW" on it. I'm firmly convinced the club manufacturers want everyone to have a collection of many different wedges with different lofts and bounces so that on any given day and depending on the conditions you will be playing in you can grab the two out of your collection you would think you might need. After all, why sell a person one club when you can sell him 5 or 6? The point I'm trying to make is if you're shooting in the 110's you have a long way to go before you would need to get into the intricacies of all the wedges. Learn to play first. Worry about the wedges later.
  9. So far, I hate that there are commercials after EVERY shot. I like that I'm watching4 dudes in shorts and carrying their own bags, who are very good golfers. They all look pretty rusty though.
  10. Interesting thread. I came across it a little late (actually, a lot late, like a year). This discussion always comes up with my wife and I. She's not a golfer, just a very social person with lots of what she calls friends, while I say they are really just acquaintances. I'm just the opposite. I have a few very close friends, none of whom play golf. As a result I normally sign up at my local golf course as a single, play with whomever fate decrees, and have never become "friends" with any of them. My wife is always flabbergasted about this. She asks, "why can't you make any friends?" I've been thinking that maybe this is just a man / woman thing? I also joined a mid-week golf league and enjoy playing with some of the guys but there are others who I avoid playing with at all costs. They either play too slow or too fast, are too talky, too quiet, or just suck. I don't mind at all playing as a single either, so I'm content but my wife thinks there's something wrong with me. She's probably right.
  11. I say keep the rakes and anyone who doesn't rake after their massive explosion shot that deposits a child's sandbox worth onto the green should be shot! 😀 Seriously, I've read that bunker maintenance itself, due to golf course staff reductions, has been reduced drastically throughout the country and many bunkers are seriously lacking sand as it is, leaving concrete like conditions in many of them. If the staff isn't going to rake in the morning and the golfer isn't going to rake after a shot when will it ever get done? In our league, prior to this year, if a ball ended up in a divot or footprint or if the trap was barren of sand, we were allowing players to lift, rake and replace before attempting their shot. I don't know what's going to happen next week when we start the new season.
  12. Sitting around with relatively nothing to do I've been watching a number of videos of Shell's Wonderful World of Golf. I used to love watching this show when I was a kid, actually bought the VHS tape of Hogan vs Snead when it became available and have been pleased to see many of them now available on YouTube. I just watched a 23 year-old Jack Nicklaus beat a 50-something year old Sam Snead by one shot at Pebble and was really interested to note that the course conditions as shown on the somewhat grainy film reveals that Pebble Beach in 1963 looked pretty much like any other muni - bald spots on many of the fairways, especially on well traveled pathways, weeds here and there on the fairways, beach sand in poorly trimmed bunkers and fairly rough and grainy greens. Compared to the absolutely pristine conditions I played on just a few years ago when I was out there it was rather startling and actually somewhat pleasing to note that despite the roughness of the course, these guys didn't seem to mind much and took it all in stride like this was normal. I wonder how difficult it would have been and how much it would have cost to play Pebble Beach in 1963? Neither Snead nor Nicklaus played terrifically, each shooting just around par for the round. Maybe the fact that from what I've read about the show they didn't have very many cameras covering the matches and rounds during the series took one to two full days to complete because the cameras had to be moved from hole to hole taking time to set up and relocate after each was completed. Made it kind of hard to get into a rhythm I would imagine. Anyway if you happen to be sitting around your house with nothing to do and are getting tired of watching the 2018 Wells Fargo tournament or some other boring event over and over again on the Golf Channel, the Shell shows on YouTube are much better entertainment.
  13. There's tons of competition out there. The on-line instructors all seem to have the same formula; Provide a bunch of free content on YouTube or Instagram the purpose of which is to lure you into paying for more in depth videos. IE: Scratch Golf Academy, The Lag Doctor, Rotary Swing Golf, Monte Scheinblum, Jake Hutt, et al. From what I've seen of the free content, it's kind of like performance art. If the guy puts on a good free show, has an interesting personality or an unusual slant on the game, maybe someone will bite. Personally, I'm kind of old fashioned and would prefer to pay the going rate for instruction from a hands on local teaching pro dealing with whatever malady happens to be afflicting me at any given time.
  14. I wouldn't want to dissuade you. By all means, give it a shot but I tried something similar years ago. Dug up a section of my backyard similar in size to what you have pictured. I screened the soil that was there, brought in additional top soil, mixed in sand to get better drainage, smoothed it and groomed it and even planted bentgrass seed. I also converted an old reel mower to cut what grew real low. I have an underground sprinkler system so it got plenty of water. Result? For awhile, maybe 2 months, it looked as good as a teeing area but could never really putt on it. Then the weeds quickly took over and that was that. It was a waste of time, money and a lot of effort.
  15. I think we can all reasonably conclude, without being political, our reaction here in the US could have been worse and it could have been better. Signs were emanating from Asia in early December that something bad was cooking over there. (My son was in Japan in December on business and he was telling me when he got back they were starting to freak-out about the virus then.) So POTUS could have read his reports and acted sooner. He also could have continued to ignore the warnings and not reacted until weeks later. So he did something, at least. Hindsight's 20-20. Those who are FOX & Rush Limbaugh fans think he did fine. Others, who watch MSNBC and CNN think he's a jerk. So there will be an election and we can decide for the short term who's a bum and who's not. Over the long haul, History will be the judge. Meanwhile, the golf courses are open now!!!
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