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  1. My practice paid off today. I played in a scramble, drove the ball the best I ever had in a tournament, ... we selected my drive 12/12 times we could which included 2/4 times on the par 3s. Still lots of work to do!! So I wanted to share this picture. Hope your practice is paying off!!
  2. Since you are willing to practice, .... and take lessons... you will naturally get better by year end. Here are a couple of simple things you can work on .... and track, and by year end you will be shooting 18 over par or less!! Which is a 22 stroke improvement over what you are presently doing. 1. Keep track of every hole in which you get on the green in 2 or less. The goal is to get on in 2, if you get on in 1, that is great!!! When you get on in 2 or less give yourself a checkmark on that hole. If it takes more than 2 you get an X for the hole. When you look back at your scorecard you have a sense of how many Xs you have an that will focus your practice. Here is a simple example, get out your 9 iron, and hit it on the range until you know exactly how far you hit it, AND then hit at a target. Get 10 balls, and hit all of them at your target. If you can hit all 10 within 10 yards of the target, you are doing great. Maybe this is too tight a dispersion to start with, so go for 15 or 20 yards of the target. When you can consistently hit 10/10 with in 10 yards of the target, you get to graduate to an 8 iron. You might say that is stupid.... however, I bet you can reach every par 3 on your home course by hitting a 9 iron off the tee and no more than a 9 iron to get on the green. Remember you are trying to lower your score.... this is the way to do it. 2. Keep track of the number of putts.... the goal is to average 2 or less per hole. One way to focus you practice is to keep track of when you make a putt of 4 feet or less. Every time you do, even if it is a tap in, you place a Checkmark on your Scorecard. If you miss, you put in "X". Now next week, when you got out to practice, you can focus your putting practice... If you miss a lot of 4 footers, well work hard on making them in practice. Here is a simple drill. Set 5 tees around a hole, at a distance of 4 feet from the hole. So you have a 4 foot circle with 5 stations/tees. Start at one tee, if you make the putt, you go to the next tee, continue around twice without missing. If you miss you have to start over. Here is the deal. You can to go around twice for every 4 foot putt or less you missed in your last round of golf. If you missed 18 four footers, you will be in for a LONG putting session. I guarantee if you can consistently make 4 foot putts you will rarely three putt. 3. Keep track of how many times you get up and down from the edge of the green in 2 strokes. Essentially this tracks your chipping skills. There are lots of drills to improve you chipping.. make sure when you work with your coach you have one or several lessons on this... or devote part of each lesson to it. The better you are at this skill, the faster your scores will go down. Hope this makes sense... if not ask away.
  3. Google shows that it is about a 7 hour drive from Augusta National back to Tampa. If you wanted to stop a little more than half way, you can play TPC Sawgrasss The Stadium Course... expensive but might be on your bucket list. There are other fun courses in the Jacksonville area. OR you can head a little further south and play either of the top rated courses at Hammock Beach Resort... they are both great!! IF not, something between Savannah and Jacksonville, near I-75 would be great. OR you can head over to Hilton Head as your first stop, play there and then head home, OR head down to Brunswick where there are several courses.... lots of options, depending on where you plan to stop along the way... And CONGRATS on scoring the tickets to Augusta National, if this is your first time, ... you will be amazed and it will be a memory you will hold forever... take LOTS of photos.
  4. I have the Edel E-! Torque Balanced Putter. When I balance it on my finger, the toe is almost vertical ... specifically it is about 5 degrees open...toward 1 o'clock. E-1 Torque Balanced Putter The revolutionary Torque Balanced technology from Edel Golf significantly reduces the negative effects of torque, promoting a smoother and more...
  5. @Shindig Fair question about why quit at 600. No particular reason, just tired of having to write about my practices... and wondering have I posted today or not, so I do not lose my "Clock Badge". AND want to invest these few minutes in something else. I may post on occasion, if I have particular insights, or things I think might have value for others. And of course, ANYONE on this thread who wants to ask me questions about drills, practice routines, etc are welcome to PM me. Thanks for asking.
  6. Focusing on putting... I break every putting practice session into three portions. Part 1: Use some training aid/feedback device to focus on technique. For example, use the Pelz Putting Tutor to train yourself to start the ball on line. Or you could putt down a three foot metal yardstick successfully 25 times in a row. The idea, is to work on your technique. Part 2: Short putts -- 3-5 feet. There are lots of things you can do in this area. Like 25 in a row from 3 feet, before you earn the right to repeat the drill from 4 feet, and then 5 feet. There are a couple of ways to make this more pressure packed and translate to the course. First, when you set up the tees for this exercise use 5 or 6 tees spaced around the hole.... I prefer 5, and set them around the hole at 3 feet (or 4 feet or 5 feet), that way you are practicing putting with various slopes to the hole. ALSO, do not do this drill from one tee and hit 25 in a row... rather go around and around the 3 foot circle until you have made it 5 times. So you only putt from one tee before moving to the next. This is tougher and more pressure packed. Again, once you have done it from 3 feet, you can move to 4 feet and then 5 feet. Based on time, you can also only choose one distance each of your sessions. Part 3: Head out to 30 feet.. since three putts will start to be more prevalent at this distance. There are lots of drills you can use. My preference is with your tees set up in a three foot circle around the hole, you have to putt 20 consecutive putts into this circle from 30 feet to successfully complete this drill. You have lots of options to make this harder, like one day do all putts from below the hole, another day all putts from above the hole, and another day make sure you are putting across a slope. Or you can continuously move around the green as long as you are 30 feet from the pin and putt from various locations. BTW, you can also move out to 45 feet. If you are looking for ideas on how to assess your putting, build practice routines and about 150 different putting drills. Try the book, "Make More Putts" which is available on Amazon for $10. Disclaimer, I wrote the book.
