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  1. Thanks! The only thing I didn't do was use my hand to make sure the tape was completely soaked, because I don't do that with my irons. I kind of had that thought afterwards.
  2. Dri-Tac Winn wraps.

    I've been using Dri-Tacs Midsize for a while now, and really like them. On my older set, they didn't show wear, but did get hard and slick after about 4 years.
  3. Hi guys I've added the extension from a donor shaft, worked perfectly. However, putting the XL Superstroke grip on was not so good. Got about 1/2 way on and it just stopped. Luckily, I was able to twist and remove it without any damage. Anybody have a tip for installing this grip?
  4. Yeah, I think an extension would be cheaper than a new shaft for my Odessey putter. I'll give it a shot this weekend. Thanks.
  5. I don't know about that, I've been the same height for the last 20 years. ;)
  6. This is an interesting subject to me, as I never even looked at the specs of the clubs I bought this year. Until now.... With the TM Aeroburner Irons, the 5i is 22 degrees loft, 38.25 inch shaft, and the 4i is 19 degrees with a 38.88 shaft. I hit both them pretty well, since I have always liked a 2 iron in the past. These things launch so friggin high, my buddy is always asking what I hit, and his guess is usually 1 to 2 clubs higher, numerically speaking. I'm still not used to looking up that high on a 5i shot.
  7. Hi guys and gals I need a longer shaft/grip on my putter due to back problems making it hard to bend over for any length of time. Occasionally, I find my left (upper) hand is sometimes half-way off the end of the grip. I'm going to be installing a Super Stroke 2.0 XL, which is about 4 inches longer than the standard SS grip, but won't be pushing it fully down the shaft. I think I can add about 3 inches, which should do the trick. The grip itself is pretty firm/stiff. Do I need to extend the shaft, or will I be ok leaving several inches not in contact?
  8. Driver Shaft Length Creep

    Does anyone advocate choking down on the club, in lieu of cutting/replacing the shaft.? I routinely do that, especially later in the round when I'm tired. I would image that swing weigh is similarly affected by choking down.
  9. New driver

    A few years ago I aquired a used TM R5 that was worlds better than my old driver. I'm now playing a TM AeroBurner, 9.5 loft with a stiff shaft, i got at Dicks for $179. Super easy to hit, and straight too.
  10. I only were a glove on the first date. Otherwise, no glove and Winn Dri Tac grips.
  11. AlDena

  12. Are you a brand snob?

    My last set was Mitsushiba, and my current set is TaylorMade, but price played a big part. So, I guess I'm not a brand snob, even if my TM's are better than whatever you're playing.
  13. Hole in one stories!

    My first and only happened on a downhill 145 yarder. One bounced it into the cup. One of my buddies missed it, so he didn't believe it and wanted to the first to check the cup. I was running around in circles high-fiving everyone. I had bought a new putter a few days earlier, accompanied by my wife, and this was the first round I used it. While sitting in the bar afterward, I called my wife to tell her I got a hole in one. She asked " Did you use your new putter on that hole?" Later she did realize what she said, and we had a good laugh.
  14. Whatever happened to.........?

    Are these kind of insurance policies common at the Tour level? I've never even thought about such a thing.
  15. At the end, my thought was that is the biggest divot I've ever seen!

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