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  1. Does Your Course Support the Longleaf Tee System?

    I really wish there were more tee options at the courses around my area. I play with a very wide range of golfer skill levels.When I play with some of my friends who are only very casual golfers (like they enjoy the game of golf, but simply don't have the time or desire to hit the driving range regularly or get lessons), they are entirely restricted to playing executive courses because they feel normal 18 hole courses are too hard and too intimidating, particularly because they know they don't want to hold up other players. A system like this would go a long way to inviting them to experience full courses (i.e. not the little pitch-and-putts) and allow all of us to play at an appropriate level of challenge. And I think if they got to enjoy the full 18 hole courses more they'd be more enthusiastic about the game because, frankly, the executive courses simply don't offer the full experience of golf, in my opinion (bigger shots with the woods or long irons, expansive fairways, the scenery, generally better level of grounds maintenance, etc.).

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