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  1. What ball, and why

    The $14 mesh bags at Walmart of recycled balls are a great way to try out different types. I have a 110 SS, but due to foot surgery will be trying Wilson Zips. I just want a crisp contact and some spin off the irons. Low compression balls seem to chip and putt well.
  2. Driving Range Etiquette

    Thanks everyone for your input. I guess I should have been more clear. They were randomly yelling, drunk, hitting balls dangerously close to others (skulling ON PURPOSE and laughing about it). I shouldn't have mentioned their clothing. It's irrelevant. I am not a snob. I play thrift store clubs and bags and dress in cheap polos and khakis. I guess I came across poorly to you. The point of my post was to wonder why some people get insecure and perhaps hostile around someone who has the desire to improve himself. I used to work at big box stores, so I'm not judging by that demographic. Thanks.
  3. Driving Range Etiquette

    I have a question about handling trashy people on the range. I am by no means a good golfer, but I had a good day hitting my drivers. I get focused on my shots and don't really pay attention to people coming and going...but I became aware of the others on the range and how trashy they were acting and dressed. Normally I would ignore this, but I realized several were getting mad at me for I guess feeling showed up. Just wondering is it better to socialize with people you can't stand or ignore them and make them feel slighted. I'm not that sensitive, but I don't like angering people either. Thanks.
  4. Shorter driver question

    I've got about 8 drivers of various sizes and lengths, and even being 6'5" I am longest and most accurate with a Titleist Howitzer 43 1/2 inch driver....
  5. Heh ro....new here...feels cozy...I am wondering with some pros mixing and matching clubs if this might affect new sets.. Would you buy a set of name brand clubs if say it had graphite cavity back long irons and steel shafted muscleback short irons and forged 9 through wedges?
  6. which club is more difficult for you?

    You gotta realize that your 4 iron is like an old school 2 or 3 iron...like hitting a pinball with a moving brick wall...maybe firm your left wrist and drag it through the swing..delaying the release really until your left arm is parallel with your left thigh...

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