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  1. Well for my school, we haven't had a full team for at least 20 years. So we take what we get, #1 player on our team of four guys
  2. Jax

    My first match!

    Nice i'm a senior and this is my first year, I regret not starting sooner. The guys I was playing with shot 78,85 and 95 then me at 101. I actually liked it because they gave me some great tips to help me
  3. Jax

    My first match!

    Since I really got into golf around last June or July, I've always had the worst slice anyone has seen everyone tells me that. So people tell me do this I do it and then it works once and its no more. So today I teed off with my 3 wood all the time (still cant hit my r7). But I tried something different on hole 6 I believe, I know I slice bad so I aimed FAR left and just blasted it and to my amaze hit the fairway perfect! So from there on out I just did that and did way better. It was funny tho because I was in heat two (these guys are good) and I was hitting the same distance with my 3 wood t
  4. Jax

    My first match!

    Yeah well best part is my classes don't start tell 10 and we get out at 10:30 so I don't even go, I cleaned my clubs and practiced a bit. Well let's say it was a okay day First hole I let my nerves get the best of me and hit it like 10 feet in front of me (we started at 10). I ended up shooting 55 in the back nine and then 45 in the front nine. I know what I did wrong and relized it next match shoot be in low 90s high 80s for sure
  5. Jax

    My first match!

    Yeah I haven't played this course but I did walk it with are girls and noticed a lot. Kinda nervous to but i'll beat that once I start warming up
  6. Jax

    My first match!

    Not sure if this is the right place or not, but I play for my High School team and today is our first match! Pretty excited about it. I don't really like the course were playing today tho because there's no room for error you really either hit the fairway or you hit a house. I just had to share with someone :) I'm definitely not the best but i'll post my results later (first tee time is 1pm)
  7. I was watching "The Top 10" Meltdowns in golf and then next thing I know there is infomercial, makes me mad. I just wanna watch some golf :*(
  8. #1 Play the 18th at Pebble Beach #2 Get a putting green in my backyard #3 Attend a Jacksonville Jaguars game #4 Attend a New York Mets game #5 Attend a Phoenix Suns game #6 Play golf with my son or daughter some day #7 Play Beth Page Black #8 Attending the NBA All-Star Weekend Event #9 Join the mile high club #10 Learn about my true ancestry #11 Fly a plane #12 Perform a kind deed to at least 5 strangers without expecting anything in return #13 See the Northern Lights #14 Fly in a helicopter #15 Go on a cruise in the sea #16 Visit the Hollywood sign
  9. I'm In! Should be fun can't wait for the season!
  10. So it'd be illegal to play in High School matches? As long as using it without the weights won't hurt it i'm just going to use it haha
  11. Dang K I should be getting weights then
  12. That's a lot of money! If I hit the club without the weights it won;t effect it will it?
  13. ebay has nothing do you know Taylormade's email?
  14. I have the Taylormade r7 435 Driver and I was cleaning the other day and noticed all my weights were gone... Where can I buy the weights?! I went to the local golf headquarter here and they didn't have any.. They said they won't be getting any either
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