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  1. Not yet. About to start building a house so trying to save funds where I can. Might try to make it up there in the spring. Did make the short drive up to Dothan about a month ago to play Highland Oaks and had a great time there.
  2. Looking for last minute recommendations. Staying south of St. Augustine Beach for Labor Day weekend. There have been some older posts on this area but I am looking for more recent input. Have done a lot of research online and have narrowed it down to Palm Harbor, St. Johns Golf and Country Club, and Golf Club of South Hampton. I have played Slammer & Squire and Royal St. Augustine last year, so looking to do something different this time around. Anyone played those 3 recently and recommend one over the other? I've played North Hampton in Fernandina several times. Looking at the website South Hampton seems similar.
  3. Thanks everyone. Right now looking at playing Cider Ridge in Oxford and then making the driver over to Oxmoor Valley in Birmingham. This can easily be a one-night mini golf trip from where we are so should be perfect. Next year may try and plan one in North GA and play a couple of the courses mentioned.
  4. I really really want to play a course in the mountains. I live in North Florida so trying to find the closest mountainous course possible. Not looking for anything extreme, as I know I would have to travel much further. Just looking for some sweet elevation changes and beautiful scenery. Any recommendations in Alabama or Georgia? Don't want to drive more than 4-6 hours at the most. Any further and I would just assume fly.
  5. For food, I strongly recommend making the drive up to Foley and visiting Lambert's Cafe (https://throwedrolls.com/). Some of the best food you will ever eat. We went 3 nights in a row last time I visited. The chicken fried steak will make you slap your momma. Make sure you bring cash and they do not accept credit cards. But not many restaurants where you can have rolls thrown at your head from across the restaurant. I didn't play Kiva Dunes, but did play GlenLakes in Foley (http://www.glenlakesgolf.com/courses/). It was a very fun course. They have 27 holes and the back 9 was links style. Great pace of play since it is away from the beach. This was a couple years ago so hoping the course is still in the shape it was when I played. Golf Advisor's recent reviews all are pretty positive though - https://www.golfadvisor.com/courses/15401-glenlakes-golf-club-lakes-course//. Have fun!
  6. gray

    Amelia Island, FL trip

    Golf Club at North Hampton in Fernandina Beach. You will not be disappointed. Slammer & Squire in St. Augustine is a lot of fun, but is a decent drive for you and can be horribly slow depending on when you go. We played Amelia River Golf Club a few weeks ago. They had just aerated, but I thought it was still overpriced for what it is. Tasty's Burgers and Timoti's Seafood Shack in Fernandina are both local places that serve some awesome food.
  7. I live in North Florida and my clubs are in the backseat of my truck all the time. Only take them out if I am riding to a course with someone else or if someone is riding in my backseat. As I am sure you know it gets pretty dang hot inside vehicles in the Florida heat, and I have never had any problems. I have thought about the danger of them being stolen. It would suck and would be an inconvenience, but also a great excuse to upgrade.
  8. gray

    2018 Valero Texas Open

    For whatever reason, I just knew he was going to put that shot in the bunker. It really wasn't too hard of a golf shot, I don't think, but I guess the pressure just got to him.
  9. gray

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    First round with Game Golf. Still learning. After I came home I realized it didn't pick up any of my shots after hole 8. So gotta figure out what happened there. Anyway, today was cold (for North Florida) and rainy. Didn't get the normal carry distances with the wet cold air. Still drove the ball and putted very well. I have been struggling with my putting lately so today was a good day. This is a tough course, so I was happy with my score, especially the +4 on the back. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/jderrickegray/round/1967236
  10. I assumed it was not. Googled and found out that ever since iOS 8.3 and later, GPS is not disabled while in airplane mode. Interesting. That would explain why it could still be used in airplane mode though. Thanks for the reply!
  11. I have a question about these 2 products. From what I have seen, you do not need your phone for Game Golf Live, and will therefore not use your phone's GPS (data) or battery life. I read that Arccos uses your phone's GPS, but then also read that you can keep your phone in airplane mode while using. That is a conflict since the phone can't be in airplane mode if the GPS is needed. Can someone please clarify? I was leaning towards Arccos but if it will use my GPS location/data the whole round, then that is a complete no-go for me.

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