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  1. DAY 488 Spent 1/2 hour on the range warming up and doing a couple of drills to help with the swing improvements I have been working on. Then had an hour long lesson with my coach. We could see progress, and I was assigned one more drill to add to the other four I am doing to improve my swing. I am hitting the ball so much better than a few months back. Headed to the putting green for an hour to work with the Pelz Putting Tutor and the Teacher Clips to improve starting the ball on line and more centeredness of hit. I keep hoping to get out and play some golf, however, the courses are SOOOO crowded with the "Snowbirds"... it will thin out soon as they begin to head North.
  2. DAY 487 Went out at lunch time and spent 2 1/2 hours plus on the range working on my backswing (increased sidebend at top of swing), impact position and getting more onto my left side. Did the basic 4 drills I have been doing for the last week. Feeling like I am making progress. Then headed to the putting green for 45 minutes to work exclusively with the Pelz Putting Tutor to train on starting the putt on line.
  3. DAY 486 Windy, rainy and cold!! Not the day to go outside!! So worked indoors in my office with my shortened 7 iron on getting more sidebend on the backswing, and improving my position at impact. Lots of very slow swings to get the feels.
  4. DAY 485 Got a late start, however, put in two solid hours on the range, working on increasing side bend on my backswing, and getting into better impact position, as well as getting onto my left side more. Sometimes it just gets boring out there doing drill after drill after drill... the hope it that it will positively impact my game when I take it to the course. All I can do is focus on the process, ... learn, fail, learn, fail, ... just stay the course...and next thing you know is that you have moved up a level.
  5. DAY 484 Started on the putting green for almost 45 minutes totally focused on starting the ball on line... using the Pelz Putting Tutor as the feedback device. I tend to grip the club too lightly and lose some control over the head. So worked on increased grip pressure and maintaining it throughout the stroke. Then headed to the range for a couple of hours, plus. Worked through 4 drills -- Right Foot Back, Step and Swing, Backswing on plane checking with an alignment rod, and Impact Position. Felt good about the progress.... now home and probably back on my KPlayer for 10-15 minutes this evening to improve through the feedback it provides in the training drills.
  6. Welcome... I live in Sarasota. Wishing you the very best as you get "back" into golf AND find the right instructor. Lessons first, clubs later... IMHO!! Hope to read about your success and fun rounds.
  7. DAY 483 Rained early so I stayed in.... still getting over the flu. So I fired up my KPlayer, and did drills with biofeedback to improve the issue with my Flat Shoulder Plane and my sequencing. A handful of 5 minute sessions today!
  8. DAY 482 Headed to the range late in the morning and spent a couple of solid, focused hours on working through three drills to help me with my backswing AND initiating my downswing with my lower body AND staying in posture. Making some solid progress. If the weather holds up, I am looking to play Sunday afternoon and see the impact of all my work.
  9. DAY 481 Headed out to the range after lunch to work on two drills to help me improve my backswing (amount of sidebend) and starting the downswing with my left side. Did this for a little over an hour and felt good about the progress. Then headed over to the chipping green and hit both 7 irons (using the Paul Runyan approach) and PW wedges to help me with my ryhthm. Spent about 45 minutes in this area before heading home.
  10. DAY 480 A fantastic day on the range!! Warmed up and then worked through a drill to help me stay more on plane in my backswing and downswing. Then Scott Underhill of KMotion stopped by to do an assessment of my swing using KCoach. After the assessment, we identified two areas that I need to work on.... both of which fit with what I am trying to improve. The first was I that I have too flat of a shoulder plane when taking the club back, so I needed a lot more side bend. And the second was an issue that has plagued me for a long time -- which is I tend to initiate my downswing with my hands instead of my lower body. We did a little biofeedback training, and then I hit 4-5 more balls, and my side bend improved by 50%.... and I hit those shots straight and longer than normal. So it was a great morning. Starting tomorrow I will pull out my KPlayer and do the exercises I need to improve my side bend, and make some other small adjustments to improve my consistency at set-up, top of swing and impact positions. And within a week, he will send me a specific improvement plan based on the rest of the data that was captured. Shout out to the folks at KMotion who keep improving thier product.
