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  1. Thanks for the help! The poor weight shift and posture seem to be it. Thanks.
  2. I was hitting poorly, then I realized I was keeping my weight forward...to the point I was having spasms in my left leg. Do you think I'm using too much lean or playing it back too much?
  3. This was a dead straight 170 yahhhd 4 iron uphill. Landed right on the crest of the hill....not sure how much rollout it woulda had. You can see how narrow my stance is and how much lean I use to play it closer to me and not toe it even on a tee.
  4. One last thing.... I had some worn MP 37's I loved and rarely bladed or topped. They barely have any bounce and are thin soled...The shafts were as stiff as the Adams irons.. This us what made me think it's the soles/grass. They were not bent upright.
  5. Ok, but fair warning it's very upright...That's probably part of it, but being tall it's either bend clubs up or extend them...The curious thing is the Speedblades are identically soled but bent up 2 degrees....and I rarely top or blade them....
  6. Well, if that's the case then I suppose I'm holding my wrist hinge and lag too long...seems to get worse when I'm tired....I'll work on it. Thanks.
  7. I've been playing for a year and a few months. My iron swing has gotten fairly reliable. I am (was) a used club ho. Recently I started hitting some Speedblades and Adams A3 irons. I love them when I hit them well, but I started topping them like mad even when moving the ball back. I've concluded that the highly cambered soles and the short southern grass don't mix well. Would it be wise to have them bent strong to bring the leading edge down?
  8. I think graphite flexes more like the original hickory shafts than steel does. Graphite enhances a smooth weight shift and release. It also dampens the sting but not all of it! I also like the extra length. It makes the club in practice more upright at least as far as hand position. I have stiff graphite, and it still flexes smoothly.
  9. I haven't been fitted...reckon it's time. No lessons either. Hit a wall here....The main thing bugging me is ball position and wondering what a good lie really is. I almost got rid of some good Adams irons because I couldn't hit them without extreme shaft lean off a mat...then I realized it was due to the extreme camber of the soles...time for a fitting for sure. There is an old GIANT thread on here about flat vs upright swings and fitting for them....The truth is I've extended clubs and hit great flat shots, and I've had them bent and hit great shots albeit I had to adjust ball position a
  10. Alllright. Iacas told me to post here so here we go. I am very tall and long armed. I've been playing for a year. I've gone through many sets of used clubs learning what works for me.... graphite, steel, blade, cavity back, stiff, regular, senior flex. I've watched hours and hours of YouTube instruction. So I've got some knowledge. I want to know what is best for me in regards to ball position and flex and bounce and all that. Why do Nicklaus and Norman always play the ball off the left instep, but others move it back. It seems to me you'd have to follow through with your right side
  11. I'ma call you Stella.... I am also YouTube taught....two things that really stand out to me are: 1) use low bounce/ slightly curved sole clubs on tight lies 2) allow your club's toe to raise a little depending on the flex, lie, and how hard you swing Peace
  12. Not to threadjack (my favorite cheese) but is the difference between sweeping and picking the weight shift? Nicklaus said he played every shot off his left instep and had a vertical swing. This works well off mats and low grass, but when you hit off a good bit of grass especially with a fairway wood shouldn't you play the ball back and hit more level? I feel like hitting off of mats and crappy golf course semihardpan ruins the release.
  13. Change one letter, and you get Live Under War....like mixing Talking Heads with WWE.... Personally I want FIGJAM shirts and the joy of explaining what that means to people who don't follow Phil son of Mickel. Maybe they'll think it's a new jam band made of members of Pearl Jam and Phish....if I ever get monogrammed (auto spell wrote mammogramed) balls FIGJAM is mine.
  14. The $14 mesh bags at Walmart of recycled balls are a great way to try out different types. I have a 110 SS, but due to foot surgery will be trying Wilson Zips. I just want a crisp contact and some spin off the irons. Low compression balls seem to chip and putt well.
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