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  1. Just a couple of suggestions. If you have a preconceived notion that you might want Callaway, I would try to locate a Callaway Performance Center. They do a good job (I'm told) and usually they'll credit a portion of the fitting cost towards the cost of a new set of clubs. The other idea is go to Wishongolf.com and navigate their website to the page where you can locate a certified Wishon clubfitter in your area. They also do an extremely thorough job and again, if you buy Wishon clubs, which you don't have to do, you'll get some or all of the cost of the fitting credited towards new clubs. This is what I did for my new irons and I'm very happy with the results. While on the website you can also read through the company propaganda and decide whether or not their philosophy works for you. If you don't buy Wishon clubs you'll still get an extremely detailed report on your swing speed, its characteristics and a recommendation on the type of club and shaft you should be looking for. Keep in mind, if you go to a Wishon or Callaway clubfitter you'll be working with a guy who will be promoting their specific brands. If you go to Golftec or Club Champion you can try various heads and shafts in what could be dozens of different combinations and the whole process could be both interesting and confusing at the same time.
  2. If I had talent I wouldn't need a friggen bag, Medicus or any other damn thing.
  3. Well, yeah, you can make all kinds of swings and hit it but I just find it helps me to have a firm left arm & wrist and keeps the wrists from releasing too soon, which is my main swing fault.
  4. Over the past year and a half I've evaluated the Impact Snap, B-1 Blue Strike, the Medicus, an impact bag and the Power Package. None of these are really "new" though. With the exception of the Medicus and the impact bag all were returned because they're useless. The Impact Snap has the right idea but because it's not a golf club you don't get an accurate feel for what it's like to actually swing one. The Power Package is just a piece of plastic junk and the B-1 B.S just didn't work mechanically - the slider thing on the shaft which is supposed to provide an audible click at impact remained stuck in its start position no matter what kind of swing I made. On the other hand an impact bag is simple, cheap and essentially accomplishes the same thing as the other gizmos...getting hands, wrists & arms into the correct impact position.. Further, I find the Medicus helps me get my backswing back to relatively normal if things get really out of whack. This is just my opinion and as they say, YMMV.
  5. I think 100 swings a day is a Hank Haney mantra...not positive about that but in any case one thing I always wondered about (I don't do it) is, is it 100 swings hitting a ball? (In other words, a bucket of balls at the range.) If it is, I get it, if it isn't, if it's just 100 swings, I would think it would need to be 100 good swings and without a ball how do you know if they are or they aren't? Without some kind of feedback how do you know if you're not just ingraining into your muscle memory some God awful fault? Just wonderin'
  6. My irons are relatively new but my driver & 3W are from 2008. Every couple of years I take my driver to a store with a hitting bay and shot tracker and hit balls with my club as well as a couple of new clubs. (Epic Flash & TM M-6 were the latest compared). If I had seen a significant difference I would have bought something new. I didn't.
  7. Tipping a ranger? For doing what??? Ridiculous. They're employees of the golf management company that runs the course. They get paid minimum wage and allowed a certain number of free rounds per week. They're not "waiting" on me like at a restaurant. And yeah, I agree with the above post that tipping in general is getting nuts. Other than at national chains like McD's or B.K., there's tipping jars at every place that serves food. Maybe, if I'm in a good mood or the cash register person doesn't have a miserable personality I'll leave some coins from the change that was made. There is a great burger/hot dog joint in a nearby town that's lower-middle class manned by mostly local high school kids. I usually leave a tip in the jar there. I'm remembering now when I was a kid (50 years ago) trying to get onto the county golf course on a weekend, the only way to not have to wait in line 4 hours was to "smear" the starter 5 bucks, which was infuriating to me considering it only cost $7.50 to play. That was a pretty big tip paid by the adults who could afford it and the starters job was given to ex-cops or other retired county employees as pay-offs for something or other.
  8. The painter's tape is a good idea but you can also place a tee flat on the mat surface adjacent to a ball with the point of the tee right in line with the back of the ball. You can can then compare the scuff mark on the surface of the mat to the location of where the ball was after you hit it. Being able to see the scuff mark depends on the age/condition of the mat. Ideally, there will be no scuff mark before the ball (to the right, if you're right handed) and there will be one to the left. For the next shot, either move the ball to a different spot on the mat or flatten out the grain in the surface.
  9. If the OP is really from Sweden, as he claims, why is he talking yards and MPH? Shouldn't it be metric? Something about this thread seems fishy. I don't believe the swing speed either.
  10. I suspect low spin rate. The ball is "knuckling" like when a pitcher throws the ball with little or no spin it tends to float and then drop. Get to a hitting bay somewhere with a shot tracker that will measure spin and you'll see. To fix that is beyond my pay grade. See a pro.
  11. Thanks all. I decided to do nothing. Things are going pretty well right now with my game and I'm in the thick of things with my league so I'll just stay the course and will reconsider over the winter. The issue over the possible difference between driver head weights is something I hadn't considered either. So as they say, "If the wheel ain't broke...."
  12. One year / two years? The point is when you're spending $500 for a driver or a grand or two for irons, they shouldn't be obsolete so quickly. My TM driver is 11 years old. I compared it on a simulator against a Callaway Epic Flash. The distance gained by using the newer club was at the most 10 yards. Maybe for some people that's worth the cost to upgrade. Not for me though.
  13. There are 2 kinds of foam balls that I know of. There's a soft airy kind that are useless and a more solid dimpled kind that are pretty good. While there's no direct correlation between club and distance hit (my driver and 5-iron shots go about the same) if you're slicing or hooking the ball you'll know it. The Almost Golf balls are really good but you need a really large backyard.
  14. I don't see any difference in the marketing for TM, Callaway, Titleist or Ping. Every year they come out with something that makes whatever they came out with the year before obsolete. If you want the low-down on what the real deal is regarding technology as it relates to golf, you can download Tom Wishon's booklet here. Bottom line: It's not the arrows...it's the Indian. 12 Myths… | Wishon Golf (operated by Diamond Golf International Ltd) 12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game is a 32-page booklet of key excerpts from Tom Wishon's book intended as a teaser for the full...
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