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  1. Last year I went to my local shop and scored 2 free boxes of Callaway Tour iZ balls for buying a $100 gift card. They also had BOGO on all boxes of balls (I think excluding ProV1s...). I went back in the afternoon and used the gift card with the 25% off one item door prize from the morning and bought a new wedge. I'll for sure be back this year.
  2. I heard on the radio the other day about people buying insurance policies in which the cunning entrepreneurs remaining would take care of pets left behind following the rapture. It's like buying a house on Second Life using real money...
  3. I actually played a round last summer with a guy who buys his equipment using similar financial means. He worked out a deal with a local shop to sell balls for 25 cents each in store credit. The shop then turns and sells them for 50 cents or something similar. He is a member of a local club and plays all the time and has a giant bucket on the back of his golf cart full of balls he's found on the course. For reference, he plays 5ish times a week and it took him a calendar year to generate a driver's-worth of golf balls. While I agree this is about the least efficient method of generating the cash, I applaud your effort. Good luck!
  4. upah

    Scramble Woes

    The only reason I had an opportunity to hit these approach shots was because I was bailed out by my scramble partners. Generally speaking, when my driver is on, I can't buy an approach shot. When I'm hitting my irons crisp, I'm all over off the tee. I can't seem to embrace both swings at the same time...
  5. upah

    Scramble Woes

    I'm so close to being good at this game... I work with intercollegiate athletics and played an end-of-year scramble with my staff earlier this week. I was pegged as one of the better players there and from random draw played with three people physically incapable of hitting the ball 100 yards. They teed off from the forward tees and I played from about 6200. The course we played is links style with several broken fairways and about 5 yards of rough to deal with before absolute nothingness. It reminds me of Whistling Straits. Long story short, I couldn't hit a decent tee shot to save my life. We played several of my partners' tee shots, meaning our second shot was often long as hell. Here's the kicker: I hit 9 approach shots from 175 and further to 10 feet or better. We had 4 eagle opportunities. I put a 3-wood to 8 feet from 270. I hit the pin from the rough at 215. The way I was striking my irons, I could have shot 75 by just hitting it in bounds from the tee. Why does it seem that my tee shots only work for me during marginal iron days and vice versa? I'd shank a 3-wood off the tee and dime the approach with the same club. Damn this game... I'll never figure it out!
  6. Its also going to depend on how you grip the club. Gripped more in the fingers, you'll likely require a smaller grip than if you grip more in the palm. Some people hold the club differently. I play midsize grips and for me, I held a club with midsize grips and just knew it was more comfortable. I haven't considered the distance between my fingers and palm but I play way better with midsize.
  7. How consistent would you say your position is from shot to shot? It wouldn't surprise me if I accidentally waiver-ed by as much as a ball or so in any direction...
  8. While I try to keep my ball position consistent, I'm not terribly mindful of it during a round. How much do you pay attention to your ball position when you play? Is is a conscious effort or more intuition than anything? I'm wondering if this has something to do with my shot-shaping inconsistency...
  9. Couldn't you argue that the reason for spending $125 for a shirt is a lack of available substitutes? I think there is absolutely a market for athletic-cut golf shirts. The companies that sell them are typically designer-type providers that charge obscene prices for the general masses. For those of us living in the real world, I would absolutely consider purchasing reasonably priced shirts that fit well.
  10. Haha! I like the other ads: "You may also like: Nike Crush Golf Balls 12pk, $24.99; Wilson Dry Golf Gloves 3pk, $15.00" Solid complements to my new golden driver...
  11. If you can find them, FJ has a premium glove called FJ Pure Touch. Its amazing. I tried one on in the store and its unreal. I haven't played in one so can't speak to durability and they are about $25, but goodness they're comfy.
  12. I also won! I really don't need one. Thinking about grinding the leading edge and making my own Tour Striker...
  13. Okay, now you're just being cynical. You're that boob who told Fosbury not to flop. Not all golfers are 'working' on something when they play. Something tells me the gentleman in the video wasn't trying to execute a one-plane swing or really anything in particular on his first swing. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't S&T; just trying to create a more repeatable golf swing? Sort of a more effective, more often thing? Isn't that the whole point?
  14. The B330S is a great ball. Midway between a Pro-V1 and a V1x for me. Can't recall the putting sound however. Srixon also makes a Z-Star X you may want to look into...
  15. On the teebox, the turf condition is more or less a non-issue. If the ground is horrible, tee it up a bit and make sure you hit the ball first. From crappy fairways, I'll take a bit more club and swing smoother, ensuring I catch the ball first. Knockdowns work well in this case.
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