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  1. I take that back. There's competition and money to be had!
  2. Exactly. There's Long Drive Championships because it puts on a good show. It's just a silly saying. Good Putting Championship? Meh...
  3. There was a guy we used to play with at company tournaments. When he arrived at the green, usually on line with his ball and the pin, would roll a ball toward the hole, to get a read on the putt. Then he would mark his ball, and pick up both as if nothing happened. He also showed us the ol' chapstick on the driver trick.
  4. Relaxed, Groucho, not comatosed 😵
  5. I do agree that a good flat area to stand is most important. I will tee it up one side or another based on trying to get a good visual alignment. The pros do this all the time. Is that why are they are doing it?
  6. Almost hit yesterday. We were exiting the green on a four par, about to get into the cart, and about 5 feet behind me a ball hits the ground and bounces into the trap. We had placed the cart directly between where we exit the green, and the path to the next tee, just so we could quickly move away. When it happened, I turned toward the group behind us, and with arms raised, yelled 'FORE' as loud as I could. I don't think they were trying to hit us, but just got impatient. Funny, but after yelling like that, I wasn't even mad. However, if they were to hit into us again on the next hole, my plan was to take the ball, put it in the urinal (bathroom was next to the green) and let them know where it was.
  7. That's why we have cart girls - to spice up the round.
  8. Vista Valencia. Last year they did something different. They turned the sprinklers on, and made everything better. In the winter, the grass doesn't grow, just like my front lawn.
  9. I have one walking distance from my house. They do a senior deal (60+, no membership) for golf, cart, and a sandwhich/drink for $24. Usually the crowd and conditions are good on a weekday. I'm home in 5 minutes.
  10. I'm 63 now, and had to change my swing a little to compensate for my ever increasing belly. When I get the shanks, for me, it's usually something related to fundamentals, like grip or stance, and my buddy can point it out if somethings really off.
  11. I wasn't sure if I should be using balls that don't bounce as high. I need to actually hit them to tell the difference.
  12. I was dropping two balls at a time, from shoulder height, on a concrete floor, and noting which one bounced higher. I did this with 5 or 6 different makes of ball. Can I tell anything about which ball will go further when hit from doing this?
  13. This is really disgusting, you can smell it as you approach. Bubblegum Alley: Gum Wall of San Luis Obispo - California Through My Lens San Luis Obispo is a beautiful place to spend a weekend, right near the central
  14. Waist Height? Let me get wasted first. As for looking bad, try this: Point your toes in a little, so your knees point in. Slowly squat until your hand is at knee height. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell me that does not look silly.😊 Maybe we need a Minister of Silly Looking Ball Drops...
  15. New set in the early 80's, new set in the early 2000's, and last year. Periodic new set of grips. That's it, this is probably my last set of irons, I'm not opposed to a new driver down the line, though.
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