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  1. I figured we would be on the cheaper-end in Arkansas. Typical semi-private/public fees in the Little Rock area are between $30-$40, including cart. There aren't many options for walking in my area. My typical semi-private country club type courses are very spread out and don't even give you the option to play without paying for a cart. That's probably an Arkansas/southern thing. We've got lots of space and lots of larger people.
  2. It says in the FAQ that you can change a driver once per year. So you're spending $360/year for a new driver, but if you damage it they charge you full retail. That's like $500+ for the newest Callaway. Wouldn't make sense for me.
  3. It hasn't rained in central Arkansas now for about a week. I played yesterday and didn't have to de-mud a single club. It felt strange.
  4. I played probably my best 8-hole stretch yesterday from 1-8. I shot at straight bogey (2 pars, 2 doubles, 4 singles), which is pretty good for a guy like me who typically shoots over 100. My woods/hybrids fell apart over the next 7 holes and I pretty well doubled or tripled all of them. At that point my score was wrecked, so I lost some tension and proceeded to hit my best three drives of the day on 16/17/18. Played the three holes at 1 over. Golf is hard.
  5. 107 Today. Shot a 49 on the front 9, which is usually the tougher half of the course. It has a lot of water and I usually lose a couple of balls, but today I tee'd off on 10 with the same ball I started with on 1. The greens were really, really wet this morning, and my putting was atrocious on the front. Shot a 58 on the back, which is usually easier. I made the mistake of bragging to my buddies that I hadn't lost a ball yet, after 10, and proceeded to lose 2 on 11. No bueno. I calmed down and shot ok-ish through most of the back 9, but gave up 9 strokes on 17/18. Not my best close-out. I'm not as far along as I'd like to be, but I'm having fun.
  6. Most range markers around here can't be trusted. Part of that is how much they have to move the ropes, if it's a turf range, and part of it is 150 yards from one point isn't 150 yards from another. The practice facility I typically use posts the 'current' yardages, but I still find them pretty well off. I just take a rangefinder and shoot the distances myself.
  7. Tiger has already made a couple of ridiculous puts. This could be really fun.
  8. I'm the opposite right now. My irons were great for a year, and I couldn't hit a driver or 3w to save my life. In the last month my Driver is now the best club in my bag, and I've somehow lost the mojo to consistently hit even a 9 iron, let alone a 4 or 5. Good luck!
  9. I sell building materials and tools. We focus on DOT and larger commercial/institutional contractors. We mostly work with concrete contractors, but also deal with GC's, dirtwork guys, and everything else going up the building. My job is actually one of the things that got me into golf. I got tired of seeing my bosses and the other reps going on company-expensed golf outings. We also put on a big customer appreciation scramble every fall.
  10. Welcome! I lived down in the NOLA metro (Metairie) for several years. My wife is from Plaquemines Parish. We never ventured much toward your area, except when a friend got married down in Franklin.
  11. Yeah. The casting/chicken wing is actually a newer development. I’ll give the drill a try- it sounds straight forward enough. Thanks for the thoughts. I am probably back too much. It’s probably an over correction. Before my first lesson with my new guy, I was so far away from the ball that I couldn’t reach to take a divot and was losing balance in my follow through. Do you think I need to move further from the ball, or should I just focus on loving the weight a little more balanced or more on the balls of my feet? Still working in the lower body stuff. Weight shift is a problem. I was getting a lot of rotation, but I was hanging back really bad. I guess I’m still working on getting those feels ironed out. Thanks for taking a look.
  12. I've been Playing Golf for: A couple of months My current handicap index or average score is: 100+ Haven't played enough to establish yet. My typical ball flight is: straight fade. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: slice and thin Videos: These definitely aren't my 'best' swings, but I'm pretty inconsistent at this point, so they are pretty representative. I've been working with a pro on stopping my sway and getting proper weight transfer and hip turn. I've bought LSW, and I know that my head moves too much, but it does move less than it did. I'm also pretty sure my swing plane is all jacked up, I'm planning on moving to that topic with my Pro over our next few lessons.
  13. Because if I struggle to hit a 6000sf stationary green, I should do fine hitting a 24" moving robot, amirite?
  14. That’s a helluva day. Congrats!
  15. Thanks, everyone. It truly seems like all I can think about anymore is golf. I really think I might be in trouble.
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