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  1. So, you say "Dumb solution in my opinion" since when is hitting it long and wrong a skill, not in my opinion.
  2. Every body has an opinion, yours is yours and others are theirs, doesn't mean everyone else is wrong. I respect your opinion however.
  3. Right now a set of 10 yr. old KZG Forged M-II Irons, and they are great.
  4. Like Jack said the other day, it is not the Head of the Club, but the Ball that should be rolled back. True or not ?
  5. I don't care how long who hits it, but what I do care is the complete changes that they make to pacify the few Bombers. They have changed so many great courses with what they call Tigerizing that they have lost their individuality and are just a series of 18 Driving Ranges where the "normal" hitter is out. Take last week for example, Potter was as much as 60 yrs behind DJ, who is exceptionally long I admit, but why should the average guy have to look thru Binoculars to see his partner is, ridicules!!!!! Keep the Balls and the Drivers, but make the holes, if they have to change them, tougher, put hazards in the fairways on the 310+ holes so it takes some skill for long hitter to hit the Driver, is having some skill a problem? But it will go on like this and as equipment people figure out how to go longer the players will get stronger, bigger, and science will develop them, so the rest of us are doomed to Hernias.
  6. Ah, so I am not the only one who is sick of listening to the banter of a bunch of fool announcers who can't even get it right half the time. The talking heads just have to bump their gums with inane comments constantly.
  7. Yup, we all swung hard because the Driver was a lot heavier in those days and you could go at it and retain balance and tempo. Todays Drivers are so light it is hard to swing hard and stay on balance and tempo. Todays Drivers weight around 11 oz. and a shaft at 100 is considered heavy, we also have rebound max. faces, larger heads and the clubs are longer, i know, that can be argued, but in those days the normal Driver was 43 in, a steel shaft at 130 gr. and 13 oz with a COR of 7.5, so you see the difference. So bottom line you had go after it to get the distance, and 260 was considered a long Dr. Have you ever hit a Wood Driver with steel shaft? If not you should.
  8. There is a huge difference between now and then. By then I don't mean not 25 but 40 yrs ago in the era of Arnie and Jack when it was a totally different game played with Wood and Balata. The courses were different and at times very fast without the modern watering system,. There were no personal Trainers to work with us and of course no equipment to show what specs we needed for our best game. We just ordered the clubs to what we felt were our specs and figured out how to use them. The best players had the talent to make it work. Length was always a good thing and I didn't care if I was in the rough, trees, or whatever cause I was very long and alway had a shorter shot to the Green and my up and down game was very good. Most of the Pros had club speed of around 105 to 115 and mine was a usual 110 that I could kick up to 117 if needed with a 13.5 Driver at 43.5 in. D7 with a TT Dynamic 135 gr. X tipped 1 in. to XX, It was a different time. Then metal came in, SS was in, then came Titanium which was faster and now who knows what is next. In those days I was a +4 and played a few PGA events and a couple of Majors but no desire to make it a career, but I did have the honor of playing with several of the legends and they were good, very good. Todays players are fine tuned machines made for Golf with their trainers and with equipment fitter for them like a Grand Prix Car. Speed and distance is the game and it all geared for that, truly a different game. Is it better? Us old timers think not and the young people think it is and so goes the discussion. The fact is it is different, very different. I know I would like to play one round while I am still around with todays equipment personally fitted for me,,,,, It would be very interesting.
  9. I guess this may be off topic, but what if you are the longest out there but can't Putt a lick, what good is the distance then. Just wondering.
  10. Wow, what a tense situation only to be solved by a few stitches. Funny, I was in a Golf Mart the other day and they had a bunch of straps in all colors and styles. Oh well, glad you got THE strap fixed.
  11. I am not having a pissing contest with you, but overtime I say anything you come right on and dispute it. Yes you do response and I cannot for the World you think you are the God of Golf. There are a lot of people out there who know things. Look I ido not really care what you or who you are, I came in here to try to help some people understand things, but obviously your goal is to allow that. So quit being a know it all, you too can learn. I hope you have Happy Hollidays, I am not really the A Hole you think I am.
  12. I see, and of course you are the man. And surprisingly I know how to swing a club. I managed a couple of Opens in my time, but thanks for the information. Oh, by the way, I know my Shit too.
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