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  1. I hit about 15 balls with each club, there were a number that flew just way too far that I took out of the averages. End of the day, I seemed consistently one club longer than I had been before the mechanics change at impact. The weird ones seemed 2 clubs deeper. I really want to believe delofting the club does that much for me, but maybe I'll have to get into a different machine to figure that out. A local shop has a flightscope set up indoors that might be a bit more reliable
  2. Hey all, I live quite north (Edmonton AB), and it's gotten a bit cold to be out on the range or the course. I recently made a bit of a swing change that got rid of my dreaded late flip at impact, and have hit at the range but not on the course. I felt like I was hitting it a bit further and more solidly, but wasn't sure on my club gapping (have never been 100% on this) so I went into a local indoor facility to see if I could get a good idea on what was going on. It was an aboutgolf 3Trak system, which I was told should be fairly accurate as far as indoor systems go, but I was quite surprised by my distances. They seemed a little too deep on some clubs. I went back to my flippy at impact swing a few times to get a baseline and it was bang on for my previous course distances, but I'm still skeptical. Anyone have any experience with these systems? How reliable should I consider the data I was getting back? I did remove the outliers (obvious spin misreads), from my averages, but still would be uncomfortable with these distances on the course.
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