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  1. For me, at the range this is incredibly important. Get all your swing thoughts out of your head during the preshot routine, so when you're addressing the ball, you don't have 4-5 things running around the mellon. If you can get to the point where you are doing the same thing on most of your swings, regardless of where the ball goes, then you can start tweaking your swing. Right now, if you are making adjustments after every swing, there's no consistancy and hard to isolate flaws. Try this, hit 10 balls using the same swing, no changes in grip, stance, etc. Do not tweak anything, find out wha
  2. IMHO, go with Timtheputterman. 44458/99.6 feedback. He has tons and tons of gear. If he says it's been hit 1x, it's been hit 1x. I bought my set of MP-57's from him a couple years ago and it was listed as hit once. When I got them, 4-6 irons still had plastic on grips and face, 7 had been hit, 8-pw still wrapped in plastic. Just a sample. http://cgi.ebay.com/MIZUNO-MP-57-MP-...d=p3286.c0.m14 $399/15 sh is a good price from a trustworthy source. Also, he carries everything from Drivers to wedges of every brand and combo. Good luck, and whichever you choose or however you get them, you'
  3. Square drivers typically have more forgiveness and huge MOI. I can't answer your question as to whether a square driver will help with your slice, but it wouldn't hurt. Point being, as a beginner, using a low lofted (9.5*) tour model (open clubface) is really working against you. The lower the loft, the less backspin and more side spin you're getting. In laymens terms, it's accentuating your slice. You want to go with a higher lofted driver and at least neutral face, or even draw until you get your swing grooved. I would even think about 12-13* drivers at your stage, the more backspin, the l
  4. Callaway uPro's for $299 now with the $100 rebate. I have a neo currently, but taking a serious look at the uPro.
  5. I chose square/square, but I mostly play closed/closed as my normal shot is a draw.
  6. Do the Pro's who use the R9 just have the head? I mean they get custom fitted for thier driver's and there's really no need for the adjustablity. I'm thinking they just use the head and custom non adjustable shaft.
  7. Do you know your distances cold? Even at a high hdcp, I would find a GPS useful. Almost every gps has a shot mark function. Just because you hit (or miss) the yardage flag at the range, they are very inconsistant. Pure a shot, mark it. Do that enough times with your irons, you'll get a great reference on exactly how far you hit those irons. Also, as a higher hdcp, your judge of distances will probably be way off. There's times where my gps will give me a yardage and I'm like there's no way that can be right. I'll trust the technology more times than not from experience. Can you tell the di
  8. I picked NIKE. Just imagine the annual parties and events!!!!! Woods, Wie, AK, Cink, Petterson, Jordan, LT, Jeter, Davenport, Sharapova etc etc etc. It would be a sports networking of who's who in ALL sports. Although I don't care for thier equipment, all the perks make up for that. Free Nike gear,clothing for life, event tickets, etc. I don't think any other sponsor could offer as much as Nike.
  9. On this note, what really is the law? I live in California and have heard it both ways. My Dad hooked one into someone's backyard last year. We heard it hit, sounded like a door or the patio, and when we got there the old man said we busted his window. Dad had the man send estimates and paid for it. I told him I'd research who's liable but he said didn't matter, he hit into the man's house (i don't think he broke the big ass window looking into the course, but w/e). Found this and alot of others on the WEB (so it must be true, it's on teh internets) Author Bio: George K. DeHaven is a partner
  10. Where did you guys get your information? PGA.com says: The average number of yards per measured drive . These drives are measured on two holes per round. Care is taken to select two holes which face in opposite directions to counteract the effect of wind. Drives are measured to the point at which they come to rest regardless of whether they are in the fairway or not. (101) Im pretty sure they don't use Par 3's and drivable par 4's. They specifically say drives , not tee shots. They want to get a realistic average of drives, and tossing in a Par 3 blows that idea ri
  11. Anyone hear Miller say "That was skanky" when Creamer pulled a shot to the left of the green today? I almost pee'd my pant's during the eerie 3-4 sec (seemed like 10) silience after he said that. I can just imagine Dottie's facial expression as she heard that. Also on Creamer, when she hit another short of the green "That belt buckle must be weighing her down" lol.
  12. So I traded in my XLS 10.5* Draw last week and got fitted for a Ping G10 9* and have hit it decently (usually only on the par 5's, 3W is my go to stick). I went to the range today to get more familiar with it, due to the diff in shape, weight, shaft, grip, etc so when I do break it out i'm not self conscious and have 30 swing thoughts racing. after a few good draws, I started skying the ball, not swinging up at the ball, it was just hitting the crown. The old tee I was using was a 2 3/4" and the ball sat a lil higher than I liked. So I thought, hit it like its a tee'd up baseball. Now, I d
  13. WOW, I don't carry the 4i lol, don't even know why I put that in there. Good catch.
  14. You actually want to sharply strike down on the ball to generate spin. Think of chopping at a ping pong ball on the table. People call this pinching the ball (between the turf and the club). This pinching works on a solid surface, such as the fairway. Less or no spin out of the rough because 1. the ball usually isn't on solid ground and there's space below the ball, no pinching effect, 2. grass gets between the ball and grooves, filling them and not allowing them to bite the cover. Of course you need 2 other things besides the proper pinching swing- soft high spin ball, and receptive greens.
  15. Honestly, if I had a stance where the ball was THAT HIGH at waist level, I'd poke it into play. Only place I could imagine the ball that high would be near a bunker...get it into play. If the slope was steep to where it was knee level, I'd choke well the hell down. ball in middle, and use a chop stroke. More manageable slopes, below knee, choke down appropriately and no more than a 3/4 swing. Any harder and you're likely to miss the ball badly on the face, hit it fat, etc.
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