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  1. DAY 302 Spent almost three hours on the range working with the Impact Snap training device to improve my impact position and release. Also hit balls from an extreme downhill lie to continue the work on getting onto my left side versus hanging back. Felt good about the session and the progress I am making. Then went home, had a late lunch then back to the golf course for a 90 minute presentation by Bill Nelson, of Mind Management Academy. http://mindmanagementgroup.com/ This session focused on improving your golf self image. There were specific exercises and take homes. Excellent session. I will be attending these monthly session for the next 7-9 months as part of my work with my present coach.
  2. DAY 301 Was one the range for barely an hour working with my Impact Snap training device, when it started raining. So it was a short session today.
  3. DAY 300!!!! Thanks to TST admin and all those on this particular thread. I enjoy reading your postings, and I learn a lot in doing so. Well another Early Bird Gets the Worm Day. Out a little after 8 a.m. and home by 12:30 p.m. Spent quite a while on the range with my Impact Snap Training Device working on release and also hitting balls off an extreme downhill lie to enable me to get more over the ball/onto the left side and not hanging back. The headed over to the putting green to work with a Gate Drill. Since yesterday I completed the most Forward Tees challenge (5 consecutive 9 hole rounds under par), I got to move back a set of tees today (at my club these are the Senior Tees). My ball striking has been improving and I was hoping that I would be able to start under par. However, I did shoot even par -- I had 2 birdies, and missed a couple other makeable ones, BUT had two penalty strokes -- Grrr *&^%$# On the positive side, I know that I can make birdies from these sets of tees, so I will be able to achieve this goal in the near term... well by the end of October/November.
  4. DAY 299 Goal accomplished now I get to move back a set of tees!!! Shot under par for my fifth consecutive 9 hole score from the Red Tees (most forward tees). Shot 34 which included a couple of birdies -- putts were 7 1/2 and 10 feet. Spent quite a bit of time on the range working with my Impact Snap training device then hitting balls and also hitting balls off a steep downhill lie to help promote getting on top of the ball versus hanging back. Finished off the day with having to two putt from distances ranging from 20-60 feet.
  5. DAY 298 Spent 80 minutes on the range continuing to work with the Impact Snap training device to improve my release... then played 9 holes of golf. Played the first hole from the most forward tee, then moved back a tee every hole, ... trying to do something different so I am hitting different clubs into par 3s, different clubs in the greens on the other holes, etc. etc. I was three over par, the par 5 Fifth hole at almost 600 yards was the killer. I hit a bad tee shot and had to chip back into the fairway, ... ended up with a double bogey. With my length off the tee, I can play 6200 and below, when I am playing over 7000 yards, it is a challenge to score since I am hitting hybrids into some of the par 4s, and par 3s, ... and not able to reach some of the par 5s in regulation.
  6. DAY 297 Out to the golf course before sunrise.,, so I had to wait 15 minutes until there was enough daylight to hit balls. Hit balls for 15 minutes working with the Impact Snap training device.. Then headed out to play 18. We played the Senior Tees today, I was even par through 10 holes, before we got rained out. Hit 6 GIR, and got up/dwn 4/4. As my release gets better, I am hitting the ball longer since I am compressing it better... so I am finding myself challenged with distance control..... as a friend once said, "that is a good problem to have."
  7. DAY 296 Spent 15 minutes on the range warming up and continuing to work on my release. Then 10 minutes on the putting green working on long putts (20-50 feet). Then played 18 holes at Stoneybrook Golf Club at Heritage Harbor. I shot 80 which was a little frustrating, since I started both 9s with a bogey then double bogey.... also I lipped out 7 putts!!! On the great side, I shot 80 and enjoyed playing the round with a friend I went to high school with!! We played on the high school golf team together back in the 1960s!! Playing golf with friends is always fun.
  8. DAY 295 Rise and Grind. I was out early for a couple of excellent hours of practice on the range using the Impact Snap to help with my release. I do 4 reps with the Impact Snap Training Device then hit 4 balls ( I change clubs between almost every set from 5 -PW). I did a few other drills I was assigned to continue to build a better full swing. Felt I was making good progress so headed out to play 18 holes. As everybody knows, sometimes the transition to the course has some challenges. There were times when I was out there that I thought -- "why can't I swing like I did on the *&^%$#@ range" However, on the last hole, I did hit a beautiful Lob Wedge from 83 yards to 6 feet to finish with a smile!! Shot 78 and was pleased that as much as I struggled I still was only 6 over from the White Tees (6,165 yards with a slope of 122). The other reason I was pleased is that the course had 6 holes that were cart path only ... resulting in lots of drives that almost plugged. So the total carry was the only distance I was getting... NO roll, resulting in longer clubs into every green.
