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  1. @Groucho Valentine that may be my issue,I try to kill it every time. Thanks everyone for welcoming me as well,I forgot my manners. I will try to work on everything you have brought to my attention. I like the idea of keeping a notebook,never thought of that @Patch
  2. Guys I appreciate all the advice. I've worked on stance,my swing,ball placement etc. I know I hit irons fairly decent,I don't want to give up on fairway woods,just up in the air of whether I should take them out of the bag for now. I'm confident with my irons,not so much with woods. I have considered trying to replace woods with hybrids.
  3. Hey guys I need some help. I've recently started playing more golf more often as of late. I have issues with hitting fairway woods off the deck,always been my Achilles heel. I've recently been considering going just with driver and irons only. I hit my driver fairly consistent,not perfect with it by no means. I play with Ping Eye 2 2-lw. Do you think it's a wise move. Thank you for your help

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