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  1. (1) We have a group of senior men who play their own organised social 18 hole (stableford) game of golf each week. They tee off (say No 1), before playing their next shot they cross over to No 2 tee which is in near vicinity, tee off and then cross over again to complete No 1 hole, this is to save them walking back to No 2. They do not pay match fees as this is not a match organised competition but they pay $1 which a percentage is paid out with the remaining accumulated and given to the Club as a donation. We are aware they also give putts (was up to 6 inches but could be up to 18 inches). Their cards are entered for handicapping purposes (2) A hole in one was achieved on such a day and the player requested this be accepted. He had played 11 holes before Rule 3.2 (did not hole out before teeing off next hole) had been violated and putts had been given. - What would be the ruling? With regards to the first part of this query would I be correct in saying rules are rules no matter whether the game is a club organised competition/tournament or in this case an organised social game and if they wish to continue in this manner their cards are not submitted for handicapping? Many thanks
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