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  1. Mac O'Grady Swings

    You now what ? You are rude. I did not deserve to be offended this way, I guess. Being sometimes slow and addicted to a hero does not mean I am a troll or persona non grata. I will answer in your style then: if you were as intelligent as you think you are, you'll deduct that the "level knees" idea concerns target view, not face on one (which would be dumb, I agree). A straight correlation "level knees" with "trail foot slightly retracted" should be enough, don't you think? Have a good night, Erik.
  2. Mac O'Grady Swings

    It surely makes sense. At least to McCord and me,lol. You misunderstood what I meant to say: you can have level knees only with a slightly closed feet in relation to the target because of primary tilt. Try it yourself. I meant people who ridicule other types of feet position than parallel to the target, definitely not you and your colleagues. Why such a bizarre idea? I learn here and enjoying my time. You are a very knowledgable man, perhaps your ego is too big though :)
  3. A great thread with classic pics and wisdom.
  4. Mac O'Grady Swings

    And one thing more: you wrote Mac got it right with as I adviced on the other forum, it is a very overlooked but important thing: to have level knees at address which can be achieved ONLY with a slightly closed feet stance. Knees movement affect hips movement. It seems people are totally ignorant in this sphere which is not good. In anticipation of some comments: I know that many greats played with open feet and I would have not tried to change that, but obviously pay attention to this fact with a beginner.
  5. Mac O'Grady Swings

    Well, I believe in all legendary talks there is a seed of truth but right, I am more interested in Mac as inventor and instructor than him as a player. OK. Interesting. Did Mac really categorized himself as 4-barrel hitter ? In triple-barrel patterns the sequence is 1-2-3. And I try to understand the bold. Can you explain what do you mean ? Thanks. Well, perhaps easier but imho more dangerous with more room for subsequent errors as, for instance, too low takeaway. I understood why Mac wants to do it that way thatnks to McCord videos. Agreed. Agreed, I think. Pitch from 3-4 to 6-7 can be just a fairy tale. Nevertheless, I am not a fan of going punch or push from 4. Not familiar with CP/CF that much to confirm it. Yes, that can be the biggest error of all you mentioned. But I believe it is TGM error that Mac could just "adopt". I cannot comment it. A great list. I would add the contribution to the (1) length of backswing without overswinging and (2) importance of the tempo. Thanks for this post, Mike.
  6. Mac O'Grady Swings

    Yes, I do need lots of learning as an instructor. Life is the best teacher always! Anyhow I am glad I can learn here, this forum is much better than the other one.
  7. Mac O'Grady Swings

    Well, I do agree to you in the majority. If I can see that someone is a good player with a good contact (despite compensations) I would not change just to match my model. However, as I said, a beginner who has takeaway errors USUALLY end with problems later on which is very evident in the impact zone. So I would try to correct the takeaway immediately and definitely and gladly use Mac as the model.
  8. TST Instructional Content

    Very nice videos. Bravo!
  9. Mac O'Grady Swings

    Neither is good, imo. I think it cannot matter in case of very accomplished players whose not ideal swings are like the second nature. Weekend players can have further issues associated with such too inside or too outside takeaway.
  10. Mac O'Grady Swings

    Surely they can follow the same basic principles for each section of the swing, imo. Thanks. I will visit all soon.
  11. Big List of Golf Terminology

    I think adding the hinges with some explanation as concerns clubface action (reference: closure rate per section is a good thing): HH, VH and AH.
  12. Mac O'Grady Swings

    Thank you for this post, the time to write it as well as these films. I appreciate it. Yes, I am currently deep in the rabbit hole because I will watch them many times. Bear in mind I am NOT dealing with teaching accomplished players, that is why a SIMPLE BASE MODEL OF ONE SWING is completely enough. I do not want to move on now because I am curretly researching Mac's ideas which does not exclude possibilities to learn from modern tools. As far as missing out things, I have been here on this forum a few days and have not seen lots of new threads in the instruction subforum, certainly nothing groundbreaking. I rather dislike to speak about completely not important for me things such as what colour is Tiger's shirt or what Brandel or whomever else has recently said. On the other hand, I will participate in a good discussion about certain aspect of swing theory, with pleasure I will learn and comment the 5SK System; please tell me where I can find basic info and place for discussing it. Thank you.
  13. Mac O'Grady Swings

    The result is a derivative of long shots, short game and putting. I heard Mac was one of the best ballstriker that ever lived and it is no short game and putting I want to learn from him. Yes, but I wanted to learn why he prefers to start this way. I do not buy the argument of binocular vision here. Me neither. I just want to discuss and memorize important basic pieces of information about each section of the swing. Just curious: please tell me one example where Mac was wrong comparing to one of these high-tech discoveries. A concrete example without too much talking.. It will help me to understand your way of thinking.
  14. Mac O'Grady Swings

    Listen, I am not here to fight or to prove I am right over dead bodies. If it helps you, let us say it is my actual hobby to study Mac's swing. I often use the abbreviation "imho" because I do not want to impose my way of thinking to anyone else. I was fascinated with the simplicity of principles that McCord (and Mac himself) articulated during their clinics that are available on YouTube. The fact that the info changes (being distant to today's MORAD events I am not aware of that and that is why I do not feel it) proves that the idea is in progress as it should be provided these are minor changes that I believe they are. Also I have my eyes and ears open for new things but, as a metodic man, I would like to have a base system for my teaching method. None of existing big teaching pro names (and I studied lots of them) convinces me to do it better than TGM and MORAD based ones. All the successful teachers of today that I admire and follow are certainlly TGM- and MORAD-trained which sort of confirms my choice is good, however, if you are so kind to introduce me to the work of someone whom you regard as the best I will gladly study it.

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