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  1. DAY 360 Spent an hour this morning going through the TPI screen and a couple of others to determine what limitations I have that are impacting swing and/or making it difficult to swing properly. The idea is that your physical limitations impact your swing and result in swing problems. The screen was very helpful in pointing out areas I was strong and others that needed lots of improvement. I start on the fitness improvement plan next Monday... Then went to the range to spend a couple of hours working through drills to help me reduce/eliminate my tendency to roll my left wrist on my takeaway.
  2. DAY 359 Rise and Grind!! Beautiful 81 degrees and a little overcast. Got in a little more than 3 hours on the range, focusing on my left wrist/forearm....it tends to roll a little in the backswing and I take it back a little inside. So I have to do a little re-routing before impact. Working to eliminate the roll... which results in a more upright/on plane backswing. Using 4 different drills to ingrain the new motor pattern. LOTS of reps with 9 iron, 7 iron and 5 iron. Then hit about 10 drivers REALLY solid. Also did my speed drills with my JetStick. Good morning....
  3. DAY 358 Lots going on today, so I have just finished spending 10 minutes working with my Impact Ball and short club on my takeaway, I have a tendency for the left wrist to roll versus cock up on the backswing. A small thing but am committed to get this fixed before my lesson next Friday.
  4. DAY 358 Spent an hour on the range working on Key #1 Steady Head and Key #2 Weight Forward. Then went to my weekly lesson. We could see on video that my set up is solid, and that I was making progress, and now back at it again until it is even better.
  5. DAY 357 Rise and Grind. Out early for more than a couple of hours before the rain arrived. Started by working with my JetStick to improve my swing speed. Then continued working on Key #1 Steady Head, and Key #2 Weight Forward. Used the Swingyde training aid to work on wrist hinge and improving the plane of my swing. Just had lunch. Shortly I will be off to the monthly Mental Training Workshop with Dr. Bill Nelson of the Mind Management Academy. Looking forward to hearing him and continuing to use the ideas he teaches to lower my scores.
  6. DAY 356 Rise and Grind!! Spend more than a couple of hours on the range working through drills to help me improve Key #1 Head Steady, and Key #2 Weight Forward. My body is still tired (in the recovery stage) from the intense workout on Monday.... so swing speed was down. Contact was good and so was ball flight.
  7. JuanTheGolfer

    Practice Pressure Putting

    Here are a couple of drills that will offer you pressure IF you are wiling to complete them. 40 from 4. You must make 40 putts in a row from 4 feet....when you miss you have to start over at #1. You set up 5 tees around a hole... and make a putt from each one, then the next one, .... never from the same tee twice ...after going around once, you do it over and over again until you have completed 8 rounds. IF you want to make it more challenging with greater pressure chose a hole location that is on a severe slope. Tour Putting Square. Set up 4 tees around a hole from 3 feet. Putt 3 balls from each location. If you miss, count the miss, and start over from that location. After completing from 3 feet, do the same thing from 4 and 5 feet. When you are done total your number of misses. Good putters only miss 2-4. Set a target, and if you do not reach it, you have to do the drill again and again until you reach it. Again to make the drill even harder, chose a hole location on a severe slope. These are just a couple of dozens I have collected....
  8. DAY 355. I woke up REALLY sore from attending my first Golf Conditioning Class yesterday... ooh, ouch, darn, .... my legs are killing me. Got out to the practice range about 2:30 and stayed until 5 p.m. The 10th day in a row working with the JetStick..so now I begin a 3 day a week regimen. Will try to remember to check my swing speed tomorrow UNLESS I go to the morning session of the Golf Conditioning Class. Spent the remainder of the time working on Key #1 Steady Head, Key #2 Weight Forward, and keeping the club more on plane in the backswing since I have a tendency to take it inside.. The test of my progress is Friday when I have my next lesson...
  9. DAY 354 Rise and Grind... out by 7:30 a.m. Spent 3 solid hours on the range working on Key #1 and Key #2. Also used the JetStick to continue my work on improving my swing speed. Then headed to the fitness center for an hour long Golf Specific Conditioning session... that kicked my butt!!! Came home and took a nap!!! Maybe I should have gone for the flexibility session.
  10. DAY 353 Out on the range at The Legacy Club for a couple of hours working on the same issues.... Key #1 Steady Head and Key #2 Weight Forward. Also used the JetStick to continue my work on improving swing speed. If my reports seem repetitive and boring, they are.. I am committed to fixing these issues..... which have plagued me for what seems like "forever!" Tomorrow back at it again!
  11. DAY 352 I was able to get out today for a couple of hours... and continued to work on Key #1 Steady Head and Key #2 Weight Forward. Also used the JetStick again to continue working on improving my swing speed.
  12. DAY 351 A VERY lite day. Did work with my Impact Ball focusing on Key #1 Steady Head. Tomorrow will be another lite day, and then back at it in full swing on Sunday.
  13. DAY 350 Rise and Grind!! Spent my normal two hours at the range.... after warming up, used the JetStick to help with improving my swing speed... (6 days in a row). Then continued working in Key #1 Steady Head, and Key #2 Weight Forward. Making progress. Had the opportunity to watch a person who has played in 2 U.S. Opens hit balls next to me. He is now in his sixties, but still can stripe that ball!!
  14. Day 349 Stayed up WAY TOO late watching the election returns. So did not get out until 10:30 a.m. Just got home 5 hours later. Spent 4 of those hours working on my swing and distance control with my putter. Used the JetStick again after warming up to work on improving swing speed. Then lots of time doing drills to help with improving Key #1 Steady Head and Key #2 Weight Forward.... I am making progress Then went to the putting green to work through a drill on distance control. I had to putt 20 balls in a row into a 3 foot circle around the hole from 20 feet, then when completed 30 feet and finally 45 feet. If I miss I had to start back at the beginning at that distance. Easily did the 20 and 30 foot distances in one try. Had to re-do from 45 feet 4 different times before successfully completing the drill at that distance.
  15. DAY 348 Rise and Grind... out early and spent almost 3 hours on the range continuing to work on a Key #1 Steady Head and Key #2 Weight Forward. Used a couple of different drills.. Also used the JetStick to work on increasing swing speed. Hoped to get in some putting practice when the started sanding the greens!!!

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