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  1. DAY 548 Out by 7 a.m. to avoid the summer heat. Spent an hour on the range working on the six positions in the six, taught at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy. Then another hour plus, in the short game area hitting 15-20 yard pitches to an elevated green with both my 52 and 56 degree wedges. Worked on technique and some on distance control.
  2. DAY 547 Wow it is getting into the 90s early these days!!! Spent almost 2 hours on the putting green working through a couple of drills and some work with the Pelz Putting Tutor, then headed to the chipping/pitching area for 45 minutes to work exclusively on technique... hitting 15-20 yard pitch shots... Making some progress in this area... i
  3. DAY 546 With the temperature at 90 degrees, I decided to focus on my putting, ... did a lot of work with the Pelz Putting Tutor, and Pelz Putting Clips, .. then drills at the 3 and 4 feet distance around the hole. After about 90 minutes on the putting green, I decided to go to the range to hit my new Ping G410 irons. Unfortunately I was sooo tired, I hit less than 10 balls, and just came home. Needing a LOT of rest today.
  4. DAY 545 Spent a LOT of time on the range this morning and early afternoon. Continuing to work on stability in my backswing and getting over to my left side more on my downswing. Also, again worked on the six positions in the swing. Hit primarily 6 and 7 irons while doing the drills. Then I hit a few shots with my new clubs.... 6 and 7 irons. I like how they flew and feel. Then played 9 holes. Drive, 3 wood, wedge to 4 feet, and a birdie on the opening hole....hit a lot of good shots, but had REAL difficulty staying focused, as it was SLOW out there, and I was tired. Time for resting.
  5. DAY 544 Christmas in May!! My new Ping G410 irons arrived today!!! Looking forward to putting them in the bag over the weekend. Now to write about practice, talk'n about practice. Spent more than 2 hours on the range, working through drills from the book, "Train for Golf Like an Olympian" Today I focused mostly in positions, working through the six positions mentioned in the book, and exactly the same ones I have been coached on when I took lessons at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy. Going back to these positions drills, tightens up my swing, .. Then to the putting green, where I spent an inordinate amount of time using the Pelz Putting Tutor for training and getting feedback on my skill in starting the ball on line. Solid day..
  6. DAY 543 Spent 90 minutes on the range continuing to work on my pivot and staying in posture throughout the swing. Then to the chipping area for 45 minutes to work on improving contact with the ball. Felt like I have been making progress on the former and not much on the latter. Then headed over to River Club to spend time with my coach. Hit several 6 irons well, and then was told to continue to work on my pivot, since that is the clue for my continued ball striking improvement. And that I was making excellent progress. And my swing was getting very solid. Then hit pitch shots from 15-25 yards. I need to work on more rotation through the ball. We did a couple of drills, then I hit 30 shots as a test, to see if I am improving... and glad to say that all 30 landed on the green and within 15 feet of the hole. I got feedback and coaching on each swing, and made lots of solid contact and proper motion. So the coach was pleased and I was pleased. Now back to the practice facility in the morning to do MORE reps, so I can continue to improve.
  7. DAY 542 Spent an hour on the range working on my downswing sequence (including my pivot). It is getting better. Then I went to a re-do of my driver fitting. Last week, we found that my present driver - Callaway EPIC outperformed any other combination of head and shaft from Callaway, Mizuno or Ping. Except, an EvenFlo shaft seemed to provide me with 7 yards more in distance using the head of my present Callaway EPIC. So we did a re-trial today to see if the EvenFlo put in my present Callaway driver performed better than its existing shaft. It did not!!! We tried a couple more combinations of shafts and my present Epic head and even the EPIC flash. Nothing beat my present Callaway EPIC. The ONLY time the Flash performed better was when I mis-hit my driver, as it is more forgiving.... but not $529 worth. Then headed to the putting green for 90 minutes working on two drills. The first is setting 5 tees around the hole at 3 feet. I have to go around the circle twice to complete it successfully. I did that from 3, 4, and 5 feet. Then re-set the tees at 3 feet around the hole, and stepped off 20 feet. I have to put 20 putts in a row inside the three foot circle to complete it successfully. I did, then was also successful at 30 feet. In both cases I did it on one try. However, from 45 feet, I was not able to complete the drill...the most I got was 10 in a row. DRATS!!
  8. DAY 541 I decided I needed to add some regular fitness training into my golf improvement efforts. So I attended an hour long, "Flexibility for Athletes" session today at the fitness center at our country club. I enjoyed it, felt it was worthwhile, and will make it a Tuesday event every week I am in town. Then headed to the range, I was warmed up!! Spent 90 minutes on the range working through drills to improve my pivot (stay in posture, etc. etc.) Then headed out to play nine holes. I was 2 over par... hit 7/9 GIR, but had 1 three putt!! I have rationalized the three putt, since the initial putt was almost 100 feet. I was on the front of the green and the pin was in the back!! I mis-read it and was pin high but 9 feet left of the pin. The wind was strong again today. On the par 5 Fifth hole which is 518 yards, I was less than 50 yards for my third shot, but on the par 4 Ninth Hole which is 397 yards, I was 50 yards short of the green... and I hit both the tee shot and the 3-wood as well as I did on the Fifth hole.
