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  1. I'm thinking about finally getting custom fit for a putter and I don't have a big budget. I've heard good things about Clevelands Hunington Beach collection frrom mygolfspy. Has anyone used one or currently used one?
  2. Thanks for the responses everyone! I think I'm going to test the bladed putters in my garage and test them against my current Yes! Victoria and see if I like the look and feel of them more and then take it to the course and see if my results on course improve at all!
  3. I have used mallet putters for basically my whole life with brief stints with blades mixed in. Over the course of the past couple years I realized that I almost exclusively hit putts too firm, especially short puts under 5 or 6 feet. Do you think a lighter blade would help me get some more feel with those putts. P.S I also have a superstroke 3.0 on my mallet, im not sure if that increased grip size negatively affects feel or not.
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