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  1. I haven't been a golf store in several months. Does anyone know what the difference is between a Clicgear 4.0 vs 3.5? Are either or both in stock at Golf Galaxy or PGA Superstore?
  2. $200? No thanks. And Faldo would endorse Canada Goose turds as beneficial to golf courses if the geese could pay him.
  3. When it comes to golf shoes I want, above all else, to not have my feet hurt and I would really love it if they would last more than one season. Over the past 10-15 years I’ve worn two different styles of Footjoys, (both were unbearably painful) the original True P1’s, which have been my only spikeless shoes, Adidas Pro Traxion and my all-time favorite, Bite. Alas, Bite is no longer in business but they were, and still are, terrific - extremely well made and very, very comfortable. I still wear them every now and then and I’d buy them again if they were still around, but they’re not.
  4. Two – part question here. After carefully watching the “technician’s” at a local golf store butcher several graphite shafts, I have decided I’d like to start regripping my own clubs. First though, I would like to ask those who do their own regripping two questions: Clamp: Is the cheap rubber vise cushion that you would insert in between the jaws of a regular vice sufficient to protect the shaft or should I invest in one of the spring loaded clamps sold by Golfworks such as this one. Graphite Shafts: I know you need a hooked blade on a utility knife but what is the proper technique
  5. So measure skill level now or 15-20 weeks ago? And practice? Some do, some don't. We range in skill level from 9-hole handicaps of 3 to 20. Average is about 12. Our method produces week to week fluctuations of a a stroke when someone either blows up or has an epic round. It appears the ones who are the most inconsistent are at or near the top of the standings while the steady Eddie's are stuck in the middle of the pack. THATs the problem...or maybe that isn't a problem. I'm not certain. Which all leads back to the original question.
  6. "Realized potential"....interesting concept. I should mention, as one of the league managers, I'm going to suggest for next year we switch to the same system as the WHS, but I'm going to need to be able to reply to those who are inevitably going to complain. I'll get comments like, "I'm playing the worst golf of my life but my handicap isn't going up." So I'll need to be able to respond. I'm also wondering if there's any reason why a weekly 9-hole league shouldn't use the WHS system and if there's something better for this kind of competition?
  7. This question is not at all meant as a criticism of the current USGA/WHS handicap system. It is simply a question of what should a handicap be? Should it reflect what a person’s potential is or should it reflect the skill level of a person’s current ability and by “current” I mean not what the golfer was 20 rounds ago but what he is now. This question comes up every year at this time as my nine-hole weekly golf league approaches the end of our 20 week season, which this year calculates handicaps by averaging the rounds over par over the most recent 12 weeks played. Records are kept going
  8. I probably practice maybe an hour a week and the routine changes depending on the part of the season we're in. Early in the golf season it's probably 80% full swing, 20% short game & putting. (I HATE practicing putting, It's boring and as a result I'm a crummy putter early in the season.) As the season progresses and my swing gets more dialed in, it flip-flops 180° and I concentrate much more on the short game (100 yds. in) because that's where strokes and a round can really be saved. My summer routine is go to the range on Saturday, hit a small bucket (45 minutes) + some chipping,
  9. There are a couple of Ross courses that I've played in Florida that I've often wondered about as well. Delray Beach's muni is supposedly Ross but other than a couple of odd traps here and there (one that has a cart path right through it) It doesn't seem all that much different than any other muni I've played, complete with worn out rough in areas and crappy tee boxes. I played the Biltmore in Coral Gables many times when I was in college. That one has actually improved over the years as far as condition and they've restored several holes to what is supposedly the original design. It's wri
  10. CAUTION: Unless it's a verifiable Titleist dealer selling on Ebay, which I doubt very much, do not, I repeat, DO NOT by them there because more than likely they're fake/counterfeit. You can find legit dealers near you on the Titleist website. Golf Galaxy is a good choice and they do fittings. I have the T300 which I got from GG. I'm very happy with them although it did take some time for me to dial into the distances I was getting from them because I hit the ball so much farther with them compared to my old set of Callaway's. And by the way, the T300's are considered more of the "game imp
  11. ME: 5-I = 175 4-I = 187 4-H = 200 3-W = 230 YMMV
  12. This is probably going to sound weird and will eventually backfire on me but I attribute a good deal of my improvement over the last few months to strengthening my grip...but I concentrate on the position of just my left hand. I let the right hand mesh with the left naturally. With the left hand I concentrate on the position of the thumb seam of my glove and where it lies on the grip, just a bit to the left of the right edge of the handle. I really have not looked at or counted how many knuckles I see. Somehow this has enabled me to eliminate any miss to the right and I'm hitting the ball con
  13. Heed my warning before it’s too late! As someone with the exact same problem as you and judging from your handicap, somewhat at the same level of golfing competence as you, do not, I repeat…do NOT take any advice from anyone on this forum or anywhere on the entire internet, other than this: Find a local real live golf instructor and take a lesson, or a series of lessons. Let him or her look at your swing and determine the best method for going about solving the issue. More than likely, you’ve had your swing for a good long while and it’s become your natural swing. To change it will require l
  14. I was there yesterday and answered my own question as well. Ballyowen's gold tees are one step below the championship (black) tees. Our league plays from the blues when we're there so yes, the white tees would be considered senior tees, but only at that course because the senior tees at the other four golf courses, which were there last year as I recall, have been removed. The end result of all this is what I said on my first post. We are trying to attract a younger membership so we will leave things as they are. If the old guys don't want to play a certain course because it's too long fo
  15. Only one of the golf courses that's part of the resort, Ballyowen, shows the index and slope numbers for the gold tees. Our league has not played all the golf courses yet this season so when when we play there I will need to actually verify if the gold tees are still there. I know they were there last year but for all I know, maybe they were removed for some reason.
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