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  1. xrayvizhen

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $10M

    I loved Shell's Wonderful World of Golf. $2,000 for the winner, $1,000 to the loser. (Those were the days.) I have the Hogan vs Snead video and watch it at least once a year. If Tiger/Phil are producing a new similar series, I don't see how the "winner take all" part is going to fly.
  2. xrayvizhen

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $10M

    If it was Pay per View would anyone watch it? I sure wouldn't. And now that iacas isaid it's a promo for some future business? Screw 'em.
  3. xrayvizhen

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $10M

    Yep - I was skimming through all the responses, thinking the exact same thing, seeing if anyone else had the same idea. As others have also said, this is 10 years too late and right now, just a made for TV moneymaker for both of them. I think the winner take all part is B.S. Put up your own money guys and have at it. That being said, I'll probably watch. Then again, I watched Geraldo opening up Al Capone's safe. Somehow this all feels the same.
  4. When looking for clubs several months ago I compared 6-irons side by side in a hitting bay; PXG 0311XF vs Callaway Rogue X vs Taylor Made M4 vs what I had at the time - Callaway X-14 which were 17 years old. (I also tested some Mizunos at another time.) The result? No significant difference either in distance or shot dispersion between any of them, including the 17 year old clubs. The point being, when I hit the shot in the center of the face it went straighter and farther than when I didn't regardless of which club I used. Just my opinion but I think PXG has a marketing plan designed to go after the folks who just think that in golf you get what you pay for which as we all know, isn't really the case. But again, that's just my opinion. So in the end, I went a completely different route. I went for a fitting and let myself get sold on Wishon, which along with Muira, are what he sold. They're fine.
  5. xrayvizhen

    Section 3-5 of the USGA Handicap Manual

    Ahh, the joys of country club golf. A bunch of 75 year-olds who feel entitled and at the same time have their head stuck in the sand as to what's going on, from a financial standpoint, with their club. I agree with both of the above posts. You have 20 people signing up, 8 of them being women. I would tell those 2-3 crotchety old farts to buzz off. Play by the rules, meaning play from the same tees as all the other men, or accept the handicap adjustment playing from the senior tees or don't play. It should be pretty cut and dry. I'm assuming that the women play from the ladies tees and their handicaps are adjusted as well? Yes, someone is going to have to have some guts, and obviously you don't want to lose members, but maybe it's these kind of guys who are giving your club a reputation in your community that is chasing potential new members away. Addition by subtraction.
  6. xrayvizhen

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    Inconsistency On any given day I can and have shot anywhere from 74 to 104, sometimes within a week of each other. It doesn't help that I don't like to practice. I like to play, but hitting a even a medium size bucket of balls on a driving range bores me. So, I guess I'm doomed.
  7. Golf is such an insane game that it can give rise to all sorts of phobias (Latin for fear), not to mention the yips and other related maladies. What you describe is definitely fear based. Indoor phobias are not all that unusual and can be cured. It just takes some practice. You have a fear of possibly mishitting and the ball ricocheting off of walls or ceilings that are obviously a lot closer to you than if you were hitting outside. You unconsciously tighten your grip so much it turns a previously normal swing into something very ugly. I had a strange phobia about 10 years ago. I couldn't hit from a range, especially double-decker ones. I had the distinct feeling that I would lose my grip on the club and fling it forwards. It also manifested itself sometimes when hitting over water when the ball was right close to the water's edge or sometimes from highly elevated tees. I wasn't afraid of losing the ball, I was afraid of losing the club...launching it into the drink or off a cliff. Crazy! It got cured. I took a lesson and the pro was able to assure me, by facing me and holding onto the club while I was swinging and tugging as I was completing the follow-through, that regardless of how light I was gripping, it was strong enough to not let it go. In your instance I think it's just going take some practice until you realize that your normal swing is sound enough that you're not going to miss-hit it.
  8. If I'm channel surfing and I see Blair, I'll screech to a halt and look, depending on her outfit. The tips (golf tips)...not so much. One question though, do her skirts conform to the new LPGA dress code?
  9. xrayvizhen

    Do I need a 60 degree wedge?

