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  1. OB1

    Flying elbow

    Good post I agree it sounds cheesy but my new motto is learn to use the force. You need basic fundamentals especially if your a new golfer but past that for me the big improvement comes from improving the quality of your movement or how you use the swinging force of the club. We all have experienced it, you ever stand in your front yard swinging the club back and forth repeatedly without stopping and experienced a feeling of a good coil and a good athletic change of direction while you where still coiling? that is what I call using the force once you can imbrace that feel on even a chip shot your game will improve exponentially. May the swinging force be with you
  2. OB1

    Tumble in the Golf Swing

    Tumble, power accumulator #3, beta torque it’s all the same it’s nothing new it’s just an explanation of the torque you employ to square the clubface. In a golf swing the swinging should be emphasized you swing the cog of the clubhead and at some point you need to rotate the club to get the face to hit the ball square.
  3. Here’s a couple pics of me after work today so even old inflexible guys can create lag.
  4. Yeah this kid is great. He does the important move of starting the swing with the left hip while the right side is quiet. This torques the coil or X factor and he has no attempt to hit with upper body/torso and shoulders thus his shoulders stay turned while his arms drop just like sergio and hogan. Then he just continues to turn by straightening his lead leg which causes his left shoulder and left hip to reverse directions thus snapping the towel of lag at the ball. I love thid swing because this kid is not strong he just has a great movement and probably hits it a ton looks about 12-13 years old. Really cool Try swinging the club barely holding on with just your fingertips, you won’t have enough grip pressure to apply leverage you’ll only be able to swing it using your pivot and arms. You should get massive lag. Then slowly increase your grip contact
  5. OB1

    Flying elbow

    This is pretty much what all teaching is based on. The idea that changes in your alignments will make you a better player. If a player comes in with either too strong or two weak a grip or a flying right elbow or a flat swing or an upright swing, the average teacher wants too change it. I too believe there is certain things you can do to change your swing. But I more importantly believe that a proper transition fixes a lot of little details. I think most people would agree that tiger, jack, Sam Snead, Ben hogan, lee Trevino, and nick faldo are some of the best ball strikers and best winners of all time. But Trevino had a really strong grip and hogan had a really weak one. So any where in between will work. Hogan had a really tucked elbow and jack had a flying elbow. So anywhere in between will work. Sam Snead had a pretty upright swing as did jack and tiger but hogan and Trevino both much flatter. So anywhere inbetween will work. All these players do have one thing in common and that is a similar lower bodie transition
  6. OB1

    Re-Chroming Irons

    WOW didn’t know that I actually work for a wastewater agency and we spend a lot for money on enforcement sampling sewers outside business to track down problems, so please don’t dump in the sewers not only are you causing problems to the environment over time you’ll increase your sewage fees
  7. OB1

    Re-Chroming Irons

    I’ve redone a few sets I send them to Jim Kronus at the iron factory he does a great job and he does a hard chrome that is much more durable than the stock chrome most clubs come with these days. Below is a pic of a set of mizuno I got done
  8. I will say most of the best iron players weren’t equally good drivers and vice versa, at least the good short iron players. My opinion is that with short irons a takeaway with an early set seems to work pretty good and I see players that are really good at that like a Jose Maria ollazabal. But most of the best Long iron and driver players have more of a one piece takeaway like a Greg Norman or Jack Nicklaus but I don’t think it makes for as sharp of a short iron player?,

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