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  2. I got the 13 foot green one... listed as 2020 in their website. Green just seemed more natural for me. One challenge with the 13 foot one, is that it is 13 feet, so my garage has a little slope to the concrete surface... so were it is laying right now. to make a putt the length of the mat, I have about a 3-4 inch right to left break!!! Other than that the mat itself is great. Send me a PM on how the assessment goes if you would like... and we can message back and forth about it.
  3. I am continuing on my journey.... For Christmas I got a 13 foot Wellputt putting carpet... I have it in my garage, and am practicing hitting into a Putt-out to work on my distance control and line. I will be taking my rulers and Blast Motion out to the garage for practice now that the Holiday season is over. Blessed to have a 3 car garage so some of the bays/areas is just for my golf practice. So the journey continues. Making changes to one's putting stroke is not as easy as people think nor is being a good putter. The average PGA touring pro spends 7-10 hours a week practicing PUTTING!! And these guys are already good. People just do not realize how much work it takes to be "great on the greens!" I hope you are enjoying your journey, though I know it can be maddening at times. However, once you make and sustain this improvement.... your performance on the greens should improve as well as your confidence. BTW, Cameron McCormick works with his players to get about a average of .5 (open or closed) at impact, so when you get there you are doing GREAT. Cheering you on from Florida. Also, I am out on the range working on my full swing a lot, just have stopped participating in the 5 Minutes a Day practice thread, since I found it time consuming, and boring for me.
  4. Looking at planning a trip this summer. I have played all the courses on Golfweek Magazines List of Top Courses You Can Play ... in Florida, Nebraska and South Carolina and more than 1/2 of those listed for New York. Since I will be in the Phiily area, I thought I would knock out the five courses that are listed for Delaware... below are the 2019 list of courses, any comments, insights, suggestions would be appreciated. Bayside Resort GC, Fenwick Island Bear Trap Dunes, Bethany Beach Baywood Greens, Long Neck White Clay Creek, Wilmington Deerfield Golf & Tennis Club, Newark Based on what I have been told so far, the first three listed courses are near each other, and I should look for lodging that is close and I can stay there and it would be a short drive to each of the courses. Any recommendations for accommodations would be appreciated. THANKS
  5. No course I know of in the Orlando area, or even in Florida (except for some private clubs) require you to have or prove a handicap... so you can eliminate that from your list. There are lots of courses in the Orlando area. I might suggest Southern Dunes which is just a short drive west of Orlando on I-4. It is usually listed as one of Golfweek Magazine's List of Top Courses You Can Play in Florida. Here is a link to a list of Top Courses..you might find this helpful as you search. Hope the weather is great and you have a fantastic trip to the Sunshine State. Golfweek’s Best 2019: Best Courses You Can Play Welcome to Golfweek’s annual Best. Each spring, we publish the three lists that are the foundation of our course-ratings program: Golfweek’s Best...
  6. I checked Google Maps, and it is almost 1300 miles from NYC to Miami... with the cost of gas and lodging and meals, it could come up to well over $250 one way. If you fly into Sarasota, it is $207 roundtrip from NYC, and there are probably even better deals to Orlando or Ft Lauderdale, ... You can use the $200 plus in savings to rent a car and you are about even with costs, but a lot less wear and tear on your body. Whatever you choose, I hope you have a fantastic trip and an equally fantastic visit to the Sunshine State.
  7. Yes I have done this drill. Here is another one like that which will keep your attention. 25 in a row from 3 feet 25 in a row from 4 feet 25 in a row from 5 feet, and 25 in a row from 6 feet If you miss any you start back at 3 feet. Also, you must use your full Pre-Shot Routine for each shot. From my experience, if you complete this without missing a single putt it will take you between 50-60 minutes. The rule of thumb I use for putting drills is that you can only hit 2 balls a minutes, IF you use your full Pre-Shot Routine for each one. .... this 2/minute recognizes you have set the ball up, putt it, pick it out of the hole and start again...also you may need a break every 10 minutes or so.
  8. I have been playing in a lot of scrambles, but have not played a round with my own ball for a couple of months. Had a free round, so I played 18 at The Highlands course here in Sarasota with a buddy of mine. I shot seven over par 79. While I am happy every time I break 80, it was a frustrating round. The greens were shaggy, seems like they were not cut today or maybe for the last two days. I had 4 putts that stopped on the front edge of the hole. G^%$#@$^)(* If they go in, I shot 75 and leave a LOT happier. Back to the range tomorrow for more practice, and maybe head to the gym so I can become stronger -- and hit those putts one roll more. On the other hand, I will probably go back to my home course where the greens run 10 plus on the STIMPMETER and make more putts. LOL!!
  9. I have done both. MACH 3 is more than swinging ropes, pvc pipes, etc. It has some concepts that drive improvement. Such as totally focusing on speed out front... meaning as the club passes the ball. And the goal is to swing the club to the finish point... not at the ball. So you are working on SPEED. And there is the JetStick which is a shortened club with a ball on a chain at the end. It helps improve speed also. There must be something to it, as they advertise and show lots of examples of people picking up on average 11 MPH of swing speed. Speed Sticks are also great. They have a series of protocols to use as you spend more and more time with the system. They are portable and easy to use and understand. The folks at MACH 3 (Mike Romatowski the founder) says it is okay to alternate Speed Sticks and the MACH 3 training ... meaning you can do SS M-W-F and MACH 3 T-T-S.... and rest on Sunday. They are complimentary. Lots of good things about both. I do not see it as an either or. I picked up about 10 yards over the winter when I did this.... I have not been using them in awhile.... but will be starting back. My 10 yard pick up was based on using the Swing Speed Radar system.