  11. DAY 479 Went to the range to work through the drills I was given yesterday ... to improve the consistency of the plane of my swing. Worked through the drills for a little more than a couple of hours. Process the same ... 4-5 swings using the feedback device, then a slow shadow swing, and finally hit a ball that is teed up. Review the success of applying the swing to the swing when hitting the ball. Then start over again. Then headed to the putting green.. worked on one distance control drill. Goal -- make 20 putts in row within a 3 foot circle around the hole from 20 feet, then 30 feet, and finally 45 feet. I was not successul at 45 feet. Oh well. Time to rest.
  12. DAY 478 I spent an hour plus on the range working on improving the plane of my backswing... I tend to come in a little too much to the inside. Then had a lesson. My coach, gave me two more exercises to use to help with getting the backswing even more on plane. It seems to work since I hit 6 in a row 6 irons right on target!! So lots of practice with these two drills in the next two weeks. Then we worked on my short pitch shots -- 15-20 yards. I am terrible at these... my set up and technique were okay, however, my rhythm is way off, ... I flinch on my downswing. This is a result of so many, many bad shots... that it seems like another person inhabits my body. So we worked on my humming during the entire swing and until the ball stops rolling. The humming must keep the same pitch and speed... And we also tried counting. I think the humming works better in that I was able to hit 9/10 onto the green relatively near the hole, and actually holed out one. We shall see.
  13. DAY 477 Spent 3 hours on the range today, working on my better synching my backswing, and keeping my posture through out the swing. On my downswing I tend to get my shoulders and torso out of order!!
  14. Reviving this thread.. About three years ago, I started playing Golfweek Magazine's List of Top Courses You Can Play by State. This is a realistic list to me, in that it does NOT include all the private courses, that I nor many others can play. So in 2016 I played all 30 courses in that list in the state of Florida some of which are: World Woods - Pine Barrens and Rolling Oaks Juliette Falls Black Diamond Ranch - The Quarry Course TPC Sawgrass- The Players Course Bay Hill Southern Dunes Streamsong - Red and Blue Trump Doral - The Blue Monster and Red Tiger Turnberry Isles - Stouffer and Miller Gasparilla Inn Camp Creek Then in 2017 I played 11 of the 15 listed for South Carolina. I had all 15 scheduled, however, Hurricane Irma washed out the last four, which I will get around to next year. Some of which included: The Walker Course True Blue TPC Myrtle Beach Heritage Caledonia Grande Dunes The Dunes Then on my trip to Rochester, NY for a reunion I played the ones below in addition Oak Hill - East Course Ravenwood Greystone I will be taking another trip to Rochester this Spring and play Conklin Players Club Leatherstocking Seneca Hickory Sticks Then a trip a little later in the Spring to play all the courses in Nebraska, and then some Awarii Dunes Quarry Oaks Wild Horse Dismal River (Red and White) Prairie Club (Pines and Dunes) Tatanka Each year, I will select a state and try to play all the courses listed in that state... I really enjoy playing new courses and meeting the people. Some may ask do I have a favorite course... not really. Almost all of them have positive memories that stick with me for various reasons.... AND I also did a review of each round on my Facebook page, so I can always go back there to reminisce .. or go through a box of things I have from the various courses like ball markers, pencils, scorecards, balls, ... the golf balls I will eventually turn into a Christmas Tree (sticking the balls around a styrofoam base).. Now off to make more memories
  15. DAY476 Spent an hour on the range, working on my backswing and synching the elements of my downswing.. I tend to have a fast body and leave the arms out! Then headed to the putting green, and worked for almost an hour exclusively with the Pelz Putting Tutor on a 10 foot uphill putt. I am learning that I need to improve my timing some so I can better start the ball on line.
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