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  1. My hybrid is horrible, so much so that I leave it at home. I hit irons much better, a 4 iron of a tee for me has a nice draw too it, maybe 180-200 yards, but if I was too use a 4 as a 2nd shot on a par 5, I would be lucky too hit it off the fairway
  2. My range sessions I usually end up with using every club in the bag, 4 balls with each club, if 3/4 go within 15 yards of where I'm aiming, the club goes in the bag, I'm not bringing it out again. However, if I don't get 3/4, it stays out. My driver, P,9,8 and 56 wedge, always land within 10 yards, in quite good with them, just more inconsistent with 7-4
  3. Hello guys well before my game was in around 32 handicap, but because of course management I have that slashed too 20.2. But I know I can slash that again! my problem is longer irons, 7-4 mainly. On the range, on a mat, I'm constantly hitting good strikes, my distance is up, but as soon as I hit the course it's over the top of the ball, shanks, massive slices. What the hell do i do? It doesn't make sense too me that I can do it at the range but as soon as I stand on a par 3 160yards I fluff the shot. help!
  4. Thanks. Sometimes you just have too hear it from someone.
  5. Hey guys. Im just wondering, for us amateurs who can’t hit distance, how do you handle 450 yard par 4’s? say I hit a good 210 driver, followed by my 4 iron which is 180, that still leaves me 2 shots for par, but still 60 yards out from the pin. At best that’s 3 shots for me. do you guys just practice your short game too help improve on this? My 2 clubs for close range is Pitcher and a 56, maybe I should consider more wedges for more control in short shots?
  6. I have a few swing videos, but with no ball, can I just upload them too this website? i haven’t even thought of shoulder turning
  7. I’m just about too head off too the range in over an hour, and I need help with what too work on in my drive. the slice is immense. I’m still hitting 200-220 yards, but that’s aiming left too compensate for the slice. I think if I was able too strike the ball well, I would have more yardage, rather than carrying a 40 yard slice. any tips? If it helps, my driver has settings 8.5-13.5, left/neutral/right. Also, I’m hitting with 9.5 at the minute and the height of my driver shots are crazy, I think nearly too much loft
  8. So me and a mate where having a few beers the other night, and he asked if I had our first scorecard. I did a bit of rummaging for it, but found out first score card. A Par 72, and we were finishing it on 141 strokes. 1 year on, we are disappointed if we don’t break 100. We still have a long way too go, and I still slice my driver. whats your improvements over your first year? Is it 40+ shots like ours? Or is that normal?
  9. Hello all! heres my issue, ok big courses, full 18 courses, the best I have ever hit is +25, and that's best by at least 8 shots. My handicap is over 28 (working an average by myself, not certified)But today we played a local, smaller course, with 2 9 holes, and I finished +18. i counted points for curiousity, as I always do, too a handicap of 28. I hit 46 points. My issue is, that this small course holds competitions regularly, but if I came in with a handicap of +28, would I be known as trying too cheat? Because when I play on full 18s I would be very lucky if the handicap is even 28. What should I do?
  10. He did bug me, he plays too win and talks you out of your game- ' your standing wrong, your swing is wrong..etc' he tried too beat you in your head before you hit off the tee. best just not playing with him again lol
  11. Well I played my first 18, having only played 9 hole mostly before, it's a par 64 and I finished on 95 shots. Disappointed due too some over the tops and some shanks, but it'll come with experience. but th advice I need comes here, I was playing 4 ball, 3 of us there for fun, and one serious guy. So a few questions, First - 3 of us don't have a handicap, 4th guy had a handicap 4/5 years ago, depending on which one of us he talked too, he played of 12/13/14. So he counts on a point system, can he count points if the rest of us don't? 2nd - he had 17 clubs in his bag, should we of said something? 3rd - he didn't play the last hole because 'he had hit enough points'. Wtf? 4th - if a ball went out of bounds he dropped it nearest it went out rather than replay the shot, is this right? 5th and final - when he was counting his points he said he's playing around 18 handicap and counted too it. This is wrong right? sorry about all the questions guys I hope you can help?
  12. Thanks guys! Turns out the course closed today because it was too wet.. kinda disappointed, was so looking forward too it. I'll work on my game and keep you all updated !
  13. I'm playing tomorrow in my first ever 18 holes, I've played small 9 holes, one a complete par 3, and short par 4s, but it's not experience that's bugging me.. problem is I can't hit my woods or driver for length, well I mean not reliable enough. I can hit maybe 3/10 shots which isn't good enough. But is it stupid of me too take out a 6 iron, on a 470 yard par 5? It's like a 160 yard hit for me but 9/10 times I know where it's gonna land. help/advice please?
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