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  1. Up for sale is a like new pair of FootJoy Hyperflex golf shoes with boa lacing technology. Condition: 9 out of 10 (used for three rounds) see the photos for details. Reason for selling: I need a size 9.5 wide. These are the best golf shoes I have ever worne. I just love them. So once I sell I will be getting the exact same pair just in wide. Size: 9.5 M Color: Orange and Gray Cost: $80 includes shipping in the US. If you have questions just let me know.
  2. Performance somewhat older drivers

    I just switched back to my old R5 over the last year's Rocketballz driver. Sometimes old is good.
  3. Price Includes Shipping. For Sale: Barley Used (9 rounds) TaylorMade Rocketballz Tour TP Driver - CONDITION: 9/10 9* loft but you can adjust up to 10.5* or down to 7.5* - Wrench Included HD6 Matrix Ozik X Shaft Taylor Made Grip - Like New $149 (includes shipping, headcover and wrench)
  4. My swing (kbsmith)

    I think you have really good rhythm and balance and I don't want to mess that up. But some things to fix at set up are your feet are too far apart, which causes you to sway quite a bit in your swing. The second is that your legs seem a bit too flexed - try straightening up a bit more, which could allow you to not forward press so much. But overall a very good swing and if it works for you then just keep doing your thing while making minor tweaks here and there.
  5. Feedback on new clubs

    If you won't forgiveness then I would forget about the R9's - not a forgiving club IMO. I don't know enough about the others to give my opinion
  6. Anyone ever meet women on the golf course?

    Ding ding ding... we have a winner.
  7. Tigers amateur/rookie swing

    That is a really good swing. I mean, it is really sound.
  8. PGA Pro Am

    The swag really is insane. It is better than Christmas. The golf ain't bad either :)
  9. PGA Pro Am

    I played in a pro am two years ago. The ginn sur mer classic in Florida. It was a fall PGA tour event but it was still nice. Our group got an early lottery pick and we played with Lee Janzen. He was kind of a knob though. The cost was $5000 a person but it was free for me as I was an invited guest of a sponsor. The whole thing was first class. When you checked in they took you to a room filled with Vokey wedges and Scotty Cameron putters and told you to pick out one of each. I was blown away and felt like a kid in a candy store. We finished second at 18 under. The winners were at 19 under. For second place I took home a very nice crystal trophy. And I did my fair share of scoring that day so I felt pretty good about my contribution.
  10. Question for low handicappers / scratch players

    For me I play pro v1 when I can afford them. When I cant I play top flight gamers v2.