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  1. Are Golf Rangefinders a factor in slow play? Unlike a gps watch which just needs to be glanced at to get an approximate distance. I have been noticing some novice golfers getting so engrossed over every shot that it may be leading to slowing down the game. I appreciate that a novice will be looking for anything to improve their handicap, but wonder if the hype of Rangefinders is over done?
  2. It is a real shame that many really friendly character courses are forced to go by the wayside due to finantial incentives from developers. There are a couple of big name courses in UK that are being targeted by multi million pound owners who want to only offer membership once it is proven a person is worth a million! It does not matter if you play like a wally, as long as you have the money. What is more important in this very short life we have? not having experienced the true pleasure golf can bring!!!!
  3. Each golf course has its own characteristics with some stunning holes and other easily forgotten. The score we achieve on a hole also makes it more memorable. I wonder how many players could list their fantasy course made up of 18 of their most memorable holes?
  4. Brilliant,sometimes it does us good to take a break! When we get back into it we appreciate what we have been missing
  5. I think you need to look around at what other courses in the area are offering! Why is this guy selling? What can you offer to make it more attractive to local golfers and visiting societies.
  6. It's good that this topic of pitch mark repairs is hi-lighted, especially underling the importance to novice golfers.
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