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  1. I avoid GolfNow with the exception of Hot Deals, and I was not aware that TeeOff was bought out. I had actually just booked a Hot Deal at a local course about an hour ago. Green fee was $25, plus $3.49 in fees and $2.18 in taxes. TeeOff has the remaining 2 spots for the tee time (I only purchased 2 out of 4) for $27, with no fees, and $2.02 in taxes. I checked several other courses and TeeOff was consistently $2 higher than GolfNow. So it appears that while they are keeping with their no booking fees policy, the are still getting some/most of that money by charging more.
  2. I'm playing a G25 driver still. It is a good club for me. I can hit it high and long, with generally low spin (most of the time). I don't plan on replacing it anytime soon.
  3. Is it really believable that these 2 players (and caddie) didn't know this was illegal? I always thought this was one of the most well-known rules of golf. I know it was LPGA Q-School but come on.
  4. I absolutely love Juliet Falls. It's about 3.5 hours from my house, so I've only played it twice. Was just there in early August. Great layout and conditions.
  5. Topped my 4-wood off the tee on a 340 yard Par 4. Had 240 left to the flag, downhill. Could see the top of the flag from where I hit but couldn't see the green. Crushed my 3-hybrid, knew it was online. Delighted to find it 2 feet from the hole. Drained the birdie putt.
  6. I do this regularly when I play scrambles. When I enter a scramble, my team never expects to win anything (and that isn't why we enter). My main reason is because usually I am last to hit off the tee, so I use a cheaper ball since I am normally trying to pound one, and there is a decent chance I will lose the ball. If I do find the fairway, then I will switch to one of my preferred balls for playing to the green.
  7. There is a course in Valdosta that might be worth your time. The Nationwide/Web.com Tour had a tournament there, the South Georgia Classic, from 2007-2014. I have not played it, but my grandpa has several times. Supposed to very nice. Kinderlou Forest Golf Club Kinderlou Forest Golf Club in Clyattville, Georgia: details, stats, scorecard, course layout, photos, reviews
  8. I was drawn for last year's but not this year. I am very disappointed. I had a great time.
  9. I can't comment on the gear they normally have for sale during the Masters, but they had pretty much all types of Masters merch that I could think of for sale on Saturday. I didn't want to get anything that said 'Masters 2019' since that wasn't the event I attended, but they did have a ton of that merchandise for sale. Bought a hat and a tshirt. I played very well tee to green. Couldn't read the break on the greens to save my life. A lot of fun though.
  10. I was there from 7:30am to 2:30 pm. I didn't see the last group play at all. We followed Amanda Dougherty (Go Noles!) the first 9 holes, then walked with some other groups for the second nine. Spent some time around Amen Corner, 16 green, and 18 green. I must say, this was a fantastic event to attend. I mainly wanted to go to see the course, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching the ladies play. They can flat out play some golf. They did much better on this course than I imagined they would. I don't know if the greens were at the same speed they will be for the men this week, but I did witness multiple putts that were lightning fast. I have not attended the Masters so I cannot comment from personal experience, but I did overhear several other patrons who said for the enjoyment of watching actual golf and seeing the course, this was a much better event to attend. I will definitely be entering for tickets next year (assuming this is continued). Also, local courses didn't yet have the Masters Week rates applied, so played at Aiken Golf Club on Friday for a very reasonable $30. Very cool course.
  11. I have only entered the lottery for the Masters the last 2 years, but have not been drawn. I was drawn for the ANWA, and will be there on Saturday. My guess is far less people entered for this tourney, especially being the inaugural, but who knows. I am mainly going to see the course for the first time, but will hopefully enjoy watching some of the women play as well.
  12. Not yet. About to start building a house so trying to save funds where I can. Might try to make it up there in the spring. Did make the short drive up to Dothan about a month ago to play Highland Oaks and had a great time there.
  13. Looking for last minute recommendations. Staying south of St. Augustine Beach for Labor Day weekend. There have been some older posts on this area but I am looking for more recent input. Have done a lot of research online and have narrowed it down to Palm Harbor, St. Johns Golf and Country Club, and Golf Club of South Hampton. I have played Slammer & Squire and Royal St. Augustine last year, so looking to do something different this time around. Anyone played those 3 recently and recommend one over the other? I've played North Hampton in Fernandina several times. Looking at the website South Hampton seems similar.
  14. Thanks everyone. Right now looking at playing Cider Ridge in Oxford and then making the driver over to Oxmoor Valley in Birmingham. This can easily be a one-night mini golf trip from where we are so should be perfect. Next year may try and plan one in North GA and play a couple of the courses mentioned.
  15. I really really want to play a course in the mountains. I live in North Florida so trying to find the closest mountainous course possible. Not looking for anything extreme, as I know I would have to travel much further. Just looking for some sweet elevation changes and beautiful scenery. Any recommendations in Alabama or Georgia? Don't want to drive more than 4-6 hours at the most. Any further and I would just assume fly.
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