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  1. kenhockey2

    Your Workout Today

    Saturday workout 50 minutes indoor spinning intervals resistance band strength training 2x15 60 minutes bike ride with 5x30 sec intervals 15 minutes indoor spinning cool down.
  2. kenhockey2

    Your Workout Today

    5:30 am workout.......30 minutes elliptical machine intervals.
  3. kenhockey2

    Your Workout Today

    5:00 am workout 30 minutes indoor spinning intervals. easy Resistance band strength training 2x15 green band 5:00 am Morning workout 40 minutes indoor spinning intervals Resistance band strength training 2x15
  4. kenhockey2

    Your Workout Today

    5:30 am workout.......35 minutes indoor spinning intervals. Resistance band circuit strength training 3x20. 5:30 pm workout 30 minutes elliptical machine intervals. I workout twice a day three days a week to get in some extra fitness. My PM workout is a way for me to unwind after a long, stressful day at work. This PM workout puts me in a good mood when I go home. Thoughts?
  5. kenhockey2

    Your Workout Today

    AM Workout 35 minutes elliptical machine intervals.
  6. kenhockey2

    How Many Hybrids Do You Carry?

    3, 4, and 5. I tee off with my hybrids when I play a long course.
  7. Ended 2018 turning my left ankle on the golf course retrieving my ob golf ball. I did not want to end the year on a sour note. I am just nursing my ankle and hopefull will be able to golf this weekend.
  8. kenhockey2

    Your Workout Today

    Ended 2018 rolling my left ankle on the golf course when retrieving my golf ball. Did not see the tree root sticking out of the ground. Just did 40 minutes of indoor spinning intervals doing one leg intervals, and 3 sets of 15 resistance bands strength training. This is not how I want to start 2019 nursing a sprained ankle.
  9. December 25. 10 minutes putting in the living room before Xmas dinner with the family.
  10. kenhockey2

    Workout BEFORE or AFTER golf?

    I workout before and after golf. 30 mins on the elliptical machine to warm up upper and lower body. After golf, 30 minutes of intervals in the stationary bike, and stretching movements. Finally, drink protein shake and take a nap.
  11. Saturday afternoon: 18 holes of Par 3 golf at Alondra Park golf course. 70 degress and sunny. Only i. southern California.
  12. kenhockey2

    Your Workout Today

    Morning workout 30 minutes elliptical machine intervals 320 kcal
  13. kenhockey2

    How should a golfer exercise?

    My suggestion is to research articles on fitness programs for golfers. Next work with a fitness instructor to design a strength and conditioning program that addresses health and skill related fitness components. Finally, look and your work and personal business schedules to fit this strength and conditioning program into your daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. This is the first step to improve functional work capacity.
  14. kenhockey2

    Your Workout Today

    Morning workout 60 minutes indoor spinning intervals circuit weight training free weights 2x12 Evening workout 30 minutes elliptical machine 30 minutes putting and hitting a small basket of golf balls
  15. kenhockey2

    Your Workout Today

    30 minutes elliptical machine intervals Circuit weight training machines 2x12 9 holes of Par 3 golf. 35 minutes indoor spinning intervals. Cooldown after playing golf. This is my post golf routine

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