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  1. Waist Height? Let me get wasted first. As for looking bad, try this: Point your toes in a little, so your knees point in. Slowly squat until your hand is at knee height. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell me that does not look silly.😊 Maybe we need a Minister of Silly Looking Ball Drops...
  2. New set in the early 80's, new set in the early 2000's, and last year. Periodic new set of grips. That's it, this is probably my last set of irons, I'm not opposed to a new driver down the line, though.
  3. And the sound of a ball hitting a tree, followed by the yell of "Got Wood?"
  4. I have a brush and white belt. Time to get more serious, Mr. Hogan.
  5. Hi Noel I've been focusing on the weight distribution since the beginning of last year. Most of my range time is about working on something specific, and I try to include this. Michelson covered those three, so I didn't missing anything. Yea!
  6. Alright, and welcome! I also recently started putting more weight left at address and it's helped a ton. Being 63, and less flexible than I used to be, this has brought back some of the distance I've lost with my irons. I saw an interview a few months ago with Phil Michelson about chipping. He said there are 5 things to remember. First, was to put 80-90% of the weight on the front foot. I thought "Wow, is that even possible?" I'd bet a flamingo could do it. After explaining the first 3 things, they went back to the booth and never came back to Phil. I wonder what 4 and 5 was?
  7. Par 5, staked-off area about 230 on the right side, for standing water. Probably a dozen geese handing around the pool of water. I say, "watch this shot, I think I can reach those birds", tee off, and it visibly splashes down right in the middle of the gaggle of geese, and a single bird jumps up in the air and then softly lands. Laughter abounds! I hit a lot of good shots that day, but that's the only one I "called".
  8. Being an average golfer, I find a good ball is durable, easy to find if I miss the fairway, looks good(dimple pattern/count), is the right size (distance balls look smaller to me, which i don't like), has a 'soft' feel, and goes on sale at Dick's, which is good if you lose a lot of them. These days, it might be easier to list the balls to avoid (like Slazanger Raw Distance).
  9. I think KA-POW and BAM also will work. As for the Hammer Putter, you only yell when you drop it on your toe.
  10. "I do declare, my ball appears to be lost." To which I replied, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."
  11. It's beer and cigars, any music will do, but I would prefer anything between Garth Brooks to Greatful Dead!
  12. That is so true. It's probably 60-40 where I just step up and hit it. I like the term self-reflect. I was calling that the post-shot routine, but that's more accurate.
  13. I would say it's my mental game. After a poor shot, whether it's a drive or a putt, I realize that I didn't prepare for the shot.
  14. In the cart, I don't need the extra weight or clutter in my pockets.
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