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  1. I've played the last 3 years, as a 16 I won't see you on the course, yes it's fun and semi competitive, they do a good job of keeping sandbaggers out although I played last year in the 16-18 handi group and it's amazing how many guys can hit a 5 iron 220 off the tee and shoot exactly their cap.....all in all it's really fun and have met some great people if you're going shoot me a message before you go and we can try to meet up at some point.
  2. Hi all, had my first true putter fitting this past week at the new club champion in va. beach. First a shout out to Caleb for a first rate and informative time. Arrived at the store and Caleb just talked abut my game and my expectations for a few minutes, he explained how the fitting would go and how the sam putting lab works. Took my gamer and measured loft and lie . Had me roll a few with my gamer to get warmed up, then the fun began. Got calibrated with the sam and rolled 7 putts from 10 feet, I hit five of seven with both misses being right. We looked at the sam results and determined my length 32 inches was spot on, I'm an old school croucher over the ball. After that found out that I aim 3.2 degrees open at address, might explain a lot of right misses, also that I swing up 1 degree on contact. Stroke is very slight arc. He then bent a ping voss anser to my specs 67 lie 1 deg loft and had me roll a combination of putts from different distances. I was amazed how much of a difference changing the specs just a bit made. During the fitting I hit pretty much every putter they had as I was recommended a blade and have always played anser style putters stuck with slight toe hang putter. Needless to say I am a believer in the sam lab fitting process.
  3. ^^^this, moving up is fine that is unless its tournament time, I can get around 6-6200 depending on layout but go play where its 6500 and it becomes really tough. Played last year as I was at the top of my age group with 22 year olds that were in my handicap group hitting 5 irons 220 off the tee hard to compete with that. This same tournament has 30+ caps playing the same distances, seems there would be an easier way.
  4. I played 7 over then weekend with 10* gaps and found that was a bit too much, I have found 7-8* between irons works best for me. as far as feel player or not I have always played a gap wedge that I have used from 110-20 yards. I guess the best advantage is working on half and 3/4 shots hitting shots instead of trying to hit numbers. And to confuse the minimalist thing even more I'm also playing single length irons
  5. I've been playing with 8 since the first of the year and am seeing the hc starting to dip, minimalist from here on out for me
  6. are those the father of the cleveland vas irons?
  7. Had a new marshal at a local muni near me approach our group on the second hole tee box asking what the problem is? I pointed to the two carts coming out of the woods about 75 yards in front of us and he just shook his head went over to them told them to let us play through, and pick up the pace. Never saw that guy again...........
  8. And I thought some of golf was social?
  9. Definitely a mudder, truly evens the game out for me and I don't mind the weather at all, some of my playing partners fall apart when the rain starts to fall!
  10. I think length is the first and foremost part of this, always played 33 inch since it was the shortest usually available, did a quick fitting with ping and determined 31.5 gets me where I should be over the ball. Funny thing I can swing just about anything decently mallet, blade other than heel shafted equally. I spent a lot of time and $ trying the next big thing and really found out that for me length was more important than anything else. My .02
  11. Flog, What I understand is whoever owns vinterria, in new kent took over rnk and stonehouse of course this is all word on the street.
  12. Glad they got picked up, stonehouse is also supposed to have been picked up by the same group and reopening also, always loved royal new kent, it will humble you quickly!
  13. swede, you my man are the man, I don't know how you figured this out but it works! thanks a bunch for this info!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I realize this is all on game golf, the best part was when cs told me to do a hard reset of my phone to try and clear up problems with their app........
  15. Swede, are you running mojave on mac? My live hasn't worked since apple updated to mojave, gg has reccomended everything from deleting and repairing to hard reset of my iPhone! In november I lost the ability to upload to my mac, january I couldn't bt transfer to iPhone still trying to get it fixed. I have uploaded logs and sent all sorts of screenshots to no avail very frustrating to not even get 6 months out of a piece of tech
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