    Maybe I'm just an old fart but I really don't understand the need for people carrying all these wedges. I have a 56° with a 13 bounce which I use as a sand wedge and another club that all it says on it is “PW”, which I use (can you guess?) as a pitching wedge. To my eye it looks to be about 48° but I can fan it open so it’s as much as a 60 if I want it to be. Also, by adjusting the length of my swing (50%, ¾ and full and anywhere in between) I can hit it anywhere from 120 yards down to 50 at which point the shot drifts into the pitch & chip category. So why would I need anything else? Frankly, I just don’t get it. There’s a guy in my golf league I play with frequently who’s about a 25 handicap. He carries an approach wedge, pitching wedge, gap wedge and a sand wedge and can’t hit any of ‘em worth a damn. I told him, it’s a lot easier to master two clubs than four, but he soldiers on, happy as a clam.
  10. I both ride and walk with a push cart, 50/50, had a very imposing looking staff bag for about 15 years and frankly, it was a PIA (literally). It was impossible to carry because it was just so friggen heavy, and even when placed on a push cart it was a chore. It was so big that access to the side pockets, which is where the bulky things like an extra jacket and rain pants were located, were impossible to get to when in a riding cart because the bag would get squished when placed side to side with someone else's bag. Yeah, it could carry a lot of stuff, but what good is that when you can't get to it? So I just switched to a 5 lb cart bag, a Datrek DG Lite II with 15 full length slots for clubs, an insulated cooler pocket which really works, and all the compartments face forward so are easily accessible when placed either on a golf cart or a push cart. Compared to my old bag, it's as light as a feather.
  11. xrayvizhen

    Poor Lucas Glover

    I feel for the guy. Playing pro golf is pretty stressful enough. While it sounds funny on the surface, with the wife going nuts, the Mom there defending her son, the children screaming, it's definitely not. To have this bitch waiting at home ready to literally tear into him if he doesn't play well, can't be good for anyone, especially the children. The guy won the US Open, for god's sake, so for this lady is it "what have you done for me lately"? Or maybe Glover's got other issues? Who knows. So I suspect there's probably a lot more to this than what's on the surface, all of which is none of our business.
  12. xrayvizhen

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    I was reflecting on this year's tournament and was thinking that something was missing from the audio of the broadcasts. I couldn't exactly pinpoint what it was, and then all of a sudden it hit me. I did not hear anyone from the gallery (yeah, that's right, the gallery, - I HATE the term "Patrons") yelling "Baba Booey", "You da Man" and "Dilly-Dilly". And then, I recently read a post from somewhere that there is actually a printed list of prohibited words or phrases that's handed out to the various marshals and security personnel that if heard, will get anyone ejected from the grounds! To that I say a hearty, "Hear-Hear"! So, as much as I dislike the overall prissyness and pretentiousness of the club, the total lack of bees swarming around the blooming flowers, or geese in the ponds (or geese crap on the fairways), the only bird sounds heard being artificial, and the fact that as Don Imus used to say, that the whole place has enough chemicals poured on it to have contaminated the ground water for miles around, I applaud the powers that be of Augusta National. I now think that the marshals at all golf tournaments should be weaponized and anyone shouting any of those three phrases in particular can and should be shot! As an aside, I heard Tiger Woods refer to the end location of a wayward shot when talking to an interviewer as, "the gallery". I thought the lady from CBS conducting the interview was going to have a nervous breakdown.
  13. So what exactly are they having you do in these lessons? Are they showing you the video of your bad swing and saying, "don't do that" or are there specific drills they're giving you? Just you telling us "my swing is sooo bad" isn't really accomplishing anything.
  14. I have both. I have an older pair of Truelinks ("Plus" model) and Adidas Traxion 360. The True's were comfortable for a season, but as the rubber nubs wore down, the cushioning disappeared and I can now feel every rock or pebble I step on. (They also sort of look like clown shoes.) The Adidas are pretty good and the 2nd most comfortable pair of spiked shoes I've worn. The absolutely most comfortable spiked golf shoes I've ever had are from Bite, a company that's sadly no longer in business. I still wear them occasionally, but they're falling apart from the inside out. As a sucker for a good advertising campaign, I may try the Skechers at some point. After all, Kuchar wouldn't lie, would he?
  15. I'll be interested in hearing further from you as to the solution and/or drill(s) your Golftec instructor gives you for your casting issue. Over the winter I had three Golftec lessons specifically for just that. I won't say now what the drills were, but suffice it to say I was forewarned that there would be no quick fix which has turned out to be true. I'm curious if the drills you get are similar to the ones I was given, or not.

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