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    Golf clubs

    The PW (aka: “10-iron”) I think one could do without. A 9-iron can fit the bill of a PW, just by opening the club face a tad. The two must-have clubs for ME are the AW and a SW. As far as a LW, I’m one of those that won’t play a round of golf unless I have that club in my bag. Mine is a 60* LW and I LOVE IT! i also have a 72* UL (Ultra Lob) which I’m liking the more I use it, which is not much. With the 72*, I can launch up and over any obstacle that’s right in front of my feet.
  2. Hahahaha, I hear ya. I’ve got 5 wedges from a 44* to a 72*. I don’t usually carry the 44* nor the 72* though. So I leave just three in the bag (49*, 54* & 60*). Collecting Clubs is like collecting firearms. You can NEVER have too many on hand.
  3. Like the title says, hypothetically if you could ONLY carry TWO, what loft would they be? I think I’d carry my 49* (Gap) and 60* (Lob). It’s a big gap in between I know, but a 9-iron can be “opened” as a PW, while my 60* can be narrowed like my 54* (SW) or opened like a 64* (LW). What say you?
  4. Only quarterly and at that price? Wow, you’re right. Too expen$ive. Thanks for clarifying.
  5. I agree 110% with your observation. But, do you think 5 pages of divot repair chat will improve the greens for us? Reading beyond the first 2-3 posts on page one made me tired. After that, it was time to move on to a more informative topic.
  6. Way to expensive. Who needs an expensive magazine these days when we have the similar content free on the internet? There’s also professional tournament golfers on YouTube that give great instruction and stories and which also beats out an over priced magazine. Im all for reading monthly periodicals and such, but not at the ridiculous price listed in the link that was provided. Just my .02 cents worth of thoughts.
  7. I can’t beleive this topic has reached 5 pages.
  8. I recently saw an interview on TV where John Daly mentioned that due to technological changes in equipment, that there’s many golf courses just being so old where they can’t accomodate further distance from better players with modern equipment. He actually used the term that it’s getting “ridiculous” these days for the amateurs out there. I’m not a pro, but I’d agree with him somewhat.
  9. I think Hybrids are a disease. Yet I too carry a 4h and 5h clubs. However, as we speak, I’m awaiting my new 5 iron to arrive via UPS and my 5h will go to the golf club grave yard, deep within my garage. When getting out of trouble (dense grass), I hit the irons sooo much better than a wanna be “wood-metal” they like to now call a “hybrid.” I rarely pull out my 4h either.
  10. Golf is 10% equipment and 90% “shoulder to holder.” I’d say go with a cavity back modern club of your favorite brand. You won’t notice the difference between many models because your old (like me) and we don’t have the power the 21 year olds do.
  11. Heck yeah, replace the 5i. No brainer.
  12. I have: PW, AW, SW & the LW I’d say that my single most favorite wedge is the sand wedge. I use it for everything. The LW is a close second. What say you, if you had to pick just one?
  13. On the range, I could give a hoot who’s there and who’s not. However on the course if I’m paired up, I’m the consummate gentleman golfer.
  14. I’m a casual golfer. Cargo shorts: acceptable. Quiet talking: acceptable. However, I MUST keep my own score for myself. I hate it when I play with friends that don’t keep accurate scores and just want to hit a ball. I like keeping score for myself, not to see who’s “better,” but again, just to keep track of my own progress to improve my game.
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