  9. DAY 540 Got out early to aviod the rain showers. Spent 90 minutes on the range working on the same thing I have been working on for months!!! Improving my pivot (rotating versus swaying).... lots of drills, and what I can say, is that my ball striking has been improving. I am sure tomorrow and tomorrow I will be working on the same set of drills, working to improve the same issue. I did make a small adjustment to my right hand grip which improved my plane taking back... I had gotten my right thumb sightly over to the top of the club to the right which was impacting my ability to have a better shoulder turn. Then headed to the putting green ... and as usual started with the Pelz Putting Tutor which provides me with feedback and training on starting the ball on line. Again made great progress in this area.... Then did one lag putt drill... working on putts from 20-40 feet.
  10. DAY 539 Happy Mothers Day to all that are mothers on this thread!! Had little time today to practice so I brought out my short club and did practice swings in my home office..... and now it looks like a lot of rain for the next couple of days... so my KPlayer will get a lot of work.
  11. DAY 538 Solid Saturday. I spent a little more than an hour on the range, working through a couple of drills to help me improve my pivot... and also a lot of swings with the Orange Whip to help with tempo and timing. Then headed out to play the front nine at Legacy Golf Club. I hit 7/7 Fairways, 7/9 GIR, Got up and down 1/2 times so I shot a one over par 37. I had one putt of less than 30 feet for a birdie and did not convert... So my proximity to the hole was NOT good...which makes it too to score... anything better than par on a hole. Then I hit the putting green for 30 minutes which was spent mostly using the Pelz Putting Tutor to train and get feedack in starting the ball on line, and end with an around the green with one ball. My distance control was good today when I played, just need to continue to sharpen up starting the ball on line.
  12. DAY 537 Spent time last evening going over the round I/we played in the scramble. We were 4th, and I was thinking about what I needed to improve to help us find this one stroke of more when we play again in July. So it gave me four things to work on... in no order: 1) More distance off the tee; 2) improved putting from 20 feet and in; 3) wedges getting closer to the hole from 30-100 yards; and 4) hitting shots in the 120-140 range closer to the hole -- since this was the length of all 4 of the par 3s. So this morning, I spent 90 minutes working on my swing to impove my strike (contact) and direction. This involved focusing on my pivot on both the backswing and downswing. Then 75 minutes on the putting green starting with work using the Pelz Putting Tutor to provide training and feedback on starting the ball on line. Then came home and spent 20 minutes using my Iron Gripper to strenghten my grip strength, and also Exercise Bands to help build more strength and stability throughout the swing. I put note about what I needed to improve on during the next 60 days on the corkboard on my desk -- to remind me daily... so I do not lose focus.
  13. DAY 536 Rise and grind... Was at the course at 7:15 and spent awhile working on my putting (putts within 15 feet. Then teed off in a scramble. I was fairly pleased with how I contributed, we used a lot of my drives, and second shots into the green....and I made one putt of 35 feet. Feeling good about my progress. Unfortunately our team finished 4th out of 20 teams!! Tomorrow back at it!!
  14. DAY 535 Long day. Spent 45 minutes practicing before my lesson. Still working on the same issues, staying more centered over the ball on both the backswing and downswing. A couple of solid drills to help.... and keep working. Then spent 45 minutes practicing my chipping using both a 7 iron and a pitching wedge. Home for lunch and then 9 holes of golf, a small bag of balls to work on my issues and allow the course to clear out, and then 9 more holes of golf. Hit the ball pretty well, had 3 birdies, putted well, and drove the ball very well. Progress a little at a time.
  15. DAY 534 Spent 10 minutes practicing and then headed over to get fit for a driver. However, I first wanted to confirm the results of an iron fitting we did a week ago or so. And sure enough the Ping G410 irons performed a LOT better than my Titleist 714 AP1s. The head shaft combination improved my distance by 1 1/2 clubs.. and then I added some more distance by choosing the Power Spec Lofts. So I ordered them. Then we hit my Callawy EPIC against the Callawy EPIC Flash, Mizuno ST 190, and Ping G410 drivers, and we tried out several shafts. Happy or Sad to say, nothing performed significantly better than my present driver!! However, I did pick up 5-6 yards with a different shaft in my present driver.. so I will just re-shaft my existing club and save hundreds of dollars. Now time in my home office working on improving the initiation of my downswing, since I tend to get stuck on my back leg, which results in the club coming way inside on the downswing (11-13 degrees)....resulting in my miss being a PUSH!!
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