  10. I am involved in putting together a plan to help a group of teenagers (high school golfers) learn to become better putters -- improve their putting performance over the next several months. This would involve both indoor practice when there is inclement weather and of course outdoor practice as well, when the weather allows. I have already spent a couple of weeks thinking about this, and putting some "pen to paper".. well fingers to the keyboard. LOL!! However I am sure I am missing some things. And of course I would appreciate your perspective for those who have done this, or experienced it with your kids. Have any of you done this? What advice would you give me? What approach would you use with them? Any drills? Techniques? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  11. I know all you readers have been waiting for an update!! LOL!! I am continuing my practice habits, rolling lots of ball down my 3 foot ruler and sometimes on my Howard Swash Putting Rail. The time I spend is allowing me to get a better feel for what is happening with my body as I make the stroke. For example, today I noticed that my hips are not square to the line. Rather my right hip is a little closer so I am open to the line. When I focus on squaring my hips, I can more consistently roll the ball down the 3 foot ruler... which is the ultimate goal... being confident I can start the ball on the line I am aiming!! I learned this after I made 66 strokes with the Blast Motion sensor attached to my putter. I will see the impact of squaring the hips has next time. However, , my Blast Motion data is staying the same as the last few reported time. After 66 recorded strokes today, I am .1 degree closed at Impact, and my Tempo remains 1.8:1.
  12. I am three plus weeks into practicing my putting stroke indoors with the help of some "rulers/rails" and Blast Motion and even some Pelz Putter Clips. Today was another day with the feels like at 107 degrees... way too hot and too humid to practice outdoors on the putting green. I saw Cameron McCormick, who is Jordan Speith's coach, on Twitter talking about a Putting Rail that Cameron is using with his students. So I decided to add it to my collection. Now I have 4 "rulers/rails" to putt off of... and each one becomes more difficult in that you have to get better and better at starting and keeping the ball on line so as it makes it way down the "ruler/rail" where it is able to roll off the other end versus one of the sides. Here are the specifics. From left to right. The yellow 4 foot ruler is 2 inches wide. The silver 3 foot ruler is 1 inch wide. The next shiny silver item is the Howard Swash Putting Rail, the way I have it set up, is that the far end is only 1/2 inches wide. On the far right is the Putting Rail I just got from Altus Performance (Cameron McCormick's organization). There is a raised track in the center that is only 1/4 inch wide. You can do the math... going from 2 inches to 1/4 inch means the latter is only 12% of the width of the former. Here is the last point, to be successful using the Putting Rail, your face at impact can not be any more than .2 degrees open or closed. In the first month, I have been able to consistently and successfully putt the ball off the end of the 4 foot ruler (2 inches wide), so in an earlier post I mentioned I no longer use it... it is too easy. Now I am using the 3 foot ruler (1 inch wide) and the Howard Swash Putting Rail. When the 3 foot ruler becomes too easy, I will up it a notch and practice on the two items on the right. One last update, using Blast Motion again tonight, for 25 putts, I am striking the putt with an average of .1 degrees closed clubface. And my tempo continues to be 1.8:1. THANKS for making it this far. AND I will probably wait a week to post again... after my next tournament.
  13. There are some simple things to do when you are straddling the line with our feet... so you can feel the slope. First, make sure you are feet are around shoulder width wide. If you have them too narrow or too wide it is tough to get the feel. Second, so you are focusing on the feel, try closing your eyes.... this will help you "feel" better. Third, try a location on the green that has a LARGE amount of slope.... so you can feel the slope. Starting this by straddling a line that has little slope and convincing yourself that you can not feet it is self-defeating. Stand so you are facing uphill so you can feel the pressure -- which will be more in your heels. Stand so you are facing downhill -- you will feel the pressure on your toes. Then stand side hill.... you will feel the pressure more on one foot than the other. Fourth, and yes there are some people that may not be as sensitive to the slope as others... however, your body is a fantastic mechanism, it feels the slope and allows you to stand up right!! If not you would fall over any time you face any amount of slope. ALSO, once you can feel the slope, learning how much slope there is... is a trained skill. You need a Level and your feet.... so you can train yourself what a slope of 1% , 2%... feels like. And once you have trained yourself, you have to check yourself out (re-calibrate) on a regular basis.
  14. Hey @Patch I am .1 degrees open, not 1 degree. In thinking about what you suggest. What I have noticed is that at set-up, if I am not careful I stand too far away from the ball and the putter has too much rotation, and sits open at address. NOT good. So I have moved closer so my eyes are more over the ball AND the putter is more square at address. Both of these are helping... to reduce the amount of face rotation on the backswing AND square up at impact. Hope you are doing well.
  15. Practicing putting indoors again today. Two items of interest for those following me: First, I eliminated the 4 foot metal ruler, which as 2 inches wide. See attached picture. I find it too easy to putt it successfully from one end to another. So the challenge is gone. I am only putting off the 3 foot ruler which is 1 inches wide or 50% of the size of the 4 foot ruler. I am not able to putt everyone off the end successfully, so it makes it more challenging...though not too challenging where I want to quit. The goal in performance type practice is to find a situation where you are successful between 30-70%. And the 3 foot ruler is where I am at. If you are successful more than 70% of the time, then you have to increase the challenge point AKA make it tougher. The Howard Swash Putting Rail goes from 1 inch wide where the ball is sitting to 1/2 inches wide on the far end. The rail is raised slightly so the putt must stay on the raised rail from one end to the other to be successful. Second, I had another day where the feedback from my Blast Motion sensor indicates that at impact I am .1 degrees open from when I am set up to the ball. Not sure I can EVER get to be perfect... but doesn't hurt trying... and at the .1 level I will not be beating my self up, if after a while I do not make it to a number less than that "0". I had posted this in Uplifting Topics..... however, should have been here.
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