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  1. I finally broke 100 in my club competition, playing off a 34 handicap and scored 98. Won the competition for the first time, didn't score a 8 and didn't lose a ball. Stopped playing driver every hole - on the first par 5 hit my 4 iron first shot, 4 iron second second and 4 iron to the green, two putted for par. Played safe with my mid irons, hitting the driver where if the something goes wrong I can find my ball. Made me feel good about my game for the first time.
  2. 1. Growing up in a village in Africa – success meant two things – being a member of a Rotary Club, and playing golf. 2. A Rotary Club used to organize charity golf – and raise funds for projects in the villages – I used to be a translator for medical camps. I remember spending a day with this golfer who was a doctor, trying to explain me what golf was and how it’s played – and me telling him when I grow up I want to be both a Rotarian, and a golfer. Very nice and generous people. My first ever dental examination was by a golfer. 3. 20 years down the line and having m
  3. I think this is bad advice. I scored 105 my previous round. 37 putts - and 4 holes with 8 scores. My driver works - had one birdie and three pars. I need to reduce mistakes in my short game and putting - playing my 9 iron won't work. That will get rid of 10 strokes.
  4. I finally started tracking my performance with The Grint. Play mostly 18 holes, each saturday. Scores since I started tracking are as follows: 106, 110,117 and 107. Putts have been: 45, 38, 48 and 42 After every game - I could sit down and identify 10 strokes I could have eliminated. Not sure if I track this correctly - but my Fairway Accuracy is 40% - after teeing off I updated the app with how it went - Long, Short, Left missed etc. My Average GIR per round is 8.3% I think if I just focused on putting, and my short game - I could see a big improvement. I am able to hit m
  5. Thanks. I have been playing since August last year - but over last 10 years just been mucking around. Consistently play every week - took lessons last year - was a fair bit of information overload, need to take more on what I am weak on. My weaknesses are not consistent - a few weeks couldn't hit 3 wood. Last three games am able to hit 3 wood to the green - then up with three putts. Few weeks ago my M2 driver was my favourite club. I could hit it 80% of the time - sometimes such that on short par 4's I only need a 9 iron or PW to the green. I didn't get one straight hit last w
  6. Mr Wolf

    Mr Wolf

  7. Finally got my Handicap 32.5. Play a fairly difficult course (The Vines, in Western Australia - Lakes Course). Last game had a par on a Par 5. Next hole bogey - then down hill. Two pars in a nine hole game. Six on a par three. Didn't hit driver straight once in 9 holes - hit three woods very good (twice straight to the green from 180m). Usually hit driver 80% of time. I am practicing, but possibly wrongly.
  8. This thread gives me hope. Best I have scored on 18 is 109, started golf six months ago. Mostly play 9 holes, been struggling to break 50, best I have had was 53. So many things to learn - but need course management and what club to chose.
  9. Well, started taking the game seriously last five months. Best score on an 18 so far has been 105, so a lot of work. Goals for 2018. 1. Break 100 2. Already taken some lessons – need to practice, and learn course management. 3. Get a Handicap, most likely now am 35 or 36, but need to target a Handicap of 20 by end of 2018. 4. Improve my short game. 90% straight and reasonably long drives – but mess up either the second short, putting or bunkers. 5. Become more consistent. Sometimes I play really well in Bunkers, sometimes my pitching
  10. Thanks all for your help. Visited Roger Dunn Shop in Santa Monica last Wednesday. I was almost tempted to buy Clubs online - but glad I didn't. For $1,000 USD, I got the following; 1. 2016 M2 Driver (New) 2. 2016 M2 3 wood (this was second hand). 3. Irons 4 – PW, AW – Taylormade AeroBurner (New) 4. 2016 M2 Sandwedge (New) 5. Second hand Taylormade Putter I bought a Callaway Bag, and Travel Bag, both discounted. Was surprised at the prices – they even gave me free golf balls. Now need to work on my 36 handicap:) It’s n
  11. What quality brands are we talking about? i could get the strata - 18 set for $500, plus bag, but are they good quality? their reviews are not good. looking at something a bit decent and second hand?
  12. First post here, great forum. Need to upgrade my Tour Edge clubs - more than 15 years old. Looking for a complete new set. What can I get for 1,000 USD, second hand? I will be in the US, LA to be specific - wondering if their is a second hand shop I can buy? Interested in second hand Taylormade M2, still pricey on their own website. Does it help to visIT Roger Dunn shop in Santa Monica - can they have better prices than the pre owned stuff? Or what can I get for $1k? A year or two year old? Play every week. Thanks Mr. Wolf
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