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  1. AlDena

    Pace Problem

    Last Monday I experienced a very slow front 9, taking at least 2 1/2 hours. 3 riders and 1 walking, and we, a twosome, waited at every shot, except the tee, where they all teed off before we could get close enough to ask to play through. The walker wasn't very good, often hitting his drive 100-150 yards. They all played from the blues, and the walker would tee off last. The riders would take off, often leaving the walker behind to fend for himself. Finally, after a couple of holes, one of the carts would hang back, help look for a ball, etc. When they reached the green, the walker would often park his clubs on the wrong side, and after holing out, would retrieve his clubs and have to walk back across the green to get to the next tee. Did I mention the walker also moved in slow motion? Conserving energy, maybe? At the 10th, a par 5, while we're waiting to take our approach shots to the green, the walker holes out, shake hands, and heads back to the clubhouse. After that, we never came close to catching them again. Finished in 4 hours total.
  2. More than 0, less than 1. Yesterday, however, I lost 2. both on the same hole. From the tee. "Anybody see where that went?"
  3. I don't think it's that embarrassing taking a crap, especially if no one saw, BUT ANNOUNCING IT ON THE INTERNET IS. No, just drop your drawers, pinch a loaf.
  4. I've only heard this once. I was standing 10 yards in front of my partner, to the side, and he drills a 3W, and this thing just sizzles past me. I said "Wow, did you hear that!" He said, "Hear what?" Now, if I could only figure out why my TM R540 driver sparks sometimes when I tee off.
  5. Based on last Monday, it's drive for show, putt for "DOH"
  6. Just watched Stupid Robot Fighting League. Stoooopid.
  7. Having tried that recently, I found myself in the lake and sand traps that I couldn't reach from the white tees on some of the par 4's. It was a little confusing to me, but still enjoyed the round. I'll stick with the white tees for now.
  8. El Cariso, in Sylmar, CA. County owned. I've heard the name because OJ played there when he had nowhere else to play, I guess. Found it a couple of years ago. Turned out to be a nice course, will all the water they want, even during the drought.
  9. The same goes for musicians...
  10. Tongue in cheek suggestion, so you don't get your manhood questioned by the hecklers on the driving range. Everybody knows everybody else around here.
  11. Yes, even standing behind can get dicey. Tee it up, whiff it, and then catch it on the return swing.
  12. There is an oak tree behind a par 3 at my local track that had a hole where a branch had broken off. Local animals were nesting in there. The course put up a wire mesh over the hole, and one day there was a squirrel stuck by it's front teeth in the wire. Ghoulish...
  13. Last week I had a couple of greens with cup lump. I don't know what's worse, that, or goose poop. As for the tees, finding a level stance is first, followed by using a marker to help alignment.
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