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  1. DAY 240 Up early prepping for arrival of team that will be packing up our house. So practicing pivots, using the door frame... turn back but don't hit the frame and through and not hit the frame on the other side. Helps with staying more centered in my swing. I think I will doing a lot of these over the next two days!!!
  2. DAY 239 Spent about 5-10 minutes on the putting green .... had to go in due to heavy rains, .. then went out with my regular Wednesday Golf Group to play 18 holes. There was a LOT of casual water on the first 5 holes such that we drove in the rough, played lift-clean-and place, and still had difficulty on those holes finding a spot in the fairway where there was not casual water. I can absolutely say that playing in a rain suit and rain gloves does nothing for my game. Shot 84... and happy to do that. Below is a picture looking up the fairway on the 6th hole. Looked like this most of the time.
  3. DAY 238 Spent 10 minutes working with my Impact Ball and my shortened golf club .... working on staying connected. AND lots of hours preparing the house for moving.... only three more days then back to MORE golf and NO packing and preparing for the move!!!
  4. DAY 237 I went out at 5 pm, with the temperature of 91 and Feels like 103. But, I had to keep the streak alive. Since the humidity was low, I was able to spend 90 minutes on the putting green working through, 25 in a row from 3 feet, and then 20 in a row from each of 20,30 and 45 feet into a 3 foot circle around the hole. Then spent the remainder of the time on VERY long putts, all over 50 feet. Checking to see how my distance control work is doing with various long targets. Did well... and now home!! And more packing, like earlier today.
  5. DAY 236 Spent an hour on the range working on drills to keep the club in front of me, and improve my downswing sequence. Then headed over to a friend's club to play 9 holes. Since he has some health issues, we played only 9 holes from the Senior Tees at 5500 yards. We had a great time together, and I finished with a birdie on the ninth hole to shoot 1 under par. Busy week ahead with packers and movers coming to our home. Then off to Sarasota, FL to live!!!
  6. DAY 235 Finally got to the range without any rain. Spent a hour on the range working through drills to help me keep the club in front of me on the backswing, and a better sequence on the downswing. Then played 10 holes, hitting lots of extra shots on the first 3 holes. Then focused, using one ball on holes 4-10. Shot 1 over par, which is pretty great since this is the first time I have been on the golf course in a week. All the other practice was either on the putting green, or indoors.
  7. DAY 234 Got out today, was about to walk to the range when the rain started!!! So back at home, standing in my driveway with my Orange Whip, getting in the Hank Haney 100 swings a day. And a little work with my Impact Ball. Looking forward to getting out early tomorrow.
  8. DAY 233 Outside at last!!! After another day of preparing to move... I got outside after dinner time for an 1 1/4 hours to work on my putting. Did a drill I started last week and completed it in a little over an hour. When I did this first a couple of weeks ago, I was not able to complete it in 2 hours. So progress. Make 23 in a row from 3 feet From 20 feet get 20 putts in a row inside a 3 foot circle around the hole. From 30 feet get 20 putts in a row inside a 3 foot circle around the hole. From 45 feet get 20 putts in a row inside a 3 foot circle around the hole.
  9. DAY 232 Yeah... back at home!! Spent 15 minutes working in my home office with my Impact Ball and shortened club. Looks like I will not be able to get outside until Friday morning. The Impact Ball has been so helpful in that it keeps my arms connected, and also helps with my pivot.
  10. DAY 231 After an exciting day of selecting window treatments, laundry room cabinetry, location of downspouts, etc etc for our new home (Yeah exciting -- who am I kidding) ... back now in the hotel room working with my Tour Striker Smart Ball on staying connected. Lots of swings with it in front of the mirror..... also working on staying more centered!!
  11. DAY 230 Travelling so.... I brought my Tour Striker Smart Ball with me. So far have spent 15 minutes with the Smart Ball working on maintaining my positions between my arms throughout the swing. Thanks to Martin Chuck's Smart Ball... I can keep my streak alive!!
  12. DAY 229 Continued to work on my short wedge game for 2 plus hours. Drilled with left hand only, right hand only, top of backswing and pause then hit, ... Seem to be making some progress. The last 45 minutes I spent hitting shots to random targets in the green with a 52 degree wedge. Still a long way to go...
  13. DAY 228 Spent 15 minutes on the putting green preparing for a scramble I was going to play in this morning. Our team went out and shot 13 under par, and tied for first. My driving and iron play was very strong and helped our team a lot... thanks to all the work I have been doing on my full swing. I am still struggling with short (60 yards and in) wedge shots. So while I spent a lot of time last month and some of this month working on it. I still have a LONG way to go. Yesterday afternoon I also went out to practice my putting, however, the approaching storm shortened that session (see the attached picture)
  14. DAY 227 Mostly indoors waiting for people to show up!! Spent time in the driveway swinging the Skilz version of the Orange Whip, then in my home office with my Impact Ball and shorted club. Working on keeping the club in front of me. Looking forward to playing in a scramble tomorrow morning. Shout out to @onthehunt526 !!! I have probably practice almost everyday for the last 4-5 years. It is only this past Fall that I found The Sand Trap. Your record of consecutive days is outstanding. It would be an honor to break it.
  15. DAY 226 Spent 2 hours on the putting green working through a putting performance improvement plan: Made 25 in a row from 3 feet Hit 20 putts in a row inside a 3 foot circle around the hole from 20 feet Hit 20 putts in a row inside a 3 foot circle around the hole from 30 feet Hit 20 putts in a row inside a 3 foot circle around the hole from 45 feet. When I did this same drill earlier in the week, I could never achieve the 45 foot level. Pleased to see I did today... and it only took 3 tries!! Missed the first two putts short, and then made 20 in a row!! Then the rains came AND I had to prep my home for a showing -- since it is for sale. Putting is one of several parts of the total performance improvement plan. However, each day you have to start with putting to earn your way to the next level. The next level which I will do later today if it stops raining is chipping and pitching. I think if you can achieve all the levels which include bunker play, irons to target greens, woods, etc. with minimal restarts you can do it in about 4-5 hours. Which makes for long practice days in 90 degree heat.

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