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  1. So I got mine on Monday, completed 4 protocols and went golfing Friday.

    Never hit the ball so good. Driver and 3W were push draws, but found the fairway.

    Shot my lowest sore ever (80) and it would've been a 79 if I did not 3 putt from 7 feet away on hole 7.

    All I think about is a slower backswing, hinge and unwind with NO ARMS.


    Going out again tomorrow but it'll probably be a disaster. I do like how the PM allows me to FEEL what to do, not just someone putting the club in a spot and wanting me to hit that spot.


  2. On 3/2/2020 at 11:20 PM, StevenB said:

    South Florida (Broward County) has been hit hard by real estate conversions.  I guess Rodney Dangerfield's line fro Caddie shack has some merit.  "Golf Courses and Cemeteries are the biggest wasted of prime real estate". 😧

    Broken Woods Country Club (Coral Spring's) where I got my start in golf by working in the pro shop is now a residential community.  The Carolina Club is over grown by weeds (i worked in the bag room there while in college).  even the local par three course owned by the city in Margate, (where i first hit a ball on the course) is now an empty lot waiting to be developed.  there are so many more courses in this area that have suffered a similar fate.  So many memories as a kid were made on these courses.  

    Inverrary is closing in June 2020.

    Woodlands is also closing June 2020.


    HeronBay is basically closed ad ClubLink wont spend any money in there.....stinks because I also live in the area.

  3. I have recently been using the “straight right arm” backswing and my backswing is much much shorter. 
    I can also feel the wrists lagging when I start going forward. 

    overall more power and accuracy. 

    my issue is when I go back sometimes I get too “high” and not “around” with my BS. May be a personal issue, but high = hooking it left...around = small baby draw. 

    I also use the RightAngle2 to practice. Set it to 45 degrees per Butch Harmon and works wonders in a few sessions. 

    free bump for this awesome thread. 

  4. I hate GPS carts. Seems like they set where to drive and thus I have to walk more from cart to ball and back to cart. Honestly - it adds 30-45 minutes to each round for no reason at all. I use my iPhone (swing by swing) and/or Garmin S60

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