  9. DAY 294 Worked on the range for almost three hours working on my backswing plane, getting my sternum more over the ball on the downswing, and also on my release. In my last lesson my coach asked that I get the Impact Snap training device to work on my release. It arrived yesterday, and I started using it this morning. I have always struggled with my release such that my left wrist was not flat at impact so I was not compressing the ball well or always hitting it crisply. The Impact Snap is teaching me how to have a better release -- when I hit shots today I could immediately see the positive impact on my ball striking. Finally had my bi-weekly lesson and my coach confirmed my address position and backswing have improved a lot in the last six weeks, .... and then gave me a couple of drills to continue to work on getting my sternum over the ball instead of hanging back. Along with having me to continue to use the Impact Snap training device. The best part of today is that we stopped by our home which is under construction -- and spoke with the Superintendent, he noted that there is one more inspection to pass, which is scheduled for tomorrow, and that our closing is still on schedule for 9/24!!
  10. DAY 293 Spent more than 2 hours on the range working through the drills to help me be more on plane in my backswing and more over the ball on my downswing.... the practice putting green and chipping area are still covered with sand from the aeration on Monday, so I decided to go out and play 18 from the Green Tees which are 5495 yards. The purpose was to continue to get experience and more data on how I am doing with improving my proximity to the hole with shots 125 yards and in. Felt good about the Proximity to Hole data, shot one over par 73 in spite of losing a ball on the 14th hole. Had to play, lift, clean and place since a few holes are cart path only due to the rains we have been having for the last two months. The ball I lost was just off the fairway in the left rough and I could not find it in all the standing water. Wishing for drier days!!
  11. DAY 292 In spite of the lingering effects of the flu, I got out early to spend a couple of hours on the range, working on keeping my backswing more on plane and getting my sternum more over the ball on the downswing instead of hanging back. While on the range I had the honor of meeting Jane Reed. She played on the LPGA tour in the 1960s, and is a member of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals Hall of Fame. Her two grandsons have become my "golfing" friends since we see each other at the course or the range almost every day. She has spent a lot of time with those two teenagers, helping them to become very good golfers. Yesterday, the greens had been punched with the large holes, however, I decided to play 9 holes, so I can continue to improve my wedge and short iron game. With no expectations, I played the front nine from the Red Tees in 4 under par. I rolled in a forty foot putt from just off the green on the first hole... and away I went!! I now have played under par from the Red Tees in the last four rounds I have played. I need to do it again the very next time I go out, so that I can move back a set of tees... then start the process all over again. I really enjoy how it helps motivate me and focus me on improving my distance control and ball striking with my wedges, ...
  12. DAY 291 Stayed inside most of the day -- fighting the flu!!! So the only choice was to get my PuttOut out of its box, and work on my putting from 5-6 feet. I like the feedback you get when you hit the ball just right and it stays in the hole. Kinda like the feeling you get from a slot machine paying off!! LOL!!
  13. DAY 290 The course where I practice was just sold on Friday, the new owner is making LOTS of great improvements, so today they closed the course in the afternoon to begin some of those on-course and practice range improvements. However, I was able to practice around the putting/chipping green for a couple of hours. I have been working on improving my chipping/pitching motion. So I practiced hitting shots with just my right hand only on the club AND then with only my left hand only. In the last month I have made a lot of progress hitting the ball with just my left hand on the club -- improved contact and distance control. The young man in the Instagram posting below is demonstrating what I am talking about when I wrote about right hand only chipping/pitching to better learn the proper movement pattern.
  14. DAY 289 Back at the range today, hitting balls off of a downhill lie so I can get my sternum more over the ball instead of falling back. Also continued to work on my backswing to keep it more on plane. Spent 90 minutes doing this over and over Then headed over to the putting/chipping green for an hour or so of mostly hitting chips with my left hand only on the club. Focusing on allowing the club to work down back to the ball, and increased coordination with my left hand.
  15. DAY 288 Warmed up and had my bi-weekly coaching session. Confirmed improvements in my backswing ... and now working hard to get my sternum over the ball on the downswing...as I have a tendency to hang back. Went back to the range and hit LOTS of shots off a downhill lie to help train the feeling. Finally went out on the course for a fast 9 holes. Shot even par from the senior tees... while hitting a lot of practice shots in between keeping score. Continue to struggle with distance control with my wedges, as I am hitting the ball further... which is a good problem to have at this point. ALSO, my new TItleist stand/carry bag arrived!! YEAH!!

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