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  1. Golf has had some great positive impacts on my life. It has helped my relationship with my father as he is also an avid golfer. Now as I am in middle age and he is in his senior years it has really helped us bond as we play whenever we get to see each other. The desire to improve my golf game has also motivated me to diet and exercise regularly to maximize my potential on the course.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I guess the part I struggle the most with is the fact that I have this type of control with my irons, but not with the Driver. Trying to understand why I struggle so much with that club only.
  3. @Golfingdad didn't know how often these happen. if it's a couple times a year, definitely something I can pull off.
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  5. I have two misses with my driver and I was wondering if they could be related despite being very different misses. I hit about 50 % of fairways and driver is my most inconsistent club. My misses are either a slice or a pull. Has anyone else struggled with something similar and know what causes it?
  6. I try and play early so I can get half the round done before the kids are even awake. I can play a twilight once in a while, but I find those rounds play a little slow for my taste. I enjoy the 3 and half hour dawn patrol pace.
  7. @tehutiI will probably be back at Mile Square early December. I'll keep in touch and we can try and meet up. There are two of us that play pretty regularly there and we have a rotation of players that fill in on occasion.
  8. Hi, I'm in south orange county and play Mile Square most often and Tustin Ranch occasionally. I usually only play very early on the weekends, but get occasional weekday rounds in. I'm planning on playing monday 11/27 at Tustin Ranch around 7/7:30 if any of you would like to play. I have the membership there so could get you a little guest discount.
  9. I’m in south OC now, but was in IV for 4 years. I’ve heard San Diego has a great resident golfer program.
  10. Hey everyone, have seen a few posts from here over the years and enjoyed them, thought I'd finally setup an account. The first time I swung a golf club I was 10 years old. My dad had a spot in our apartment where he would hit wiffel balls off the carpet into a curtain. I remember immediately loving the feel of a golf swing and in particular the sound the club made when it grazed the carpet just right. I would play for hours in our improvised hitting bay and, although I didn't play anything resembling actual golf until much later in life, I consider that the genesis of my obsession with thi
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