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  1. DAY 419 Was out an about relatively early today... at the range by 9:30 and worked for almost 4 hours on drills to help me stay more centered and improve my rotation and impact position. Had lunch. Then back at the range for another hour. Then went out to the course... it was pretty busy, we played holes 1-5, when we got to the 6th tee there were two groups on the tee, and two in the fairway, so we drove in, and started at hole 1, and were able to play 1-9 without any wait. I was 5 over on the 14 holes we played - again in really windy conditions.. Not particularly great scoring, though I hit a lot of solid shots, hit 8 GIR.... Finished up at 6 pm in the dark. Time to rest and repeat!!
  2. JuanTheGolfer

    What are you Reading Right Now?

    Just finished "Red War" a Mitch Rapp series book, the author is Kyle Mills, who took over the series a couple of books ago when Vince Flynn died. I really have enjoyed the series which now has its 15th book. Getting ready to read Brad Taylor's "Daughter of War" which is the 13th book in the Pike Logan series.
  3. DAY 418. Played a round of miniature golf at Evie's Family Golf Center today with my wife. Does that count for my 5 minutes of practice? LOL!!! BTW, this was the 114th different location we have played. In addition, I spent a bunch of time working through the three things my coach wants me to improve this quarter.... so LOTS of practice swings with my shortened club in my home office.
  4. DAY 417 Headed over to River Club to practice and warm-up before my lesson. Hit balls for about an hour, working on backswing (staying more centered over the ball) and downswing (moving past the ball after impact rather than hanging back). Spent an hour with my coach, working through a Blueprint for Improvement this coming Quarter. Set up 3 things to focus on during all my full swing practice. Then headed to the course near my home to practice... however, with the 70 degree weather the range was a "mob scene" so I went out to the putting green near the first hole and worked on 3-4 foot putts using a hole with a LOT OF BREAK. After an hour of work on these short putts, I finished by having a putting contest with a friend who played in PGA tournaments in his younger days.
  5. DAY 416 Cold day in South Florida... the high was 60 but the feels like was lower. So at 1 pm when I thought it was as warm as it was going to get... I headed over to the range to work through several drills to help with my backswing and staying in posture on the downswing. 90 minutes later I was tired of doing the drills and wanted to see about my progress on the course versus on the range. So I headed over to River Club to play 9 holes... well the course was jammed with 9 holers... So I drove to the 10th tee and no one was on the back 9. Even though it was windy now, and the clouds were blocking any sun, so it was getting colder, I still was determined. I shot 1 over par from the White Tees (3000 yards)... but only hit 3 GIR (usually I would have hit 6 in normal weather conditions). While very pleased with the score... I froze out there. Temperature dropped to below 55 and the winds got up so that into the wind it was a 2 club wind plus. The best example of that was the 16th hole which is 355 yards. The green is surrounded by water in front and around to the back. Normally this is a drive and 7-iron. Today it was a drive and 3 wood!!! And two putts later I left with a par. The 18th hole was another example, I was 102 out after putting the ball in the fairway off the tee... normally this would be a wedge... I hit a full 8-iron that barely made it on the green. My hands were cold... well enough whining. Glad I got out and played and glad my work has been paying off. Hoping for warmer weather SOON!! After all it is Florida.
  6. DAY 415 Short day at the golf course.... spent 90 minutes hitting chips with my 7 iron and my 52 degree wedge. I am hitting them SO much better than a month ago... even I was impressed. Do I have a LONG way to go YES!! But my ball contact is lot better which is how I judged the session. Still my MACH 3 workout to do, and some work with my Impact Snap...some time today!!
  7. DAY 414 Very late start!! I did not get to the course until 2:15 in the afternoon, at that time both the range and the chipping/bunker green were very busy, so I headed for the putting green. Two plus hours later I headed home. I worked A LOT with the Pelz Putting Tutor to get feedback and train on my skill in starting the ball on line. Then I did the STAR drill again today, however, I only completed it from 3 and 4 feet. Then I hit 20 putts from distances of 15-35 feet with a focus on distance control. Of the 20, those that did not go into the cup, they all finished within 2 feet of the cup. Distance control is one of my best putting skills!!
  8. DAY 413 Back at the range!!! Spent 3 plus hours working through the drills from pages 170-73 of "Train For Golf Like An Olympian" There are drills on improving our swing motion, positions in the swing, etc. When I do these drills I vary the club between a 5,6, and 7 iron. Every once in a while I do a test to the nearest green. The nearest green today was 118 yards, into a breeze. So I pulled 10 balls and hit 3/4 8 irons at the pin. My 8 iron is my 125-130 club, .... so I cut back a little and tried to keep the flight down. I was able to get 8/10 within 15 feet of the hole, So I was VERY happy. About 20 minutes into the session when I was thoroughly warmed up, I did the Starter Protocol from Super Speed Golf. I will be doing this for 4 more weeks and then move to the next level.... all with the goal of increasing swing speed.
