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  1. AlDena

    Motion for debate

    That's easy. Since eggs are for breakfast and chicken is for dinner, eggs came first. Oh wait, I forgot about Chick-Fil-A.
  2. Do keep us informed. My friend really needs some kind of evaluation/help, but I can't convince him that 1) he needs it, and 2) it will be worth the money. Besides the 85 year old gentleman that I played with last year, who shot an 85 by the way, who doesn't want to improve their game.
  3. AlDena

    Your golf etiquette off the course

    I think etiquette off the course is what determines your etiquette on the course. A jerk off the course will be a jerk on the course.
  4. In the past, I was an idiot at repairing ball marks, but thanks to this forum, I am pretty darn good at it now. Sometimes, I can't even tell where it was.
  5. AlDena

    Go to club or shot from 125 yards. READ ORIGINAL POST!!!

    Either a full PW, struck perfectly, which is not likely to happen consistently, or a smooth 9i, which for me is easier to do.
  6. AlDena

    Thinking of Driving My Own Cart

    I know what you mean. It can be a distraction to playing well. Sometimes I get dropped off at my ball, or close to it, and let him go look for his ball by himself. Then he'll pick me up down the fairway.
  7. AlDena

    Have you ever lost a ball in the fairway?

    Almost. Just last week. The ball went under the only leaf on the fairway. After driving the cart in circles looking around, I thought of this thread, and found it under that leaf.
  8. AlDena

    How to Play Through Another Group

    This is a good point. I am one of those who thought if I was on the tee, and see a group in the fairway, and see a group on the green, there is no place for them to go. However, I will not let a group play through on the 18th...
  9. AlDena

    JB Holmes - "Undue Delay"?

    I don't have much to add, but is JB notorious for slow play, or was this a one time thing? After all, wasn't this the 18th hole, on Sunday, and that one swing potentially worth $100,000? Maybe that's why the other players didn't call him on it? It's too bad that the overall round took so long, because there WAS a lot of drama on that last hole. Normally during any round, TV coverage will just jump to another player that is ready to play, them come back to those who are slow to play. Maybe that's why I don't know who the slow players are, except for putting. I'm becoming a bone fide golf nut, thanks to the new players and this forum, so I will watch golf on TV no matter how long it take. Wasn't last season amazing?
  10. AlDena

    3 Wood Usage

    Until recently, I didn't have a 3W that I could hit worth a darn, so I stayed with my 5W or 3I. Yesterday, I tried a recently acquired used TM Burner 3W. I had a slight pull left on the shots from the fairway (10 - 15 yards), but DAY-UM, did I hit them high and far enough, about 210 to 215 yards. At 62 years old, that's almost are far as my drives. lol. However, I did hit my newly acquired Burner Driver 238 yards on 18, the only hole I tried with the new driver. I guess finding the right club makes all the difference.
  11. AlDena

    ESPN's Max Kellermans ignorant comments

    "No games, just sports" Football, baseball, basketball. Players get paid whether they win or lose, and just for showing up. Golf, motor racing, bowling. Participants get paid based on performance. Which is the sport here?
  12. AlDena

    Tee It Forward

    "So, are we playing from the Wood or Hardhead tees today?" I always play the whites. I like when there is a short par 3 and the blue, white and red markers are all together. I always say "I'll play this from the Blues."
  13. AlDena

    6+ Hour PGA Tour Rounds

    When JB took that second shot, I said out loud "all that for nothing" as the commentator was saying the exact same thing. HAHA. That finish took so long, I actually changed the channel and did not come back. By then I truly didn't care who won any more. And I still don't, so don't tell me who won (until I get home and watch the recording).

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