  7. DAY 600 This will be my final post in this thread. THANKS to Erik for initiating the idea of 5 Minutes of Practice A Day, and to the many posters whose practice sessions I have learned from and enjoyed. I will be checking in on TST regularly to participate in other discussions, As for my practice session today... I felt good about the progress I made on my technique. I spent a couple of hours working around the green on my chipping and short pitches. I had a tendency for too much movement of my left wrist (in the wrong way ) So I gripped down on a pitching wedge so my right hand was barely on the grip... and leaned the shaft so the rest of the grip above my left hand was touching my forearm. This grip insured I moved my left hand/wrist in the proper manner. Now that my shaft was in this position, I had to hit chips and NOT let the shaft leave its position from touching my forearm. ALSO, I put another golf ball about 8-10 inches behind the ball I was hitting so that I did not hit it either on the backswing or forward swing. This helped my angle of attack. I did this drill and hit some shots for almost two hours. I ended by hitting pitch shots from 20 yards and had 6/10 within 3 feet of the hole. So this new drill is really helping. MOST important this change in technique is helping me eliminate The Yips which I have fought for a couple of years. I also spent a couple of hours, hitting 7 irons working a couple of drills helping me get more pressure/weight on my left side sooner, so that if you measured it with Bodi-Trak, I would have 80% plus of my pressure under the left foot at impact. This focus is a direct result of the feedback I got from Bodi-Trak yesterday during my lesson. Thanks again for those that have been reading my posts, and sending me notes, .... I wish ALL of you continued improvement and lower scores.
  8. DAY 599 Had a lesson today on both my full swing and chipping. Used BodiTrak on the full swing .. and still need to get more weight on the left side at impact. Will be doing three drills coming week to work on improving this. So I will be doing that.
  9. DAY 598 Rain, rain ... go away. Woke up to rain this morning.. and dark clouds and scattered thunderstorms have continued throughout the day. So working in my home office with my shortened 7 iron and the Impact Ball. I noticed when I played yesterday that my thoracic spine was not turning... it is stiff..... so today I am working to stretch that out. Slow swings, and holding the top of my backswing for 2 seconds, repeat and repeat. Hopefully tomorrow will be better in the afternoon when I have a lesson and hope to practice OUTSIDE!!
  10. DAY 597 Spent well over two hours working on chipping and pitching.... lots of work on technique and testing. An example of testing was to throw 9 balls around the green, and see how many I could get up and down. Anytime it was more than 50% I was a winner, and less, I had to do it over again. Used 52 degree wedge, Pitching Wedge and 7 iron from various locations. Then I headed out to the course to play a quick nine holes. Since we have had so much rain, it was cart path only on all holes. Felt like my ball striking was not up to par, but I was a lot better at short wedges and chips.
  11. DAY 596 I think I am going to go stir crazy... stuck indoors again since there is so much rain. Even when it stops I do not know if the courses will be open... yesterday, my home course was cart path only, after yesterday and today's rain I can not imagine them letting anybody on the course. So back to working on my swing in my home office and in the garage. In the home office taking short swings with the shortened 7 iron working on positions and in the garage standing on two balance discs (one under each foot) working on stability. I am confident this off ball work will help when it dries out!!
  12. DAY 595 Went to the course today, ... due to all the recent and heavy rain, the range was closed, the course was cart path only for the back nine, and the front nine was being aerated.... so hung out on the putting green for well over an hour. Worked on making 25 in a row from three feet, then getting 20 in a row into a three foot circle around the hole from 20, and 30 feet. I started on 45 feet, made the first five into the circle and then the rains came!!! I should say the torrential rains. So will probably spend time this afternoon in my garage working on balance and staying centered, using a PVC pipe as a club while standing on a couple of balance discs. This really helps with lower body stability... since if you sway in any direction you lose your balance.
  13. DAY 594 My last week of posting in this thread. Rainy on and off today... so I stayed in an took some swings in the garage standing on a couple of balance discs to help quiet my lower body and stay more centered. Then some swings in my home office with my shortened 7-iron to work on positions throughout the swing.
  14. DAY 593 Went to the range to prep for a scramble I am playing in next Thursday. I worked on sharpening wedge game, hitting to targets in the 125-135 yard distance (since it seems all four of the par 3s are in this range) and working on my driving. While working on my swing some, most of the work was on aiming and alignment... so when I do hit the ball the way I want.. it goes where I think I am aiming Then spent over an hour on the putting green working on two drills... Making 25 in a row from three feet, then getting 20 in a row within this circle from 20 and 30 feet. I did one group of 5 from 45 feet,.... but the green was too busy to do more. Focused on reading the green, and aiming... my distance control is almost always good.
  15. DAY 592 Some of you may be wondering when I am going to miss a few days and start all over again from Zero. Well that will be when I reach Day 600. So there are only 8 more days of my posting in this thread. Today was another short day... hot and lots to do. So I spent time with my shortened 7 iron and my Impact Ball working on connectedness of swing. I also find when I use the Impact ball it helps with me my flexibility. Tomorrow back out on the range and course.
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