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  1. I think he makes the cut but I don't think he will be match fit enough mentally or physically to challenge near the top. I say 50+. i hope he proves me wrong but I think he will need a handful of tourneys before he's challenging the top few.
  2. I think it definitely depends on the conditions the day you play but there's a course not far away from me here in Melbourne Australia. The course is called Moonah Links and a few years ago they used to have the greens racing, thigh high rough and it can be set up very long. One time I played it the wind was really up (it's on a peninsula so coast is close on all sides) it was set up way too tough for me. I've played it again in recent years and they've toned it down a bit and if the wind is gentle it's a great course. When it blows hard though it's still very difficult. Cheers
  3. Thanks. Feels like lots of teams in a scramble just play whatever rules (and handicaps) they want to anyway. Though when I have played this format we have definitely watched each other putt to get a read.
  4. I know this is an old thread but I just read it from the start and I have to say, I was definitely of the opinion that you couldn't stand behind anyone's putt, at any length. This is news to me. Not sure I would do it anyway, but it's certainly good to know what the rule actually is. someone above mentioned the scramble team standing watching the line of the putt for the other members of the team. Is this legal in. Scramble? thanks, phil
  5. I'm also a newbie but in 2017 I broke 90 quite a few times but never broke 80. If you feel like awarding me the breaking 90, I would gladly accept it. P.s. If there was an award for the most 3 and 4 putts for the year, I'm sure my name would be all over that bad boy! ;)
  6. Hi everyone, I've been reading the site for a couple of weeks but as a new year's resolution i want to spend more time on my golf and am keen to find the time to be an active member of the TST community. So far, I've found the posts incredibly valuable and thought- provoking. I've also given myself LSW for xmas (gave one to dad as well) and I'm really enjoying reading that at the moment too. Thanks to everyone who contributes on this site, you're all so knowledgeable - it's great you take the time to share that knowledge. Best, Phil
  7. Hi everyone, this is my first post, though I've been enjoying reading the site for the last couple of weeks and am currently reading LSW. My 2018 golf goals are: 1. Practice at least twice a week outside of my Saturday round. 2. Recover from a bad hole. At the moment I have a tendency to follow a bad hole or a bit of bad luck with a 2-3 hole stretch of patchy concentration and decision-making. 3. Put my LSW learnings into practice. 4. Be an active member of the tst community. Cheers, Phil
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