  9. DAY 412 Went to the range after spending the late morning at an art festival in downtown Sarasota, FL... and the range was FULL!!! So I headed to the putting green where I spent 2 hours. Began with the STAR Putting Drill which focuses me on putts from 3 up to 10 feet. Where I set up 5 tees around the hole. Starting at 3 feet I have to make a putt from each of the five locations... if I miss then I start over. After going around the STAR once, I have to do it again. So in total I have to make 10 consecutive putts. I did this from 3, 4, and 5 feet. Then I did a distance putting drill. Begin by setting tees around the cup at 3 feet. Then from 15 feet from the hole, you hit 10 putts with the goal of all 10 ending up either in the hole or inside the 3 foot circle of tees. Then continue the same thing from 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39 and 42 feet--you end up hitting 100 total putts. To make it more challenging... I would move around so that I varied both the distance and the amount of slope for each of the locations. For example, from 36 feet, I had a sharply breaking, VERY downhill putt. To get the ball in the circle I had to hit the ball 90 degrees away from the hole, and with only enough energy for the ball to roll 4 feet. The ball took the break and kept rolling and rolling until it came to rest within the 3 foot circle. This helps make the drill more challenging and more like situations you face on the course. I was able to get 97/100 putts in the circle when doing this drill.
  10. DAY 411 Took off yesterday but back at it today. Spent 3 hours on the range working through the drills on pages 170-73 of "Train for Golf Like An Olympian." The drills focused on the six positions throughout the swing AND the swing motion itself. Lots of great drills. Continued with my swing speed improvement program -- Jet Express from Michael Romatoski. The drills take about 30 minutes which I do three times a week. The goal is simple -- faster swing speed.
  11. DAY 410 Started the day off on the wrong foot. I thought my lesson with my coach was at 9:30 -- it was at 10:30.... So I arrived VERY early. Turning lemons into lemonade, I used the extra hour to practice several of my drills to improve my backswing and impact positions. The lesson focused on making a couple small changes to my set up with allowed me to compress the ball better... I had let the ball get too far forward in my stance for a mid-iron. With the new set-up we then worked on hitting to targets. Then headed home and back to the range where I spent 2 plus hours working through my normal drills -- beginning with a focus on set up each time I hit a ball. I felt it was a long and productive day...
  12. DAY 409 Yes, I know there was no Day 408, however, there were TWO Day 407s!! Yikes I need help!! Okay, back at the range again today for more than 3 hours. Exhausted and came home. However, worked with my JetStick as part of my swing speed improvement program, and also worked on Swing Positions #1-3, then several motion drills like hitting with Feet Together, Feet Wide Apart, Right Foot Back, Step Through Drill, etc. etc. I also enjoy swinging the Orange Whip to help with tempo and stretching -- I do this after about every 20 balls. Came home and worked in the garage for 20 minutes on my swing speed improvement program using the Soul Shaker, and Black Mamba. Had hoped and planned to go play 9 holes today... but didn't!!
  13. DAY 407 Grinding it out for 4 hours today. Spent 90 % of the time focusing on the three positions in the backswing (using the ideas from Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy where I took lessons for four years) .... the remainder of the time on getting onto my left side. Hit the ball very well today during all the drills. Progress on the range! The course (s) are still too busy with all the snowbirds.... but I WILL get out tomorrow to play at least 9 holes.
  14. DAY 407 The afternoon weather was spectacular, so much so, there was no spaces at the range!! So I spent 3 hours on the putting green with only 2 drills. The first was setting up 5 tees around the hole at 3 feet. The objective is to go around the hole twice without missing ... to do so you have to make 10 consecutive putts. I did 3, then 4 and finally 5 feet. Then spent the rest of the time on a game of 21... from 15-20-25 and 30 feet from the hole. Most of my misses were a little short...(less than 6 inches)... just needed to get more to the hole. Then came home and worked in the garage with my JetExpress Speed Drills. Got to continue to improve my swing speed.
  15. DAY 406 Out by 9 in by 1!! Spent 3 plus hours on the range, with my continued focus on working through the drills on pages 170-173 of "Train For Golf Like an Olympian." These drills focus on positions and your overall motion. Swung the Orange Whip a lot trying to build strength, flexibility and better tempo. Looking forward to playing some golf tomorrow!!!

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