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  1. DAY 180 Rise and Grind!! 2 3/4 hours on the range working through my GGGA Workbook of Drills -- focusing on Motion Drills which are designed to improve the overall motion of your swing. Humid... glad I will be inside this afternoon... though maybe I will go out for 9 holes later today
  2. DAY 179. Spent most of today driving!! We are building a new home 2 1/2 hours away, so we had to meet with the builder, and lighting folks. Thanks to my Impact Ball and shortened 5 iron I can practice my backswing and start of downswing,... working in a focused manner on staying in my posture. Spent 15 minutes of working on my swing. Waiting for tomorrow so I can be back on the range and putting green.
  3. DAY 178 Another rainy day....so only inside work. Using Impact Ball and shortened club to work on backswing and staying in posture through impact!!
  4. DAY 177B After the rains and some errands... I was back on the range for 2 hours. Working through the motion drills again from my GGGA Workbook. 4 1/2 hours of range time today.... tired, but feel I am making progress as the quality of the ball striking as I am doing the drills is better and this correlates with improved swing mechanics.
  5. DAY 177 "Rise and grind!!" Spent 2 1/2 hours on the range working through various motion drills from my GGGA Workbook materials. Contact seems better and I am more centered over the ball. Good session. Now lunch and maybe some work indoors later in the day.
  6. DAY 176 Finally got outside to the range where I spent an hour. Worked on being more centered throughout the swing, and my right shoulder coming more under than around. Good session. And then the rains came!!! Guess I will be working with my Impact Ball and shortened club in my home office for the rest of the afternoon.
  7. DAY 175 Another short day due to rain!!! Spent 15 minutes working on my backswing with my Impact Ball and shortened club. While rain is forecasted for tomorrow at least it is not until the afternoon. Being inside has also allowed me to read the three Harvey Penick books, starting with his "Little Red Book" they are filled with great stories and some insightful tips.
  8. DAY 174 Short day today since most of it has been spent celebrating Mother's Day by visiting my MIL. Did get in 15 minutes of backswing practice using my Impact Ball and shortened club. For any mothers that read this thread, Happy Mother's Day!!
  9. DAY 173 Back to the regular routine. Spent 75 minutes on the putting green. Worked with the Pelz Putting Tutor hitting 40 putts total, 10 at each of 4 distances. Getting feedback on the extent to which I start the ball on line. Then set up a star pattern of 5 tees around the hole from 3 feet. Hit a putt from each of the 5 points, then did the same thing again for a total of 10 putts. Repeated the same thing at 4 and 5 feet. Felt good about making all 10 from 5 feet. Like the pressure it creates by having to track your score. Then to the range for 90 minutes working on staying in my posture through the shot. Then played 9 holes. Shot even par, 1 birdie and 1 bogey, hit 6/9 GIR. Missed a couple of birdie putts of 10 feet and under. GRRR.... Now time for dinner.
  10. DAY 172 Spent a half hour with my coach this morning trying to improve my impact... using video it was pretty obvious that my side tilt at impact was too much and my head was way behind the ball. So we worked on one drill to improve it.. and it did. Then hit balls for 45 more minutes on the range doing the drill. My coach is at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy. Then came home and headed to the range, where I put in another hour plus hitting balls working on the assigned drill (s). Then played 9 holes, and had 3 birdies and 1 bogey, for the second day in a row to shot 2 under par on the front nine at my home club. I am also feeling that the almost daily 75 minutes on the putting green is starting to pay off. Tomorrow back at it.
  11. DAY 171 Spent 75 minutes on the putting green. Started with 40 putts from various distances with the Pelz Putting Tutor which provides great feedback on whether I am starting the ball on line. Then set up 4 putting stations around the hole at 12 feet. The target is to make 16/40 putts -- 10 from each station. I made 14. Then hit 20 putts to various holes working on distance control. Then hit about 75 balls on the range using the Feet Together Drill... which took at least an hour. Then played the front nine at my club. I shot 34 which is 2 under par. I had 3 birdies. My only bogey was a result to taking too much club and hitting it into the sand trap behind the green. While I only hit 5 GIR, on three other holes I had NGIR... as I was in the short grass in the collar of the green. Hit the ball better today.. still lots of work to do.
  12. DAY 170 Worked on my release for about 15 minutes on the range... then warmed up for a round. Played 18 at World Woods - Rolling Oaks course in Brooksville, FL My GIR stats did not look bad, hit 12 GIR, however, when I missed a green trouble ensued, so I ended up shooting 81. My work on my release is making it hard to contact the ball consistently, particularly on my irons. Tomorrow I will continue to work on it as part of my Feet Together Drill, and then Friday morning with my coach, maybe he can help me clean it up. Frustrating day... however, at least dinner was great!! Thanks Wife.
  13. DAY 169 Spent 75 minutes on the putting green. First with the Pelz Putting Tutor - hitting 40 balls from various distances to the cup to provide feedback on the extent to which I start the ball on line. I use it at various distances 25 to 3 feet, since I learned that I can be a little quick at 3 feet with my tempo while way smoother at 25. So it is a constant and positive check. Then hit 10 putts from each of four locations around the hole at 9 feet. The goal is to make 60% or 24/40 or better. Today I made 22. Then to the range for an hour and then played 18 holes. Shot 75... could have done better
  14. DAY 168 Back at the range for another 2 1/2 hour session doing the Feet Together Drill... it is a great drill and in doing it I am continually reminded what I do well and what I need to improve on. Lots still to improve on. Then went out on the course to play 6 holes. Hit lots of extra shots (full wedges, chips, 5 irons, ..... ) Then made my way to the putting green. Hit 40 putts with the Pelz Putting Tutor which provides me with excellent feedback on my starting the ball on line. Then 40 putts around the clock from 6 feet. Trying to make 32/40 or 80%. Somedays I can, and today I only made 30. Always work to do to get better.
  15. JuanTheGolfer

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    Just found this page.... so I will be posting my Game Golf rounds going forward. To start I will post a round from last week as a test to see if this works. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/JuanTheGolfer/round/2126554 I have played this short course during Saturday morning scrambles which they have weekly. We won it a couple of times with scores of 9 and 10 under par for 9 holes. Since it is short it is all about hitting good drives and wedge shots...and putting! I think there is only 1 or 2 of the five par 4s where after a good drive you will hit more than a wedge in to the green. I had never played the course using only my ball, and with Spring arriving, the aim points that we used a couple of months ago, were dramatically changed as the trees have filled out. Hit a lot of good shots for me, and was 5 under on my ball. I am encourage to again participate in the Saturday or Sunday morning scrambles... they are only 9 holes so I am home by 10:30 at the latest!! They pay both closest to the pin on the par 3s, as well as for the top teams. Never get rich, though a fun way to start the weekend.

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