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  1. I sold a driver on eBay last year. It was in good shape when I dropped it off at the post office. Upon delivery, the buyer claimed there was a small dent in the crown. There were no dents when I shipped it, so either it occurred in transit (most likely) or the buyer dented it upon receipt (doubt it). The buyer asked for a refund, and I asked him for some pictures of the dent, pictures of the box, etc - just to make sure he wasn't trying to pull one on me. He accused me of lying and selling a damaged club and filed a dispute with eBay. They issued him a refund and had him ship the club back to
  2. gray


  3. Whatever works man. Even if you play best with a different brand for each club (unlikely I think, but you never know), then go for it. It's all about what you can hit the best and most consistent. Driver: Ping G400 LST 4 wood: something I found in my grandpa's shed 3h: Ping Rapture (from Play It Again Sports) 4h: Callaway RAZR (from eBay) 5-G: P790s SW: Taylormade Milled Grind LW: Cleveland RTX3 Putter: Ping Karsten TR 2
  4. I had been debating purchasing a JumboMax grip for my driver to try out for a couple months now. I had a Golf Pride Jumbo on my previous driver and liked the extra thickness it provided. I am a tall guy (6'5") with average size hands for my height, so normal sized grips, and even midsize, just feel very skinny to me. Two weeks ago I purchased and installed the JumboMax JMX UltraLite in a large, which is a plus 11/32" over standard. I didn't want to go larger than this as I wanted something thick, but not monstrous. I have since played two rounds with the grip installed and I am driving t
  5. Wow, that is exactly what it is. Didn't even cross my mind. I'll give it to my grandpa. Thanks!
  6. Bought a putter off eBay, and it had a weird piece screwed into the top of the grip. It pops open, but nothing inside. Is this for placing some sort of counterweight? I took it off, but am just curious as to what is is.
  7. Did what? Not mark his ball? If so, was he lifting from the rough and placing in the fairway, or similar? If he just wasn't marking and placing his ball in about the same spot, what's the big deal?
  8. You mean manually tagging my club and shot every time? That isn't something I want to do. I need it to be as seamless as possible, which is why I am leaning towards Shot Scope (no tagging).
  9. I am done with Game Golf. Played last week and none of my tagged shots appeared. Tried to edit the round online and it took forever just to get their website to load, then it kept timing out. I really like the ideas behind the shot tracking technology, so I am very disappointed. Think I am going to give Shot Scope a try.
  10. 140 yard par 3 over water that always plays a club longer. I stupidly hit my 140 yard club and of course came up short in a bunker. Ball was plugged deep, almost completely buried. And I was just behind the lip of the bunker, which was about 3 feet higher than where my ball was. Impossible shot, I thought. Swung as hard as I could and slammed my lob wedge right behind the ball. Popped out perfectly and rolled to about 18” for a par. Probably my best sand save ever.
  11. I avoid GolfNow with the exception of Hot Deals, and I was not aware that TeeOff was bought out. I had actually just booked a Hot Deal at a local course about an hour ago. Green fee was $25, plus $3.49 in fees and $2.18 in taxes. TeeOff has the remaining 2 spots for the tee time (I only purchased 2 out of 4) for $27, with no fees, and $2.02 in taxes. I checked several other courses and TeeOff was consistently $2 higher than GolfNow. So it appears that while they are keeping with their no booking fees policy, the are still getting some/most of that money by charging more.
  12. I'm playing a G25 driver still. It is a good club for me. I can hit it high and long, with generally low spin (most of the time). I don't plan on replacing it anytime soon.
  13. Is it really believable that these 2 players (and caddie) didn't know this was illegal? I always thought this was one of the most well-known rules of golf. I know it was LPGA Q-School but come on.
  14. I absolutely love Juliet Falls. It's about 3.5 hours from my house, so I've only played it twice. Was just there in early August. Great layout and conditions.
  15. Topped my 4-wood off the tee on a 340 yard Par 4. Had 240 left to the flag, downhill. Could see the top of the flag from where I hit but couldn't see the green. Crushed my 3-hybrid, knew it was online. Delighted to find it 2 feet from the hole. Drained the birdie putt.
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