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  1. Suggestions for Golf Fitness Exercises

    I do practice some golf swings slowly from wedge to 6 iron prior to a round of golf. 5-8 swings per club
  2. Suggestions for Golf Fitness Exercises

    What is most important......having fun playing golf. I just like my structured routine, warm up and cool down, for golf.
  3. Suggestions for Golf Fitness Exercises

    I like doing resistance training either with low tension resistance bands or light dumbbells to warm up my body before playing golf. I looked at other warm up methods, golf active stretching movements. They did not appeal to me. I dont have muscle fatigue. However, I do encounter everyday stress at work and at home. Golf and fitness workouts are my ways to relieve stress. I could always go to Happy Hour after work. I will stick to golf and fitness workouts. What is your warm up routine before playing a round of golf? Please share.
  4. Can you fit in two days a week strength training to develop overall muscular strength to transfer it into your golf game? Keep up the good work golfing and aerobic activity in your non golf days. Thanks for your reply.
  5. Suggestions for Golf Fitness Exercises

    Golf warm up routine before playing a round of golf. 15 mins elliptical machine. Dumbbell Power Clean and press. 3 sets of 6-8 reps. Last set performed at 30-40 % of your 1RPM. 10 mins of golf related stretches. Go to the golf course and begin your putting, chipping, and range work. I spend about 20 mins
  6. Keep up the exercise and golf routines.
  7. Suggestions for Golf Fitness Exercises

    I believe the author of the post is just sharing some information with other golfers on exercising with golf in mind.
  8. Suggestions for Golf Fitness Exercises

    Resistance Bands Circuit strength 3x10. Three days a week. Elliptical Machine three days a week. 20 mins Walk-run intervals on the treadmill Two days a week. 15 mins 10 mins of stretching after each workout. Try this beginners fitness workout for four to six weeks. You will be addressing the Components of health related fitness.
  9. Bringing golf club to gym

    Never brought a golf club to the fitness center.
  10. When older adults engage in physical activity, they must be aware of their limitations and the amount of activity their bodies can handle. As a golfer in my fifties, I have to accept that I cannot play a physical golf game as I did in my twenties. I have a different body in my fifties. Therefore, just play bogey-double bogey ball and enjoy being able to go on the golf course at my Senior age.
  11. I have also incorporated sports nutrition into my fitness and golf. My 19 hole beverage is a protein shake. The bottle of beer is consumed several hours after playing golf. My cool down activity after playing a round of golf is 30 minutes on the elliptical machine to flush out my muscles. Then finish with 10 mins of stretching movements to maintain flexibility. Finally, drink a protein shake.
  12. I am a fitness fanatics. I do workout with golf in mind. I perform cardiovascular and strength training weekly to be able to swing the club, walk and carry my bag for 18 holes. As a result of my commitment to fitness, I have not had any injuries from playing golf.
  13. Your Workout Today

    I did 40 mins on the elliptical machine this morning. After work, I will do treadmill walk run intervals, 2 mins walking, 1 min running alternating for 30 mins in duration. Next, 3 sets of 8 reps of Dumbbell Power Clean and push press, the last set using 35 lb dumbbells. 10 mins of static stretching the lower body. About 1.5 hours later, I will hit plastic golf balls with my irons for 10 mins.
  14. Workout BEFORE or AFTER golf?

    Thanks for the clarification about 1rpm percentage for strength training.
  15. Elliptical machine 45 mins in the morning 6 days a week. Circuit weight training with machines 3 days a week for 3x10-15 reps Dumbbell Power cleans once a week. 3x8 last set with 70% of 1Rpm. Barbell Bench press Powerlifting style once a week. 5x3 last set with 235lbs. Over 50 years of age, 5'8" 188. Recreational golfer. 15 handicap

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