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  1. Well, I went to a club fitter today to check out the driver selection. We talked over different models, this years and what was coming next year. I hit the Ping, King Cobra and the Taylor Made. All were ok, nothing great. They asked me if I had my driver with me and I did. I got my Callaway Epic Flash and hit it using the same Trac Man. All my data was better than any of the others. They laughed and told me to come back next year and try again with the newer models. A new Epic Flash comes out in January. I told them they weren't much of a salesmen. Actually, that's the reason I go th
  2. Lost confidence in my Epic Flash. I'm getting older and losing some distance. I would like to find a new driver with a great shaft to add some distance off the tee. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  3. 4i. Only used for low shots when I am behind trees and need low shots.
  4. Went to a demo day this afternoon. I have been interested in the Titleist 910 for a while. Unbelievable! I hit every ball where I aimed. Draw, Fade with 25 plus yards extra. I'm 57 and I have not hit the ball this far for several years. I took it to the course and I was where my younger 'pals' usually hits from. I am looking forward to my tee shots again.
  5. Has anyone hit or own a Titleist 910 d3 or d2. I currently play with a 9* G15 Ping. I have made myself beleive that more loft would improve my driving distance and accuracy. Really, I just got the fever to buy something. Any information and/or reviews would be appreciated.
  6. I tried the jpx 800 pro series and bought a set on ebay.....cheap. it is a decision that I could not be happier with. I have the dynalite shaft. This club is incredibly responsive and I hit them straight as a stick. They sound great when hit and give you a feedback when you make a mishit without losing distance or accuracy. I can't wait for summer or early spring for that matter. I hope no one here is from my club, I don't want any of those thieves with these clubs.
  7. I just got a new set of jpx 800 pro irons and I love them. They look great and feel great. The only problem I have is they go where I aim them. No more compensating for off center shots. Also very workable as well.
  8. i notice you left off UK and had them beat by wvu. i also notice a REALLY glaring mistake with your picks as of today, sunday, march 21 2010. maybe you are not as prophetic as you may think. looks like wishful thinking.
  9. smallville, you beat me to it. they may beat the nets but can they beat the ville. this is where the chant starts......Overrated....Overrated
  10. UK didn't hit anything today. the slow pace and zone definitely was a factor. we still came back to tie, just couldn't get over the hump. btw, how many titles has osu had since 2003. and speaking of weak conferences, osu is in the big ten, right? huh. now thats strong ;) you should be happy to be in a place where you can learn about basketball.
  11. i love all these comments. i must personally know most of everybodies friends or family. the worst thing i see in my regular group is one guy always takes a divot with his practice swing. if he takes 5 swings, 5 divots. he replaces them but i think it can't be good for the course. so if you come to a course and there is several divots in one spot, there may not have been a scramble, it may have been my buddy. i tell him if i owned the course and saw him, i would kick him off.
  12. the honors course. i've played it but it is hard to get on. you won't find many better anywhere. i mean anywhere. it takes a member to get on or at least a recommendation from one. but it is pristine golf. check it out.
  13. i felt the same way about noah of florida a couple of years ago. what a bitch he was. the difference is cuz is our head case and i love him. he's just a high school junior in a mans body. a real big man at that.
  14. i graduated from UK. i live two miles from the mecca of college basketball, rupp arena. i never miss a game. tubby was going downhill faster that lindsey vonn. billy g was a worthless punk from the getgo. now coach cal has righted the ship. i feel that this UK team is on track to be one of the greatest ever. that said, it takes a lot of luck to go with the skill level to win the national championship. i've seen a lot of great teams watch the final game monday nite. my pick to win it all this year is.............do i really have to say it.
  15. well, where do i begin. first, let me address bob knight. where does this guy get off making any kind of comments on integrity? he basically became a loose cannon while at indiana by physically assaulting players. his tirades and outrageous behaviors are infamous. someone ask him if he would like to visit puerto rico for a vacation, or is there still an outstanding warrant for his conduct while there. he is an over the hill blowhard that has lost his grip with reality. too bad because he had a helluva basketball mind. why would i be embarrassed from our hiring of cal? he was the best
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